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CHA    185    CHA

Vosges seated on the Moselle, 8 m. north of

Ckatel Chalon, a town of France, in the depart-
ment of Jura, 25 m. E. N. E. of Lons le Saunier

Chatellerault, a town of France, in the depart-
ment of Vienne, noted for its cutlery, watchmak-
ing, and the cutting of false diamonds ; seated
on the Vienne, over which there is one of the
finest bridges in France, 22 m. N. E. of Poitiers.
Pop. about 8,000.

Chutenoy, a town of France, in the department
of Vosges, G m. S. E. of Neufchateau.

Chatham, a town in the county of Kent, Eng-
land, situate on the south bank of the river Med-
way. about eight miles above its confluence with
the Thames. It is one of the stations for building,
fitting, and victualling of the national marine ;
and the apparatus and accommodation for this
purpose, in conjunction with its fortifications,
and marine artillery barracks, render it one of
the most magnificent establishments of the kind
in the world, and every way worthy of the distin-
guished character of the British nation. The lo-
cal advantages of its situation are very great,
whilst the lines of the fortifications command the
segment of a circle from the river of several miles
in extent, and are as complete and efficient as art
and execution can make them ; there are six slips
for building ships of the first rate, and four docks
for repairing : and 12 to 15 first-rate ships are gen
erally Iving vf the town. The doek-vard was
first established in the time of Euzabeth ; and the
Dutch, in the hev-day of their vai jur. in 1007,
ascended with a naval force up the river, and did
considerable damage. In 1558 the fund for re-
lieving the wounded in the naval service was es-
tablished at Chatham; but the
chest (the term by
which the accounts of the fund were called) was
transferred to Greenwich in 1802. In 1592 a hos-
pital for decayed marines, shipwrights, and their
widows was founded by Sir John Hawkins.xe2x80x94
This hospital has been rebuilt during the present
century, on a commodious and extensive scale.
The town was very inconsiderable till after the
peace with Holland, in 1678. It increased great-
ly in population after the declaration of war a-
gainst France in 175)3, and in 1821 contained a
population of 14,754, independent of Gillingham,
which forms the boundary of the fortification on
the east, containing a further population of 6,363,
and the' citv of Rochester on the west, with a
further number of 9,300, to which it is immedi-
ately c eitiguous. Chatham is 30 m. E. S. E. of
London bridge, on the road from London to Do-
ver. It has a weekly market on Saturdays, and
two or three public breweries. See
and Shcerness.

Ch - xe2x96xa0 - xe2x96xa0>. vi interior county of North Carolina,
interse/t-i hy Cape Fear River. Pop. 15,499.xe2x80x94
Pittsber '-ig.i. is the chief town.

CA xe2x96xa0{xe2x80xa2*!. a maritime county of Georgia, bound-
ed on 7ae X. W. by the Savannah River, avhich
divides :t fr-. a S rr!i Carolina. Pop. 14,230.

Ch-ith t -a. * Swaff -rd Co. N. H. on the E. side of
the White M xe2x96xa0uutains Pop. 419

Chatvim. o t. Barnstable Co. Mass. on Cape
Cod. Pop. *2.134.

Chatham, p.t. Crinmbia county, New-York, on
the east bank of the Hudson River. Pop. 3,538 ;
26 m. S. E. of Albanv.

Chatham, p.t. Middlesex Co. Conn. opposite
Middletown. Pop. 3,646. Also towns in N. J.,
Pa. and S. C.

ChatiUon, a town of Piedmont, 10 m. S. E. of

Aoust. There-are several towns in France called
ChatiUon, which implies a town, and as such is

fenerally a prefix, as Chatillon-sur Seine", sui
ioire, &c &c. implying ChatiUon, or the town,
on the Seine, Loire, &c. There are none that
merit any particular notice.

Chattonnay, a town of France, in the depart-
ment of Isere, 12 m. east of Vienne and 22 S. E
of Lyons.

Ckatre, La, a town of France, in the department
of Indre, with a woolen manufacture, seated on
the Indre, 22 m. S. S.E. of Chateauroux. Pop
about 4,000.

Chatsworth, a village in the peak of Derby
shire, Eng. near the river Derwent, 6 m. west of
Chesterfield. Here is a magnificent seat of the
dukes of Devonshire-, which, for its fine situation,
park, gardens, fountains, &c. is justly deemed
one of the wonders of the peak. In its first age
it was the prison of Mary, queen of Scots, for 17
years, and afterwards of the French marshal Tal
lard, talpin prisoner at the battle of Blenheim.

Chatteris, a town of Cambridgeshire, England
with a population of 3,283, in 1821. It is 75 m
N. by E. of London, and 11 W. of the citv a-

Ckatterponr, a town of Hindoostan, in the
country of Allahabad, capital of the circar of
Bundelcund. It is 130 m. W. S. W. of AMaha-
bad Long 79.56. E. lat 25. 0. N.

Chaudiere, a river of Lower Canada, which
fails into the St. Lawrence about six miles below
Quebec; it rises on the frontier of the state of
.Maine ; it might perhaps easily be united with
the Kennebeck, and thereby open a communica-
tion between the St. Lawrence and Atlantic

Chtwmort, a town of Franc-, capital of the de-
partment of upper Marne. Hero is a manufac-
ture of woolen cloth, and a trade in deer and
goat skins. It is seated on a mountain, near the
river Marne, 55 m. E. by S. of Troyes. Pop.
about 6,000. It is also the name of another town
in the department of the Loire, about 5 na. E. by
N. of St. Etienne. Pop. about 5,000. It is also
the name of several other towns in different parts
of France.

Chaumont, a town of Jefferson county, state of
New York, beautifully seated at the head of a
small bay, at the east end of Lake Ontario, 187
m. N. W. of Albany.

Chaumy, a town of France, in the department
of Aisne, on the river Oise, 20 m. E. of Noyon.
Pop. about 450.

Chatauquc, a county at the S. AV. extremity of
the state of New York, bordering on the south on
Pennsylvania, and west on Lake Erie. Pop.
Mayville is the chief town. There is a
lake of the same name about 10 miles in length
and two broad, in the centre of the county, avhich
discharges its waters, by the Alleghany Ptiver, in-
to the Ohio, although the N. AV. end of the lake
is within six or seven miles of that of Erie.

Chaux de Fonds, a village of Switzerland, in
the principality of Neufchatel. The inhabitants,
about 3,000, make numerous watches and clocks;
and the women are employed in the lace manu-
facture. It is seated in a fertile valley, 9 m.
N. N. AV. of Neufchatel. Pop. about 3,000.

Chaves, a town of Portugal, in Tras os Montes,
with two suburbs, and two forts. Between the
town and the surburb Magdalena is a Roman stone
bridge. It stands near the confines of Spain, on
the river Tamega, 26 m. west of Braganza

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