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long, and 29 broad; bounded on the W. by

Herefordshire and Monmouthshire, N. by Wor-
cestershire, E. by Warwickshire, and Oxfordshire,
and S. by Wiltshire and Somersetshire. It con-
tains 803,000 acres ;. is divided into 27 hundrede,
and 339 parishes; has two cities and 25 market-
towns; and sends 10 members to parliament.
The air is sharp in the E., or hilly part, called the
Coteswold; but very mild in the rich vale that
occupies the centre, through which the river
Severn flows. The AV. part which is the small-
est district, is varied by hill and dale, and is
chiefly occupied by the forest of
Dean. The
staple commodities of the county are its woolens
and cheese. Its principal rivers are the Severn,
Warwickshire Avon, Lower Avon, Wye, Thames,
Coin, and Lech; the Severn and Thames are
united by a canal. The principal manufacturing
towns are Stroud-water, Tewkesbury,* and
Wooton-under-edge, and the other places of
note besides the capital and city of Bristol, are
Cheltenham, Cirencester, and Dursley.

Gloucester, a city and capital of the preced-
ing county. It is a county of itself, governed bv
a mayor, and seated on the E. side ofthe Severn,
where, by two streams, it makes the isle of Al-
ney. It was fortified with a wall, which Charles

II. after the Restoration ordered to be demolished.
The four principal streets have their junction in
the centre of the town. It once contained 11
churches, but now has only o beside the cathe-
dral, in which is a large cloister, a whispering
gallery, and the tombs of Robert, duke of Nor-
mandy, and Edward II. It has five hosoitals.
two free-schools, and a large county jail It has
four extensive establishments for the manufac-
ture of pins, and is a great mart for wool, and
there are 12 incorporated trading companies.
Ships come up by the Severn to the bridge ; but
the navigation being circuitous and difficult, a ca-
nal is made hence to Berkeley, with sufficient
depth of water for r,hips of 400 tons burthen, at
the head of whion is a basin, fit for the reception
of 100 vessels. Berkeley is distant from Glou-
cester 15 m. The city and neighbourhood con-
tain many remains of abbeys ; and those of Lan-
tonv abbey, in the S. suburb, are converted into
outhouses belonging to adjacent farms. Glouces-
ter is 24 m. X. E. of Bristol, and 104 W. by N. of
London. Pop. in 1501, 7,559, and in 1821, 9,744.

Glouc-s'fr. a county of the state of New Jer-
sey. extending from the Atlantic Ocean to Del-
aware river, a distance of GO m. and is about 20
in mean breaith. giving a superficies of 1,200 sq.
m. It is iiriled Into 12 townships. Pop. 25,431.
Woodbury is the chef town.

G'oHr's~'r. xe2x96xa0xc2xbb maritime county in the E. District
of Virginia, branded on the S. W. by York riv-
er, and Chesibay. It contains about 300
sq.m. Poo 1’*.xe2x96xa0'* "*5. The chief town of the same
name stands xe2x80xa2 n a >'int of land on the N. side of
the mouth of Y :k River. 17 m. N. E. of York
town, and 70 E
hy S. of Richmond.

G’ou"-err. a s-?i-p >rt of Massachusetts, in Es-
sex conntv. and >~-n the peninsula of Cape Ann,
which forms th ? X side of Massachusetts bay. The
harbour is accessible far large ships, and defend-
ed by a battery and citadel. It is one of the most
considerable fishing-towns in the United States,
16 m. N. E. of Salem. Long. 70. 40. W., lat. 42.

36. N. Pop. 7,513.

Gloucester, ph. Providence Co. R. I. in the N.
W. corner of the state. Pop. 2,524. Also a vil-
lage in Gloucester Co. N. J.

Glover, t. Orleans Co. Vt. Pop 902. There
was formerly a small lake in this town, which
burst its borders and deluged the neighbouring
country in a singular manner. See

Gloydsborough, a village of Hampshire Co.

Gluekstadt, a sea-port of Lower Saxony, capital
of the duchy of Holstein, with a strong castle.
It has a considerable foreign trade, the principal
branch of which is the whale fishery. It is seated
on the Elbe, near its mouth, 28 m. N. W. of
Hamburg. Long. 9. 29. E., lat. 53. 51. N.

Glynn, a maritime county of the sta|e of Geor-
gia, comprising about 3,050 square m. of territory
Pop. 4,467. Brunswick is the chief town.

Gnesen, or Gnesna, in Prussian Poland, con-
tains an archbishop’s see, whose prelate was pri-
mate of Poland. It was the first town built in the
kingdom, and formerly more considerable than at
present. It is 98 m. N. by E. of Breslau, and 145
W. by N. of Warsaw. Long. 17. 40. E., lat. 52.

28. N.

Goa, a city of Hindoostan, in the Concan, and
the capital of the Portuguese settlements in In-
dia. It stands on the N. side of an island, 22 m.
long, and 6 broad, formed by the river Mandova,
which is capable of receiving the largest ships.
The viceroy’s palace was a noble building; but
this, as well as the city at large, is very much on
the decline. The inhabitants are contented with
greens, fruits, and roots, which, with a little bread,
rice, and fish, are their principal diet, though they
have hogs and fowls in plenty. Their religion is
the Raman catholic, and the clergy are numerous
and illiterate. In this place was one of the last
refuges of the inquisition ; a description of which
is given in Dr. Buchanan's Christian Researches.
Goa has few manufactures or productions, the
best trade being in arrack, which is distilled from
the sap of the cocoa-nut tree. The harbour is de-
fended by several forts and batteries. It is 250
m. S. by E. of Bombay. Long. 73. 45. E., lat. 15.

31. N.

Goalpara, a town of Hindoostan, at the N. E.
extremity of Bengal, where the Europeans have
factors, who carry on a great trade with Assam,
Bootan, Thibet, &c. It stands on the E. bank of
the Brahmapootra, 38. m. E. of Rangamatty.

Goar, St. a small towin of Germany, formerly
the capital of the lower county of Catzenellenbo-
gen. It is seated on the Rhine, under the stupen-
dous rock and castle of Rheinfels, with which it
surrendered to the French, in 1794. It is 25 m.
S. of Coblentz.

Goat Island, There is an island of this name in
the harbour of Newport R. I. and another at Ni-
agara Falls, which see.

Goave, Grand, a town of St. Domingo, near the
sea-coast. It is 10 m. S. S. AV. of Leogane.

Goave, Petit, a sea-port of St. Qomingo, in the
gulf of Gonaves, and the mart to which the tra-
ders in Grand Goave and other places send their
commodities. It is 31 m. W. S. W. of Port an |
Prince.    (

Gobbi, a country of South Africa, on the coast t
of the Atlantic, between the country of Cawma 1
and Cape Lopez Gonsalvo, under the equator.
The chief town is situated about a day’s journey
from the sea. The principal trade of the inhaDi-
tants consists in elephants and ivory.    

Gobin St. See Fere.

Goeh, a town of Germany, in the duchy of
Cleves, seated on the Niers, 6 m. S. of Cleves.

Gochsheim, or Goehen, a town of Suavia, late-

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