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HAR    366    HAR

Haxdinherg, p.v. Dearborn Co. Indiana.

Hardinsv'dle, p.v. Hardin Co. Ten.

Derg, with a considerable manufacture of leather, the stadthouse, the royal palace, and some char-
10 m. N. W. of Gottingen.    itable institutions. It has 15 churches, one of

Hardenberg, a town of Westphalia, in the duchy which, called the great church, is the largest in
of Berg, 16 m. E. N. E. of Dusseldorf.    Holland, and has the grandest organ in Europe ,

Hardenberg, a town of Holland, in Overyssel, it contains 8,000 pipes, and 68 stops. Harlem is
situate on the Vecht, 10 m. S. W. of Covoerden. seated near a lake ofthe same name, 12 m. W. of
Hardenwyek, a    fortified    town of Holland,    in    Amsterdam. Long. 4. 37. E., lat. 52. 22. N.

Gelderland, with    a university. It has a trade    in    Harleston, a town in Norfolk, Eng. seated on

corn and wool, and is seated on the Zuider Zee, the Wavenay, 16 m. S of Norwich, and 99 N. E.
30 m. N. N. E. of Arnheim, and 33 E. by S. of of London.

Amsterdam. Long. 5. 8. E., lat. 52. 20. N.    Ilurlesville, a village in Marion Dis. S. C.

Hardiman, a county of West Tennessee. Pop.    Harlem, or Haerlem, a village in Newyork    Co

11,623. Bolivar is the capital.    N. J. on Harlem river, 7 m. from the city. Also

Hardin, a county of Kentucky. Pop. 13,148.    a township in Delaware Co. Ohio.

Elizabethtown is the capital. Also a county of    HarHgen, a fortified sea-port of Holland, in Frier

W. Tennessee. Pop. 4,867.    Savannah is the cap-    land, of which, next to Lewarden, it is the iarg.

ltal.    est and most populous. It has flourishing man-

Also a county of Ohio. Pop 500. Hardy is the chief ufactures of paper and canvass, and is seated on
town. Also a village in Shelby Co. Ohio.    the Zuider Zee, 66 m. N. N. E. of Amsterdam

Havdiston, a township of Sussex Co. N. J.

Hardwick, p.t. Caledonia Co. Vt. Pop. 1,216.
Also a township of Worcester Co. Mass. Pop.
1,885. Towns in Warren Co. N. J. and Ryan Co.

Hardy, a county of the W. District of Virginia,
bordering on Maryland. Pop. 6,798. Its chief
town is Moorfield.

Harewood, a village in West Yorkshire, Eng.
on the river Wharf, 8 m. N. of Leeds, and 204
from London. Here are the remains of an ancient
castle ; and in the church is the monument of Sir
William Gascoyne, who committed Henry, prince
of Wales, to prison, for affronting him while he
sat administering justice. Near it is Harewood-
house,the noble seat of lord Harewood. Pop. in
1821, 1,063.

Harjleur, a town of France, in the department
ofLower Seine. Its fortifications have been long
demolished, and its harbour nearly choked up.
It stands on a small river, near the mouth of the
Seine, 36 m. N. W. of Rouen. Long. 0. 12. E.,
lat. 49. 30. N.

Harford, a town of Maryland, m a county of
the same name, situate on Bush river, 25 m. E. N.
E. of Baltimore. Pop. of the county 16,315.

Harford, p.t. Susquehanna Co. Pa.

Harihara, or Hurryhun, a town of Hindoostan,
in Mysore, with a fort, in which is a celebrat^l
temple. It stands on the E. side of the Tcom-
buddra, which here separates Mysore from the
country of Mahrattas. In the vicinity much cot-
ton wool is cleaned and spun into thread. It is
130 m. N. E. by N. of Mangalere.

Harlan, a county of Kentucky. Pop. 2,928.

. Harlanburg, a village in Mercer Co. Pa.

Harleigh, a town of Wales, capital of Merioneth-
shire. It is a poor place, though governed by a
mayor, and has a castle,.built by Edward I. al-
most entire, on a rock, projecting into St. George’s
channel. It is 26 m. S. E. of Caernarvon, and
231 N. N. W. of London.

Harlem. Haarlem, or Haerlem, a fortified city of
North Holland, memorable for the siege it held
out against the Spaniards in 1573, for 10 months,
before it capitulated. It has broad regular streets,
and many canals; and is noted for its velvets,
damasks, worsted stuffs, and bleaching-grounds.
A communication has been opened with the lake
of Harlem, Amsterdam, and Leyden, by means
of navigable canals. It was formerly strongly
fortified, but public promenades have been formed
of trie ramparts. The chief public buildings are
and 15 W. of Lewarden. Long. 5. 20 E., lat. 53
10. N.

Harlingen, p.v. Somerset Co. N. J.

Harlow, a town in Essex, Eng. On a common
2 m. from the town, is a famous fair on the 9th
September, called Harlow Bush fair, much re-
sorted to by the neighbouring gentry. It is 23
m. E. of London.

Harmony, p.t. Somerset Co. Me. Pop. 925;
also a p.t. Chatauque Co. N. Y. Pop. 1,988; a
p.v. Sussex Co. N. J.; a village of Butler Co. Pa.;
a township of Clarke Co. Ohio; a villao-e in
York district S. C. and a village in Posey Co.
Indiana. See
New Harmony.

Harper’s Ferry, a village in Jefferson Co. Va.
on the Potomac, at the spot where the river'
breaks through the Blue Ridge Here is an
armory and a manufacture of muskets established
by the United States.

Harpcrsfidd, p.t. Delaware Co. N. Y. Pop.
1,936. Also a town in Ashtabula Co. Ohio.

Harperstille, a village in Broome Co. N. Y.

Harpeth, p.v. Williamson Co. Ten.

Harpeicdl, a township in Cumberland Co. Me.
Pop. 1,353

Harlington, p.v. Washington Co. Me. Pop. 1,118.
Also a township in Bergen
Co. N. J.

Harpondly, a town of Hindoostan, capital of a
district ofthe same name, in the Mysore country.
At the partition of this country, in 1799, Harpon-
nelly was ceded to the Mahrattas. It is 28 m. S.
S. W. of Bijangur.

Harrington, a small port in Cumberland, Eng.
on a creek of the Irish sea, which admits vessels
of 120 tons burden up to the houses. Coal, lime,
iron-stone, and fire-clay, are sent hence to Ireland
and Scotland. It is 6 m. N. of Whitehaven, and
8 W. S. W. of Cockermouth. Pop. in L820,

Harriorpour, a town of Hindoostan, in the east-
ern extremity of Orissa, capital of the district of
Mohurbunge. It is 90 m. N. N. E. of Cuttack,
and 130 W. S. W. of Calcutta.

Havrodsburg, a town of Kentucky, in Mercei
county, at the head of Salt river, 30 m. S. of Frank-

Harrow on the Hill, a village in Middlesex, on
the highest hill in the county, commanding a de-
lightful prospect of the metropolis, 10 m. W. N
W. of London. It has a celebrated free school.

Harrowgate,a village in the West Riding of
Yorkshire, Eng. 2 m. W. of Knaresborough. It
is famous for medicinal springs, one of which
chalybeate, and the other the strongest sulphure-
ous water in Great Britain. Here are several


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