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RUB    428    KUO

It is seated on a small river, which falls info the

Krasnoiarsk, a town and capital of a district in
the government of Astracan, Asiatic Russia. It
is situated on an island formed by branches of the
Volga. Long. 48. 30. E., lat. 46. 30. N.

Krusnoslaw, a town of Poland, in the palatinate
of Lublin, 26 m. S-. S. AV. of Chelm.

Kraupen, a town of Bohemia, in the circle of
Leutmeritz. It has considerable tin mines in its
vicinity, and is 17 m. W. N. W. qf Leutmeritz.

Krautheim, a town and castle of Germany, in
Baden, on the river Jaxt, 15 m. S. W. of Mergen-

Kreiderville, p.v. Northampton Co. Pa.

Krekith, a corporate town of Wales, in Caernar-
vonshire, seated on the Irish Sea, near Traeth-
Amawar Bay, where a castle formerly stood, now
in ruins. 13 m. S. by E. of Caernarvon, and 234
N. W. of London.

Krempe, a town of Denmark, in Holstein, seat-
ed on a river of the same name, 5 m. N. of Gluck-

Krems, or Crems, a town of Austria, with alum
works, and manufactures of velvet, silk stuffs,
and excellent thread. It is seated on a river of
the same name, at its conflux with the Danube,
48 m. W. N. W. of Vienna. Long. 15. 36. E.,
lat. 18. 24. N.

Kronberg. See Cronenoerg.

Kropp, a large manufacturing village of Aus-
trian Illyria, in Carniola, circle of Laucach, seat-
ed on a river of the same name.

Krotoschin, a town and castle of Prussian Po-
land, near the borders of Silesia, 28 m. W. of

Krotzka, a town of European Turkey, in Servia,
on the S. side of the Danube, 15 m. S. E. of

Krumlau. See Crumlau.

Kruszwica, a town of Russian Poland, in the
palatinate of Brzesc, with a castle, noted for be-
ing the birthplace of Piast, who from the station
of a private citizen, was elected king of Poland
in the .year 842. It is seated on a lake called
Goplo, which supplies the Netz with a great
part of its water. 28 m. W. of Brzesc Litov.

Kleifa, a small walled town of Syria, on the
borders of the desert, supposed to be the ancient
Adarisi, 22 m. E. N. E. of Damascus.

Kuara, a province of Abyssinia, situated near
the banks of the Bahr-el-Abiad. It is very moun-
tainous and unwholesome, but abounds in gold,
which is brought from the neighbouring coun-
tries. The governor is one of the great officers
of state, and has absolute power in his own

Kublees, a city of Persia, in Seistan, in the
midst of a great sandy deseri, on the road from
Kerman to Herat. 160 m. S. E. of Yezd.

Kubesha, a strong town of Asia, in Daghistan,
situate on a hill, between high mountains. Its
inhabitants call themselves Franki (Franks, a
name common in the E. to all Europeans), and
form a republic. They are excellent artists, and
make verv good fire-arms, sabres and several arti-
cles in go.d and silver, for exportation. They
have, likewise, for their own defence, small cop-
per cannons, of three pounds calibre, cast by
themselves. They coin Turkish and Persian
silver money, and even rubles, which readily pass
current, because they are of the full weight and
value. Kubesha is considered as a neutral town,
where the neighbouring princes can deposit their

treasure with safety. In 1725 it acknowledged
the sovereignty of Russia, hut without paying'
any tribute. Long. 47. 49. E., lat. 42. 30. N.

Kubin, a town of Hungary, in the Bannat
opposite Semendria, with 2,400 inhabitants, who
carry on a brisk trade with Turkey.

Kubin, a town of Hungary, in the district of
the Tsaikists. Long. 19. 18. E., lat. 49. 14.

Kufstein, a strong town of Austria, in the Tyrol,
with a castle on a rock. It surrendered to the
French and Bavarians in 1805. It is seated on
the Inn, on the frontiers of Bavaria, 46 m. S. S
E. of Munich. Long. 12. 15. E., lat. 47. 30

Kidla, a country of Centra. Africa, to the S. E
of Wangara, traversed by a river of the same
name. It was represented to Browne as an im
portant state, but he did not enter it.

Kulsheim, or Kulzheim, a town of Baden, in the
principality of Leiningen, 40'm. E. S.E. of Heid-

Kumania, Great and Little, two districts in the
central part of Hungary, separated from each
other by a considerable tract of country as well
as by the river Theyss. Great Kumania comprises
a superficial extent of 420 sq. m. with 13,000 in-
habitants. Little Kumania is however the more
extensive district, comprising an area of
sq. m., and a pop. of 41,000. The Calvinist is
the prevailing religion in both districts.

Kundapura, a town of Hindoostan, in Canara,
and the chief place in the northern part of the
province. It is seated near the mouth of a river
of the same name, which here expands into a
lake, and forms a number of islands. It is the
port for all goods coming from, or going to Naga-
ra; but the bar will not admit vessels that draw
more than 12 feet. It is 30 m. AV. S. AV. of
Mangalore. Long. 74 . 45. E., lat. 14. 24. N.

Kunersdorf, a village of Brandenburg, in the
Middle Mark, 3 m. E. N. E. of Frankford on the
Oder. Here, in 1759, was fought one of the most
bloody battles on record between the Prussians
and Russians, in which the king of Prussia, after
a great slaughter of the enemy for upwards of
six hours, was in the end obliged to quit the
field with the loss of all his cannon and

Kunka, a district of Hindoostan, in the prov-
ince of Orissa, situate on the sea-coast, near the
Point Palmyras. Being much intersected by
rivers, the rajah successfully maintained his inde-
pendence against the Mahrattas, but surrendered
to the British in 1805.

Kunkagur, the capital of the above district, and
the residence of the rajah, situate on the sea
coast. Long. 87. 5. E., lat. 20. 50. N.

Kunting, a town of Bavarian Franconia, in the
principality of Eichstadt, at the conflux of the
Schwarzach with the Altmuhl, 12 m N. E. of

Kungee, a town of Hindoostan, in the province
of Dehii, and district of of Sirhind. It is sur-
rounded by a mud wall and deep ditch, but was
taken by the British in 1809, withont resis-

Kuno, a fortress of Japan, in the island of Nip-
hon 60 m. W. S. W. of Jeddo.

Kunowitz, a town of Moravia, on the Olschowa
37 m. S. by E. ofOlmutz.

Kuopin, a town of Sweden, in Finland, capital
ofSavolax, and that part of Carelia remaining to
Sweden. It is situate on the W. side of an ex

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