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LLA    452    LOA

the system of canal navigation opens a communi-
cation inland with all parts
of the kingdom. This
poit is now estimated to engross a fourth part of
the foreign trade of Britain, a sixth of its general
trade, and to furnish one-twelfth of the shipping :
its customs amount to nearly xc2xa34,000,000, and its
exports exceed even those of the metropolis.
The town is governed by a mayor, and sends two
members to parliament. 48 m. S. of Lancaster,
and 206 N. W. of London. Long. 3. W., lat. 53

22. N.

Liverpool, a town of Nova Scotia, in Queen’s
county, with a harbour at the mouth of a river of
ils name, 58 m. N. W. of Halifax. Long. 64. 15
W., lat. 44. 10. N.

Liverpool, villages in Onondaga Co. N. Y.,
Perry and York Cos. Pa. and Medina Co. Ohio.

Livingston, a county of New York, on Genesee
river. Pop. 27,709. Genesee is the capital; a
county of Kentucky on the Tennessee and Ohio.
Pop. 6,607. Salem is the capital.

Livingston, a township of Columbia Co. N. Y.
on the Hudson,40 m. S. Albany. Pop. 2,087 ; also
a village in Essex Co. N. J.

Livingstonvitle, p.v. Schoharie Co. N. Y.

Livonia, a province of Russia, which, with that
of Esthonia, has been reciprocally claimed and
possessed by Russia, Sweden, and Poland, and, for
more than two centuries, was a perpetual scene
of the most bloody wars. It was finally wrested
from the Swedes hy Peter the Great, was con-
firmed to the Russians by the peace of Nystadt in
1721, and now forms the government of Riga, or
Livonia. It is 250 m. long and 150 broad;
bounded on the N. by the government of Estho-
nia, and S. by Courland. The land is fertile, but
is only partially cultivated : the products are rye,
barley, flax, and linseed. In the forests are
wolves, bears, elks, reindeer, stags, and hares.
The domestic animals are numerous; but the
sheep bear very bad wool. The peasantry are in
a state of great degradation.

Livonia, p.t. Livingston Co. N. Y.,20 m. S. W.
Canandaigua. Pop. 2,665. Also a village in
Washington Co. Indiana.

Lizard, a peninsula on the S. coast of Cornwall
and the most southern point of land in England.
On it are two light-houses, and the Lizard Point
is in long. 5. 11. W., lat. 49. 58. N.

Lizier, St., a town of France, department of
Arriege; seated on the Salat, 50 m. S. E. of Auch.
Long. 1. 9. E., lat. 43. 0. N.

Llanarth, a town of Wales, in Cardiganshire,
15 m. E. by N. of Cardigan, and 223 W. by N. of

Llanbeder, a corporate town of Wales, in Card-
iganshire, with a considerable traffic in horses,
cattle, hogs, salted butter, and tanned and raw
hides. It is seated on the Teife, over which is a
bridge into Caermarthenshire, 27 m. E. of Cardi-
gan, and 209 W. by N. of London.

Llandaff, an ancient city of Wales, in Glam-
organshire, being an episcopal see, but it is a
small place, and has no market. The body of its
ancient cathedral was rebuilt in 1751, but with-
out cross aisles. Near it are some ruins of the
ancient castellated mansion of the bishop. It is
seated on the Taafe. and has the benefit of a tolera-
bly good harbour, which opens into the Severn.

2 m -N. VV. of Cardiff, and 163 W. of London.
Long. 3. 13. W., lat. 51. 29. N.

Llandilo-vmvr, a town of Wales, in Caermar-
thenshire, with a considerable manufacture of
flannel. Near it are the picturesque remains of

Dinevwar Castle, formerly the residence of the xc2xae
native princes of Wales. It is seated on the side
of a hill, on the river Towy, 13 m. E. of Caer-
marthen, and 202 W. of London.

Llandovery, a town of Wales, in Caermarthen
shire. It is seated on the Towy, at its conflux
with the Braun, 26 m E. N. E. of Caermarthen,
and 191 W. of London.

Llanelly, a town of Wales, in Caermarthen-
shire, with a considerable trade in iron and coal,
seated on a creek of the Bristol Channel, 16 m.

S. S. E. of Caermarthen, and 217 W. of Lon

Llanfair, a town of Wales. It is seated on the
banks of the rivers Verniew, 14 m. AV. of New-
ton, and 180 W. by N. of London .

Llanfyllain, a town of Wales, in Montgomery
shire, seated in a flat, among hills, near the river
Cain, 15 m. N. by W. of Montgomery, and 186
W. of London.

Llangaddoc, a town cf Wales, in Caermarthen
shire, 18 m. E.byN.oi Caermarthen, and 195
W. of London.

Llangollen, a town of Weles, in Denbighshire
Near it, on a steep mountain, are the remains of
Castle Dinas, once astong place ; and about 2 m.
distant is the beautiful ruin of Valle Crucis ab-
bey. The town stands on the Dee, ever which
is a beautiful ancient bridge, 2 m. {?. S. W. of
Wrexham, and 182 N. W. London.

Llanidloes,atown of Wales,in Denbighshire with
a considerable manufacture of fine flannels &c
It is seated at the confluence of the Severn and
Clewedog, 13 m. S. W. of Newton, and 181 N
W. of London.

Llanrwst, a town of Wales, in Denhighsl, r*
Here are two churches, and the town is the cm
tre of the business of the vale of Conway. It t>
seated on the Conway, over which is a bridge
into Caernarvonshire, 20 m. AV. S. AV. of Den
high, 220 N. T. of London.

Llantrissent, a town of AVales. in Glamorgan
shire. It had a castle, which is nearly destroyed
12 m. N. W of Cardiff, and 171 AV. of Lon

Llaughann, a town of Wales, in Caermarthen-
shire. It stands at the mouth of the Towy, where,
on a low rock, are the ruins of an ancient castle ;
and on the other side the river are the remains
of that of Lanstephan. Llaugharm is 7 m. S
W. of Caermarthen, and 223 AV. by N. of Lon

Llerena, a town of Spain, in Estremadura, 63
m. N. of Seville.

Lloydsville, p.v. Otsego Co. N. Y. 90 m. W

Lhcgor, or Llyehwyr, a corporate town of
Wales, in Glamorganshire, on the left bank of a
river of the same name. It was the Leucarum
of Antoninus. 312 m. W. of London.

Lo, St., a town of France, department of L*
Manche, with manufactures of serges, sha
loons, ribands, and gold and silver lace ; seated
on the Vire, 125 m. W. by N. of Paris.

Loando, capital of the Portuguese settlement
in Angola. It has a good harbour formed by the
island of Loando, lying a little off the coast.
The town is large and handsome, considering
the country, containing 3,000 houses, built oF
stone, and covered with tiles, beside a vast num-
ber of huts made of straw and earth. 260 m.

S. S. W. of St. Salvador. Long. 13. 15. E., la*

8. 50. S.

Loando, an island in the At. antic near the coast


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