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Mag/ierafelt, a town of Ireland, in the county
of Londonderry, with a considerable linen man-
ufacture, 13 m. W. of Antrim, and 30 S. E. of

Magia, a river of Switzerland, in the canton of
Tessin, which runs S. with rapidity, through a
narrow valley of its name, and enters the lake of
Maggiore, near Locarno.

Maggiore, a lake of Upper Italy, separating part
of the Austro-Italian government of Milan from
the stales of Sardinia, and extending from Sesto,
northward to Locarno ; 30 m. in length, and 3 in
breadth. The river Tesino runs S. through its
whole length; and it contains the celebrated Bor-
romean Isles.

Mogindanao. See Mindanao.

Magliano, a town of Italy, province of Sabina,
seated on a mountain, near the river Tiper, 34 m.
N. of Rome. Lpng. 12. 35. E., lat. 42. 25. N.

Magna Macca, a town andfortof Italy, in the
Capal states, seated at the mouth of the lake of
Commachio, in the gulf of Venice, 3 m. S. E. of

Magnisa. See Manachia.

Magny, a town of France, department of Seine-
et-Oise, 32m. N. AV. of Paris.

Magra, a river of Italy, which rises in the Ap-
ponnines, on the S. confines of Parma, .and flows
by Pontremoli and Sarsana into the gulf of

Muhalcu, a town of Egypt, capital of Garbia. It
carries on a considerable trade in linen, cotton,
and sal-ammoniac ; and the inhabitants have ovens
to hatch chickens. Long. 33. 30. E., lat. 31.

30. N.

Mahaiuida, a river of Hindoostan, which rises
in the N. E. part of
Berar, crosses Orissa, and en-
ters the bay of Bengal, by several mouths, below
Cattack. These mouths form an. assemblage of
low woody islands: and at the mouth of the prin-
cipal channel, named Cajung or Codjung.

Mahdia. See Madea.

Mahanoy, Little, Loicer and Upper, three town-
ships in Northumberland Co. Pa.

Makuntango, Upper, a township in Schuylkill
Co. Pa.

Make, a town of Hindoostan, in Malabar, for-
merly belonging to the French, but taken by the
English in 1793. It is situate on high ground,
at the mouth of a river, 5 m. S. S. E. of Tellich-

Mahlherg, a town and castle of Germany, in
Baden, 17 m. N. of Friburg.

Mahmoodabad, a town of Hindoostan, in Guze-
rat, 17 m. S. S. E. of Ahmedabad.

Mahmudpore, a town of Hindoostan, in Bengal,
80 m. N. E. of Calcutta.

Maiiomdy, a town of Hindoostan, in the prov-
ince of Oude, 70 m. N. W. of Lucknow, and 150
E. S. E. of Dehli.

Mahoning, three townships in Mercer, Indiana
and Columbia Cos. Pa. Also a river of Penn-
sylvania falling into the Alleghany.

Makratta Territory, an extensive country of
Hindoostan. which till lately stretched across
what is called the peninsula of India. On the
accession of Ram Rajah, in 1740, the peishwa
and the paymaster-general confined him to the
fortress of Sattarah, and divided the empire be-
tween them, the former fixing his residence at
Poonah, which became,the capital of the West-
ern Mahrattas; the latter founding a new king-
dom in the province of Gundwaneh, called the
Eastern Mahrattas, and fixing his residence at

Nagpore, which see. The peishwa became de-
pendent on the British in 1802, but attempting to
shake off his dependence, he was defeated and de-
posed. The Mahrattas are Hindoos : and many
of the Brahmins are polished and insidious mer-
chants. They are fond of horses, and their army
was almost entirely composed of cavalry; they
were however, never very formidable, as a regu-
lar force, depending more on the celerity of their
motions and the suddenness of their incursions
than on the boldness with which they met their

Makrburg. See Mardiburg.

Makur, a town of Hindoostan, capital of a dis-
trict of its name, in the province of Berar ; seated
on the Chin, Gonga, which flows into the Goda-
very, 140 m. S. W. ofNagpore. Long. 78. 34. E.,
lat. 19. 24. N.

Malda, a town of Naples, in Calabria Ultra. On
the plain near this place, in
1S0G, a victory was
obtained by the British troops over the French. It
is 9 m. AV. S. W. of Squillace.

Maiden Creek, a township of Berks Co. Pa.

Maidenhead, a town in Berkshire, Eng. with a
good trade in malt, meal, and timber. It is seated
on the Thames, over which is a bridge, 12 m. E
by N. of Reading, and 26 W. by N. of London
2 m. distant is Maidenhead Thicket, formerly in-
fested by highwaymen.

Maidenhead, a township of Hunterdon Co. N. J.

Maidenio, an island of the Pacific Ocean, 39 m.
long and 9 broad. In the N. W. part of it na-
tive copper is found. Long. 167.10. E., lat. 54.
40. N.

Maidstone, a borough and the county town of
Kent, Eng. It has a brisk trade in exporting the
commodities of the county, particularly hops, of
which there are numerous plantations around,
here are likewise paper-mills, and a manufacture
of linen. The church is a spacious and handsome
edifice; and there are several meeting houses foi
dissenters, a grammar school,
8 charity schools,
&c. Maidstone is seated on the Medway, over
which is a bridge of seven arches,
10 m. W. of
Canterbury, and 34 E. S. E. of London. Long.
0. 33. E., lat. 51. 16. N.

Maidstone, a township of Essex Co. Vt. 53 m.
N. Montpelier. Pop. 236; also a township of Es-
sex Co. U. C.

Mailddpore, a town of Hindoostan, in the Mal-
wal, near which the troops of Holkar were defeat-
ed by the British in 1817. It is seated on the
Soprah, 20 m. N. of Oojain.

Mailcotay, a lofty fortress of Hindoostan, in My
sore, and one of the most celebrated places of llin
doo worship. The large temple is a square build-
ing of great dimensions, and the jewels belong-
ing to it are very valuable. In 1772 Ilyder was
completely routed by the Mahrattas near this
place ; and it was here that the Mahratta chiefs
joined lord Cornwallis in 1791. It is 17 m. N. of

Mailliezais. a town of France, department of
Vendee, seated on an island formed by the Seure
and Autize, 22 m. N. E. of Rochelle.

Maina, a sea-port of Greece, in the Morea,
which gives name to a district that lies between
two bays of the Mediterranean Sea. The inhab-
itants of the district, estimated at 50,000, could
never, even nominally, be subjected to the Turks,
till the end of the 18th century, when they agreed
to pay a small tribute to the Porte. The town is seat-
ed on the bay of Coron, 46 m. S. by W. of Misi-
tra. Long. 22. 10. E., lat. 36. 34. N

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