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ROS    , 640    ROS

Ronnehurg, a town and castle of Germany, in
the principality of Altenburg, beloning to Saxe-
Gotha, 14 m. S. W. of Altenburg.

Roopat, an island in the straits of Malacca,
separated from Sumatra by a narrow channel.
Long. 101. 9. E., lat. 3. 0. N.

Root, ph. Montgomery Co. N. Y. 46 m. N. W.
Albany. Pop. 2,750.

Rootstoicn, p.v. Portage Co. Ohio. 134 m. N. E.
Columbia. Pop. 663.

Roque, St., a town of Spain, in Andalusia, at
the entrance of the isthmus which separates Gib-
raltar from the continent. It stands on the top of
a hill, overlooking the bay, 17 m. N. E. ofTariffa,
and 58 S. E. of Cadiz.

Roquefort, a town of France, department of
Landes, seated on the Douese, 15 m E. N. E. of
Mont de Marsan.

Roquemaure, a town in the department of Gard.
22 m. N. E. of Nismes.

Roquetas, a town of Spain, in Granada, on the
coast of the Mediterranean, 10 m. S. W. of Alme-
ria. 52 S. E. of Granada.

Roras.a town of Norway, in Drontheirn, noted f"r
important mines of copper, 68 in. S. of Drontheirn.

Rosa, a singular mountain of the Pennine Alps,
at the N. xc2xa3. boundary of Piedmont, little inferior
in height to Mont Blanc. It forms as it were, a
a circus of gigantic peaks, round the village of
Macugnaga; and its appearance is supposed to
impart the name from some resemblance to an
expanded rose.

Ros'imarino, a town of Sicily, in Val di Demona,
at the mouth of a river of its name, 22 m. W. by
S. of Patti.

Rosana, a town of Russian Lithuania, in the
government of Grodno, seated near the Zolva, 56
m. S. W. of Novogrodec.

Rosbach, a village of Prussian Saxony, famous
for a victory obtained by Prussia over the French
and Austrians in J757. 10 m. S. E. of Merseburg.

Roschad, a town of Switzerland, with a castle
on a mountain ; seated on the lake of Constance,
7 m. E. N. E. of St. Gall.

Roschild, a town of Denmark, in the isle of Zea-
land, and a bishop’s see. It is now a poor place,
but was the residence of the kings of Denmark
for several centuries before Copenhagen was
founded; and the cathedral has long been the
place of their sepulture. A treaty of peace was
concluded here in 1658. It is seated at the end
of a deep gulf, 16 m. AV. of Copenhagen.

xe2x80xa2 Roscoe, ph. Coshocton Co. Ohio, 68 m. N. E.

Roscommon, a county of Ireland, in the pro-
vince of Connaught, 60 m. long and 37 broad ;
bounded on the N. by Sligo and Leitrim, E. by
Longford and W. Meath, S. by Galway, and W. by
Galway and Mayo. It contains about 209,000 in-
habitants. is divided into 56 parishes, and sends
three members to parliament. It is a tolerably level
country, producing excellent corn and pasturage,
yet there are some extensive bogs.

Roscommon, a town of Ireland, capital of the
above country, SO m. W. by N. of Dublin. Long.
8. 42. W., lat. 55.
24 N.

Roscommon, p.v. Steuben Co. N. Y.

Roserea, a town of Ireland, in Tipperary. 2 m.
to the S. E. are the singular ruins of an abbey, on
an island of about three acres, in the centre of a
bog. It is 20 m. W. S. W. of Maryborough and
22 N. of Cashel.

Rose, a township of Stark Co. Ohio. Pop. 978

Roseau. See Charlotte-toion
























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Roseburg, p.v. Armstrong Co. Pa.

Rosefield, p.v. Prince William Co. Va.

Rosehill, p.v. Lee Co. Va.

Roseland, p.v. Cambria Co. Pa.

Rosemills, p.v. Amherst Co. Va. 118 m. W.
Richmond. '

Rosemarkie. See Fortrose.

Rosenberg, a town of the Prussian states, in the
principality of Oppeln, with a small castle, 25 m
N. E. of Oppeln.

Rosenheim, a town of Bavaria, seated at the con
flux of the Manguald with the Inn, 34 m. S. E
of Munich.

Roses, a sea-port of Spain, in Catalonia, with a
citadel. It was taken by the French in 1693,
and again in 1793. It is seated on a bay of the
same name, in the Mediterranean, 27 m. N. E. rt
Gerona. Long. 3. 7. E., lat. 42. 17. N.

Roses Bluff, p.v. Dallas Co. Alab.

Rosetta, a town of Egypt, one ofthe pleasantest
in the country. It has a great manufacture of
striped and other coarse linens; but its chief busi
ness is the carriage of goods to Cairo ; for all Eu-
ropean merchandize is brought hither from Alex-
andria by sea. The rice grown in its vicinity, cal-
led sultani, is chiefly sent to Constantinople, and
its exportation to any other place is proiiibited.
Rosetta Was taken by the French in 1798, and
here the English were defeated by the Turks in
1807. It stands on an island, formed by the VV.
branch of the Nile, 25 m. E. N. E. of Alexandria
and 100 N. N. W. of Cairo. Long. 30. 23 E.,
lat. 31. 23. N.

Roseville, p.v Loudon Co. Va. 35 m. N. VV.
Washington; ph. Muskingum Co. Ohio. 62 m E.
Columbia ; p.v. Park Co. Indiana; p.v. Delaware
Co. N. Y.

Rosienne, town of Russia, in the government of
Wilna, formerly the capital of Samogitia. It is
seated on the Dubisse, 70 m. S. of Mittau Lor.g

23. 45. E., lat. 55. 30. N.

Rosiers aux Salines, a town of France depart-
ment of Meurthe, formerly celebrated for its salt-
works ; seated on the Meurthe 10 m. S.,of Nancy.

Rosoy, a town in the department of Seine-et-
Marne, with a magnificent castle, 16 m. E. N.
E. of Melun and 30 S. E. of Paris.

Ross, a town in Herefordshire, Eng. It owes
most of its improvements and charitable institu-
tions to John Kyrle, commonly called the Man
of Ross, whose benevolent character is so inter-
estingly delineated by Pope. 4 miles to the S.
W. are the massive remains of Goodrich Castle ;
and near it are the ruins of Flanesford Priory,
the chapel of which is converted into a barn.
Ross is seated on an elevated rock, on the Wye
12 miles S. E. of Hereford and 120 W. by N. of

Ross, a sea-port of Ireland, in the county of
Cork, and united to Cork as an episcopal see.
The harbour was formerly famous, but has been
gradually filled up with sand, so that the town is
sunk from its former splendour. It is seated on
a bay of the Atlantic, 20 m. S. W. of Kinsale
Long. 8. 58. VV., lat. 51. 32. N.

Ross, a county of Ohio. Pop. 24,053. Chilico-
the is the Capital.

Ross, a township of Alleghany Co. Pa. on Al-
leghany and Ohio rivers opposite Pittsburg, also
townships in Jefferson, Green and Butler Cos.

Rossie, ph. St. Lawrence Co. N. Y. Pop. 650.

Ross, New, a borough of Ireland, in the countv
of Wexford, situate on the Barrow, which is navi-


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