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SAR    657    SAR

used as a flower garden. The edifice is 900 feet
in length, 2 1-2 stories high, with two wings ex-
tending back, one 60, and the other about 100
feet. The billiard rooms belonging to the estab-
.ishment are contained in-a building adjoining the
north wing. In front of the Hall is a spacious
piazza, extending the whole length of the build-
ng, 20 feet in width, with a canopy from the
roof, supported by 17 massy columns, each of
which is gracefully entwined with woodbine.
There is also a back piazza, which opens upon a
beautiful garden annexed to the establishment,
and a small grove of pines, affording both fra-
grance and shade to their loitering guests. The
Congress Hall can accomodate nearly 200 visi-
tants, and is justly ranked among the most ele
gant establishments in the union.

, The United States Hotel, with its gardens and
out buildings, occupies a space in the centre of
the village of about, five acres. The main build-
ing is composed of brick, 125 feet long and 34

The hotel is situated equally distant between
the Congress and Flpt Rock springs, and com-
mands a view of the whole village, and from its
fourth story a distinct view is had of the sur-
rounding country for
a, number of miles. This
establishment can accomodate nearly 200 visitants,
and is one of the largest and most splendid edifi-
ces in the United Stales.

The Pavilion is situated in a pleasant part of
the village, immediately in front of the Flat Rock
spring The building is constructed of wood,
133 feet in length, with a wing extending back
from the centre of the main building, 80 feet. It
is 2 1-2 stories high, with the addition of an. at-
tick story, which, with the handsome portico in
front, sustained by delicate colonnades, renders it,
in beauty and proportion, one of the finest models
of architecture.

There are many other fine hotels at this place.
The town of Ballston Spa in the neighbourhood
has also several springs which are much visited.

Saratoga Lake, a lake in the neighbourhood of
the above springs, 9 m. long and 3 broad. It af-
fords excellent fish and game.

Sarbruck, a town of Germany, capital of a
county of its name, with a handsome palace, and
a magnificent Lutheran church. It is seated on
the W. side of the Sarre, 14 m. W. of Deux Ponts.
Long. 7. 5. E., lat. 49. 16. N.

Saiburg, a towr of France, department of
Menrthe, 40 m. E dv N. of Nancy.

Sardam, a town of the Netherlands, in N. Hoi.
land, where there are vast magazines of tim'jur
for ships and naval stores, and a great number of
shipwrights. In this town Peter the Great resid-
ed for some time, and worked as a shipwright.
It is seated on the Wye, 7 m. N. W. of Amster-

Sardinia, an insular and continental kingdom
of Southern Europe, containing, besides the isl-
and of Sardinia, Piedmont, Savoy, the county of
Nice, the duchy of Montferrat, part of that of
Milan, and the territory of Genoa. The govern-
ment is monarchical, with few definite limits,
except the priv.Ieges guranteed to particular
states. Popery is the religion of the royal family
and the state. The reigning family is descended
from the ancient counts of Savoy, whose domin-
ions became progressively extended by purchase,
conquest, and donation. In the war of the
French Revolution, in 1792, the Sardinians were
aided by Austrian troops and a British subsidy,
but, on Bonaparte assuming the command, the
allied forces were speedily overthrown, all the
continental dominions of the king of Sardinia
were seized and incorporated with the French
territory, and afterwards parcelled out anew into
departments of the French empire. The changes
of 1814 reinstated the king of Sardinia in all his
continental dominions, except the duchy of Sa-
voy; and in 1815 this also was restored, and the
Genoese territory added to the kingdom.















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Sardinia,an island in the Mediterranean ,160 m.
from N. to S. a-nd 70 from E. to W., separated
from Corsica on the N. by the strait of Bonifacio.
This island has been neglected by the govern-
ment ; for, exclusive of the mountains, the chief
part of the country may be regarded as waste,
but where cultivated it is fertile in corn, wine, or-
anges, citrons, and olives. Here are mines of
silver, lead, sulphur, and alum, and quantities of
cheese and salt are made. There are many pes-
tilent marshes here. The frequent wastes abound
with wild ducks; but the cattle and sheep are
not numerous. The Mouflon or Argali is very
common among the mountains of this island

On the coast is a fishery for anchovies and cor-
ral. This island has undergone various revolu-
tions : in 1708 it was taken from the Spaniards
by the English, and allotted to the emperor of
Germany at the ; eace of Utrecht. The Span
iards recovered it in 1717, but were obliged to
abandon it two years after ; and, in 1720, it was
to the duke of Savoy, as an equivalent for
Sicily. In 1794 the inhabitants, rose against their
Piedmontese rulers, and caused the viceroy and
others to be sent out of the island ; but he was af-
terwards received, on the king pledging himself
to assemble the Cortes every 10 years, and con
firming all the ancient laws and privileges of
the inhabitants. The island continues to be gov
erned as a province of the kingdom to which it
gives name.

Sardinia, p.v. Niagara Co. N. Y.; ph. Erie Co
N. Y. Pop. 1,114.

Sarecto, p.v. Dublin Co. N. C. 80 m. N. Wil-

Sarepta, a settlement of Moravians, in the gov-
rnment of Saratov in Russia in Europe, founded
in 1765. 8 m. S. Tzaritzin.

Sargans, a town of Switzerland, in the canton
of St. Gall, with a castle on a rock. Near the
town are mineral springs and a productive iron
mine. It atands on the summit of a hill, near
the Rhine, 14 m N. of Coire and 47 S. E. of Zu-

Sargel, a sea-port of Algiers, in the province
of Mascara, with a castle. Near this town An-
drew Doria was defeated by Barbarossa. 25 m. S.
S. W. of Algiers. Long. 2. 15. E.,lat. 36. 30.

Sari, a town of Persia, in Mazandeian, the res-
idence of one of the Persian princes; situate in a


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