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Chiapa, E. by Guatemala,S. by the Pacific Ocean,
and W. by Guaxaca. The soil is not very fer-
tile, and, being sheltered from the N. winds by
high mountains, the air is exceedingly hot and




Soconuseo, or Guevetlan, the capital of the fore-
going province, is seated on a small river, near
the Pacific Ocean, 460 m. S. E. of Mexico.

Socotora, or Socotra, an island in the Indian
Ocean, lying about 45 leagues from cape Gardefan
on the coast of Africa. It is 80 m. long and 22
broad, abounds in fruit and cattle, and is particu-
larly noted for its fine aloes, known by the name
of Socotrine aloes. The natives are chiefly Ma-
hometans, and are governed by a king who de-
pends on Arabia. Tamara is the capital.

Sodbury, or Chipping Sodbury, a town in Glou-
cestershire, Eng. 110 m.W. ofLondon.

Sodor, a village in the celebrated island of Icolm-
/- kill, one of the Hebrides of Scotland. It was
formerly a bishop’s see, which comprehended all
the islands, together with the Isle of Man : the
bishop of Man is still called bishop of Sodor and

Sodus, ph. in Ontario Co. N. Y. situate on the
S. side of Lake Ontario, on a bay 7 m. long and
3 broad, which forms an excellent harbour when
the rest ofthe lake is agitated by a storm. It is 80
m. E. of Niagara. Long. 77.5. W., lat. 43.10. N.

Soeborg, a town of Denmark, in the island of
Zealand, situate on an island in a fresh-water lake,
15 m. W. N. W. of Elsinore.

Soest, a large town of Prussian Westphalia, in
the government of Arensberg, with a good trade
in corn, 12 m. W. S. W. of Lipstadt, and 80 S.
E. of Munster.

Sofala, a kingdom on the E. coast of Africa,'
bounded on the W. and N. by the states of Mo-
caranga, E. by the Mozambique Channel, and S.
by Sabia. It is about 150 m. along the coast, and
2o0 up the country. The country is wild and
thinly inhabited, but contains rich mines of fine

Sofala, the capital of the above kingdom, with
a fort built by tbe Portuguese, which is of great
importance for their trade to the E. Indies. It is
seated on a small island, near the mouth of the
Cuama. Long. 35. 40. E., lat. 20. 22. S.

Sofia, or Sophia, a city of European Turkey,
capital of Bulgaria, and an archbishop’s see. The
trade is considerable, and the inhabitants are com-
puted at 70,000, but the houses are meanly built.
It is seated at the foot of the mountains of Argen-
taro, on the river Bogana, 160 m. W. N. W. of
Adrianople. Long. 23. 52. E., lat. 43. 0. N.

Sofroy, a town of the kingdom of Fez, noted
for a very handsome mosque. It is seated on a
hill, at the foot of a mountain of the same name,
part of Mount Atlas, and between two rivers, 12
m. E. of Fez.

Sogno, a town of Africa, capital of a province
of the same name, in the kingdom of Congo.
The inhabitants are said to be Christians, con-
verted by the Portuguese, and the Capuchins have
a church here. It is seaied on the Zaire, near its
mouth, 160 m. W. S. W. of St. Salvador. Long.
11. 55. E., lat. 6. 0. S.

Sohagepour, a town of Hindoostan, capital of a
district in the province of Allahabad. 130 m. S.
of Allahabad. Long. 81. 52. E., lat. 23. 30. N.

Soham, a town in Cambridgeshire, Eng. seated
on a fen of the same name, near Soham-mere,
which takes up 1,000 acres of land. 5 m. S. E.
of Ely and 70 N. by E. of London.















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Soho, a village in Staffordshire, Eng. 2 m. N
W. of Birmingham. It was founded by Mr. Boul
ton, for the manufacture of every article common
to the Birmingham trade, the plated ware usually
made at Sheffield, and of elegant pieces of silver
both light and massive. Here also are made the
improved steam engines now adopted in nume-
rous concerns throughout the kingdom. In 1797
an apparatus for the coinage of copper was em-
ployed here by government; and the Bank of
England dollars were also stamped at this mint.

Soignies, a town of Belgium in Hainault, near
a forest of its name, on the river Senne, 8 m. N.
N. E. of Mons.

Soissonnois, a territory of France, in the Isle of
France, which, with that of Vermandois, now
forms the department of Aisne. It abounds in
corn, wood, and pastures.

Soissons, a city of France, in the department
of Aisne, anciently the capital of a kingdom of
its name. It is a bishop’s see ; and the cathedral
has one of the most considerable chapters in the
kingdom. Here St. Louis, Philip the bold, and
Louis XIV., were crowned. The castle, though
ancient, is not that in which the kings of the first
race resided. The inhabitants carry on manufac-
tures of coarse linen, stockings, thread, leather,
ropes, &c., and some trade in corn. Soissons
was repeatedly taken and retaken by the allied
and French armies in 1814, when the town sus-
tained considereble injury. It is seated in a fer-
tile valley, on the river Aisne, 30 m. W. by N. of
Rheims and 60 N. E. of Paris. Long. 3, 19. E.,
lat. 49. 23. N.

Solanto, a town of Sicily, in Val di Mazara,
which gives name to a cape and bay on the N.
coast, 10 m. E. of Palermo.

Soldin, a town of Prussia, in the New Mark of
Brandenburg, of which it was,formerly the capi-
tal. It has cloth and woolen manufactures, and
a trade in hops ; and stands on a lake of the same
name, 26 m. N. by E. of Custrin. Long. 15. 7.
E., lat. 53.2. N.

Solenof, a salt-water lake of Independent Tar-
tary, 80 m. long and 20 broad, lying midway be-
tween the Caspian Sea and Lake Aral.

Solesbury, a township of Bucks Co. Pa.

Soleure, or Solothurn, a canton of Switzerland,
which stretches partly through the plain and
partly along the chains of the Jura, 36 m. in length
and 25 in breadth, and is very populous. The
soil, for the most part, is fertile in corn ; and the
districts within the Jura abound in excellent pas-
tures. In the mountainous parts are iron, lead,
alabaster, marble, and coal. The inhabitants are
nearly all Roman Catholics.

Soleure, the capital of the above canton, is sur-
rounded by regular fortifications. The church of
St. Urs is a noble edifice of a whitish-gray stone,
drawn from the neighbouring quarries, which is
a species of rude marble. The arsenal, and the
town house (which has two towers) make a good
appearance. Soleure stands in a delightful plain,
on the river Aar, 18 m. N. of Bern and 30 S. S
W. of Basel. Long. 7. 30. E., lat. 47. 9. N.

Solfatara, or Lago di Bagni, a lake of Italy, in
Campagna di Roma, near Tivoli, formerly called
Lacus Albulus. In this lake are several floating
islands,formed of matted sedge and herbage, with
a soil of dust and sand blown from the adjacent
ground, and glued together by the bitumen and
sulphur with which its waters are impregnated.
Some of these islands are 15 yards long, and will
bear five or six people, who, by means of a pole
3 M


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