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WES    775    WES

Westerly, ph. Washington Co. R. I. 20 m. E.
New London. Pop. 1,903.

Western, ph. Worcester Co. Mass. 22 m. S. W.
Worcester. Pop. 1,189; ph. Oneida Co. N. Y.
on the Mohawk, 5 m. above Rome. Pop. 2,419.

Western Islands. See Azores and Hebrides.

Westerwiek, a sea-port of Sweden, in Smaland,
with a good harbour a commodious quay, a cloth
manufacture, and a trade in ship timber and all
sorts of naval stores. It is seated on the Baltic,
56 m. N. of Calmar and 120 S. W. ot Stockholm.
Long. 16. 0. E., lat. 57. 40. N.

West Fairlee, a township of Orange Co. Vt. 36
m. S E. Montpelier. Pop. 841.

Westfall, a township of Pickaway Co. Ohio.

Westfield, a township of Orleans Co. vh. Pop.
353; ph. Hampden Co!Mass. 105 m. S. W. Bos-
ton. Pop. 2,941 ; a township of Richmond Co. N.
Y. Pop. 1,734 ; p.v. Chatauque Co. N. Y.; ph.
Essex Co. N ; Y. p.v. Delaware Co. and a town-
ship in Medina Co. Ohio.

Westford, ph. Middlesex Co. Mass. 28 m. N. W.
Boston. Pop. 1,329; ph. Chittenden Co. Vt. 3-5.
m. N. W. Montpelier. Pop. 1,290; a township
of Otsego Co. N. Y. Pop. 1,645.

West Friendship, p.v. Anne Arundel Co. Md.

West Greenwich, ph. Kent Co. R. I. 18 m. S.
W. Providence. Pop. 1,817.

West-Hampton, ph. Hampshire Co. Mass. 100
ra. W. Boston. Pop. 907.

West Haven, ph. Rutland Co. Vt. 50 m. W.
Windsor. Pop. 724.

Westhofen, a town of Germany,in the palatinate
of the Rhine. It has three churches, and is 7 m.
N. W. of Worms.

Westhofen, a town of France, in the department
of Lower Rhine, 12 m. AV. of Strasburg.

Westland, a township of Guernsey Co. Ohio.

WespLiberty, p.v. Ohio Co. Va. Logan Co. Ohio.
Henry Co. Ind. and Morgan Co. Ken.

West Lowville, p.v. Lewis Co. N Y.

Westmania, a former province of Sweden, be-
tween Upland, Sudermania, Nericia, Wermeland,
and Dalecarlia. It is 75 m. long and 45 broad, and
abounds in copper and iron mines. The face of
the country is diversified like Wermeland.

Westmeath. See Mealh.

Westminister, a city in' Middlesex, the residence
of the monarch, the seat of the parliament and of
the high courts of justice, and constituting, with
London and Southwark, the metropolis of the Bri-
lif h empire. On the dissolution of its abbey, in
1541, Henry VIII. erected it into a bishopric, ap-
pointing the whole of Middlesex (Fulham except-
ed) for the diocese. It had, however, only one pre-
late; for Edward VI. soon after dissolved it, and
the Abbey is now only a collegiate church. West-
minister, through courtesy, still bears the title of a
city, and sends two members to parliament, who
are chosen by its householders, there being no
freemen nor incorporated companies. Besides the
churches of the establishment, Westminister con-
tains places of worship for dissenters of almost ev-
ery denomination, and a Jew’s synagogue. Among
the modern improvements in this part of the me-
tropolis is the erection of a wide street, or rather
succession of streets, from Carlton palace on the
S. to Portland Place on the N. The buildings are
most magnificent, and it is probably without ex-
ception the finest street in Europe. In the city are
two parish churches, St. Margaret and St. John ;
and seven in the liberties, namely, St. Clement, St.
Mary, St. Paul, St. Martin, St. Ann, St. James,
and St. George. The precinct of St. Martin-le

Grand, though within the city of London, is un-
der the jurisdiction of Westminister. See

Westminister, ph. Worcester Co. Mass. 54 m
N. W. Boston. Pop. 1,695; ph. Windham Co.
Vt. 18 m. N. Brattleboro. Pop. 1,737 ; p. v. Fred-
erick Co. Maryland.

Westmoreland, ph. Chester Co. N. H. 45 m. S
W. Concord. Pop. 1,647; ph. Oneida Co. N. Y
12 m. W. Utica. Pop. 2,303.

Westmoreland, a county of the W. Dis. of
Pennsylvania. Pop. 38,400. Greensburg is the cap-
ital. A county of the E. Dis of Virginia. Pop.

Westmoreland, an inland, county of England,
bounded on the N. and N. W7. by Cumberland,
E. and S. E. by Yorkshire, and S. and S. W. bv
Lancashire. The number of inhabitants in 1821 j
was 51,359. It is a region of lofty mountains,
naked hills, dreary forests, and barren moors ;
but is watered by numerous rivers and several
lakes. The soil of course is various ; that on the
mountains being very barren, while that in the
valleys is fertile, producing good corn and grass,
especially in the meadows near the rivers. In the
hilly parts on the W. borders are some mines of
copper, but the ore lies very deep. This county
yields abundance of limestone and the finest blue
slate ; and many excellent hams are cured here.
Its manufactures are a coarse woolen cloth,
worsted stockings, flannels, tanned leather, and
gunpowder. The principal rivers are the Eden,
Lune, and Ken; and the chief lake is Winander-
mere, the largest in England. Appleby is the
county town.

West Newbury, ph. Essex Co. Mass. 34 m. N.
E. Boston. Pop. 1,586.

Weston ph. Middlesex Co. Mass. 14 ni. W. Bos-
ton. Pop. 1,091 ; ph. Fairfield Co. Conn. 7 m.
N. Fairfield. Pop. 2,997; p.v. Lewis Co. Va.

Westown, a township of Chester Co. Pa.

Westphalia, one of the former circles of Germa-
ny, bounded on the E. by Lower Saxony, S. by
Hesse, Wetteravia, and Treves, W. by the Neth-
erlands, and N. by the German Ocean. The cli-
mate is cold, and there are a great many marshes,
hut the soil produces pastures and some corn. The
horses are large, and the hogs in high esteem,
especially the hams, known by the name of West-
phalia hams. The principal rivers are the We-
esr, Ems, Lippe, and Roer. This circle contain-
ed the bishoprics of Munster, Liege, Paderborn,
and Osnaburg ; the principalities of Emden or
East Friesland, Meures, Minden and Verden;
the duchies of Westphalia, Berg, Juliers, Cleve,
Oldenburg, and part ofthe territory of the princes
of Nassau; the counties of Mark, Ravensburg,
Steinfurt, Tecklenburg, Lingen, Bethnein, Diep-
holt, Hoya, Schouenburg, Spigelburg, Lippe, Rit-
berg, and other smaller ones; and several lord-
ships and abbeys. In 1300 all the parts of this
circle lying on the left bank of the Rhine, being
full one-third ofthe whole territory, became uni-
ted to France ; and in 1808 the French empercr
erected the remainder into a kingdom, in favour
of his brother Jerome, and added to it the electo-
rates of Hesse-Cassel and Hanover. Cassel
was the capital. After the celebrated battle oi
Leipzig, in 1813, this new kingdom was overrun
by the allies, and the government overthrown.
The whole territory now belongs to Prussia, Han
over, and Oldenburg.

Westphalia, a province of the Prussian states,
bounded W. by the Netherlands, and E. by Han
over and Hesse-Cassel. It is divided into the














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