Hayward’s New England Gazetteer (1839) page 5
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In the performance of our work we have derived assistance from many-
valuable maps and books on New England. Among the number a re¬
spectful tribute is due, particularly, to
Belknap’s History of New
Williamson’s Maine; Dwight’s Letters; Savage’s
Winthrop; Thatcher’s Plymouth; Folsom’s Saco and Biddeford;
Benton and Barret’s Statistics:—Hale’s Map of New England;
Stevens’ Rhode Island; Carrigain’s New Hampshire; and Green-
Maine :—to Worcester’s Gazetteer; Thompson’s Vermont;
Pease and Niles’ Rhode Island and Connecticut; Spofford’s Mas¬
sachusetts, and
Farmer and Moore’s Gazetteer of New Hampshire.

From the latter work, and from its authors, the lamented John Far¬
Esq., a celebrated antiquarian and writer, and Jacob B. Moore,
Esq., of Concord, N. H., author of several valuable historical and mis¬
cellaneous works, we are indebted for much of that which is valuable
in regard to New Hampshire.

From a beautiful volume, entitled “ Connecticut Historical Collec¬
tions,” by
John Warner Barber, Esq., we have been permitted to
enrich our pages with some of their most valuable and interesting ar¬

To Heads of Departments at Washington, and to the Secretaries of the
several States to which the work refers, for valuable public documents;
to Postmasters; and to numerous other friends who have kindly assisted
us in our labors; whose names we should feel proud to mention, were it
in accordance with their wishes; we tender the acknowledgments of a
grateful heart.

For the purpose of enlarging our work, as well as for its correction,
our editions will be designedly small: contributions are therefore respect¬
fully solicited.

While it is our determination to devote our time and humble talents to
render our publications worthy of general approbation; we are gratified
with the assurance of co-operation from eminent men in all parts of the
country; and we trust with confidence to receive that patronage, which
Yankees, both at home and abroad, invariably bestow on every effort
whose obvious design is

Boston, May, 1839.


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