Hayward’s New England Gazetteer (1839) page 21
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Meteoric Stones,

Story of the Frogs,

See Weston, Ct.
Windham, Ct.
Whitingham Vt.,
and Shutesbury, Mass.

Stratford, JV*. iT.

Smart Old Men,

A modest office seeker,

Land Title settled by combat,

The “ Devils Den,” a good ice house,

Large Trout,

Floating Islands,    -    Atkinson,    N.    H.,    and

Singular motive for marriage,

“ Lovewell’s Fight,”    -

Curious Epitaphs,

Poised Rock,

Lyme, Ct.
Sterlings Ct.
Strong, Me.
Whitingham, Vt.
Wethersfield, Ct.
Fryeburgh, Me.
Dorchester, Mass.
Farmington, N. H.

A Turtle well marked,

Middlehorough, Mass.
Montville, Ct.
Ashford, Ct.
New Market, N, H.
Sutton, Mass.
Wallingford, Vt
New Hartford, Ct.
North Bridgewater, Mass.

Plympton, Mass.

Tiverton, R. I.
Wethersfield, Ct.
Orono, Me.
, Ct
Shrewsbury, Mass
Ossipee, N. H
Quincy, Mass.
Ridgefield, Ct.
and Webster, Mass.
Stafford, Ct.,
and Hopkinton, Mass.

White Mountains.

Mohegan Village,

A relic of olden times,

The New Hampshire Giant,

« Purgatory Cavern,”

Ice Beds,

Satan’s Kingdom,”

Names of Towns,

A “ South Shore” White oak,

Tak, a slave, the captor of a British General,
Horrible butchery of a family,

Penobscot Indians,    -

“ The Pool,”

First mail stage in the United States,

Indian Mound,    -    -    -    -

George III. and John Adams,

The Hermitess,    -

Tough words for stammerers,

Mineral Springs,

Avalanches,    -    -

Autumnal Foliage, -

Taunton, Mass.
Wethersfield, Ct.
Warwick, R. I.
Washington, Ct.
Wenham, Mass.
and Windsor, Ct.
Glover, Vt.

A worthy maiden Lady,    -    -    -

A Connecticut river law suit,

The Drum Rock, *-
An atrocious murder,

A New England Clergyman of 1686,

Ancient Epitaphs,    Plymouth,    Mass

A runaway pond,

Winnepisiogee Lake#

Lake scenery,


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