Hayward’s New England Gazetteer (1839) page 185
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Hardwick is a pleasant town, of
good soil, with a fine fish pond.

Harmony, Me.

Somerset co. This town has an
excellent soil ,and is well watered by
a large and beautiful pond, and by
other sources of Sebasticook river.
In 1837 it had a population of 1,048,
and produced 6,836 bushels of
wheat. It was incorporated in
1803, and 'lies 53 miles N. by E.
from Augusta, and 23 N. E. from

Harpswell, Me*

Cumberland co. This township
comprises a promontory in Casco
bay, formerly
Merryconeag, and
several islands surrounding it, the
largest of which is called
The waters which enclose
this territory are so situated, at the
northern and eastern extremity of
Casco bay, that a canal of about a
mile in length would unite them
■with Kennebec river, near Bath.
The soil of Harpswell is very fer-
tile, and the location delightful in
summer. It is a resort for invalids
and parties of pleasure. The peo-
ple are principally engaged in farm-
ing and fishing. It lies 22 miles
N. E. from Portland by water, and
4 miles S. E. from Brunswick. In-
corporated, 1758. Population,1837,

Harrington, Me.

Washington co. This town is
bounded on the S. and E. by the
waters of Narraguagus bay, and W.
by the river of that name. It has
good mill privileges, excellent har-
bors, considerable navigation and
trade. Incorporated, 1797. Popu-
lation, 1830, 1,118; 1837,1,354.—
Harrington lies 118 miles E. from
Augusta, and 25 W. S. W. from

Harrison, Me.

Cumberland co. Crooked river
passes the E. side of this town, and
the waters of Long pond are its
western boundary. This is a good
township of land, and produced, in
1837, 3,180 bushels of wheat. In
corporated, 1805. Population, 1837,


1,161. Harrison has Otisfield on
the E., and is 75 miles W. S. W.
from Augusta, and 45 N. W. from

Hartford, Me.

Oxford co. This excellent town-
ship is watered by ponds and small
streams, and produced, in 1837, 9,-
318 bushels of wheat. It lies 31
miles W. from Augusta, and 15 N.
E. from Paris. Population, 1330,

1,453. Incorporated, 1798.

Hartford, Vt.

Windsor co. This town is on the
west side of the Connecticut, and is
otherwise finely watered by White
and Water^ueechy rivers. It lies
42 miles S. S. E. from Montpelier,
and 14 N. from Windsor. First set-
tled, 1764. Population, 1830, 2,044.
The surface of the town is uneven,
but the soil is rich, warm, and very
productive. The two principal vil-
lages are pleasantly located on the
banks of the rivers that meet the
Connecticut at this place, both of
which are flourishing in manufac-
tures and trade. Many cattle,beside
pork, butter, cheese, &c., are sent
to market from Hartford. In 1837
it had 13,207 sheep.

Hartford County, Ct.

Hartford is the chief town. This
county is bounded N. by Hampden
comity, Mass., E. by Tolland coun-
ty, B. by the counties of Middlesex
and New Haven, and W. by the
county of Litchfield. This is con-
sidered the most important and val-
uable county in the state, in re-
gard to the variety and richness of
its soil, and the high state of cul-
ture it has attained. It was con-
stituted in 1666, since which, Tol-
land county and parts of Middle-
sex, Windham, Litchfield, and New


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