Hayward’s New England Gazetteer (1839) page 212
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Sound with a harbor ior small ves-
sels. Many vesseks are built at
this place. They© is 1,000 acres
of good -salt meddow in Killing-
worth, and-the soil of the uplands,
although hard and uneven, are ren-
dered productive hy industry and
skillful management.' The village
is very pleasant, with a wide street
a mile and a half in length, crossed
about midway by Indian river, a
small stream which enters the har-
bor. This was a great , resort for
the Indians. “ Immense masses
of mouldering shells -still point out
the places where they dwelt.”
Killingworth is a healthful, inter-
esting place. -

Kilmarnock, Me.

Piscataquis co. This town is
well watered by Piscataquis river
and the outlet of Scootum lake. It
lies 103 miles N". E. from Augusta,
and 22 N. Ni E. from Dover. In-
corporated, 1824. Population, 1830,
138; 1837, 313.

King'fleltl, Me.

Franklin co. A fine farming
township, east of Mounf Abraham,
and watered by Seven Mile .brook
and one of its tributaries. It lies
55 miles N. W. by N. from Au-
gusta, and 25 N. from Farmington.
Population, 1837, 614. Incorpora-
ted, 1808. Wheat crop of 1837,
3,877 bushels.

Kingsbury, Me.

Incorporated, 1836. See “Down

Kingston, N. H.

Rockingham co. This town is
distant from Concord 37 miles S. E.,
from Exeter 6, and from Portsmouth
20. There are several ponds' in
this town. The largest is Great
pond, which lies on the W. of the
village, and contains upwards of
300 acres, with an'island of 10 or 12
acres, covered with wood. There
are no high hills in Kingston ; those
called the Great hill and Rockri-
mon are the- highest. The soil of
Kingston is generally loamy. The
charter of Kingston was granted,
1694. The grant also comprehend-
ed what now forms . the towns of
East Kingston, Danville, and San-
down. This town suffered in com-
mon with others in the vicinity, from
Indian depredations. Many Indian
implements, with some ancient
French coin, have been ploughed
up in the vicinity of the ponds.

Maj. Ebenezer Stevens, one
of the early settlers, was a very
distinguished and.useful citizen.

This town was also the residence
of the Hon.
Josiah Bartlett,
one of the first worthies of the state,
and an eminent physician. His
public career commenced in 1765,
and from that time to his death he
was an unwearied advocate and
supporter of the liberties of Amer-
ica. He was the first governor of
the state under its free constitution.
He died in 1795, aged 65. Popu-
lation, 1830, 929.

Kingston, Vt.

Addison co. A mountainous town-
ship settled soon after the revolu-
tionary war. Population, 1830, 403.
White river is formed in Kingston
by the union of several streams.
Here is a beautiful water fall of
100 feet, 50 of which is perpendic-
ular. At the bottom of the fall the
water has worn a hole 10 feet in
depth. Kingston lies 21 miles S.
W. from Montpelier, and 14 E. from

ICingston, Mass.

Plymouth co. This town lies
within Plymouth harbor, 4 miles
N. W. from Plymouth, and 31 S.
E. from Boston. Kingston has a
good harbor, a considerable stream
of water and some excellent land.
There are a number of vessels en-
gaged in the coasting trade, and
some in foreign commerce. Many
vessels are built here of tbe


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