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Walnut "River, which it enters in the S. E. part of
Franklin co., after a course of about 35 miles.

Alum Pond Hill, Ms. Situated in the town of
Douglas. Height 778 feet.

Amelia Island, Nassau co., Fa., is situated in the
N. E. part of the state. It is 15 miles long and
4 wide. Fernandina, a town at the N. W. end,
was once the capital of the county, and a flourish-
ing place. The land is fertile.

Amite River rises in Mi., and, flowing S. into
La., unites with the Ibberville at Galveston, to
which it is navigable, and after a course of 100
miles, falls into Lake Maurepas.

Amonoosuck Rivers, Upper and Lower, N. H.
The upper river rises N. of the White Mountains,
and passing N. E. into Dummer, approaches to
within a few miles of the Androscoggin; thence it
turns to the
S. W., and empties into the Connecti-
cut, at Northumberland, after a course of about 50
miles. Its valley, which is of great beauty, extends
more than 20 miles in length, and 7 or 8 miles in
breadth. The lower river rises on the W. side of
the White Mountains, and falls into the Connecti-
cut, just above Haverhill, after a course of 50 miles.
Two miles from its mouth it receives the Wild Am-
onoosuck, a swift, rapid stream about 40 yards in
width. The waters of the Amonoosuck are pure,
and its current quick. The valley of the lower river
is about half a mile in width, and was probably
once the bed of a lake. About miles from the
Notch of the White Mountains, the river falls 50
feet over a mass of stratified granite.

Anastasia Island, Fa., is situated on the E. coast.
It is 18 miles long and about 1J broad. A signal
tower on its N. end is in 29° 50' N. lat., 4° 29' W.
Ion. from Washington.

Anclote Keys, Fa. These islands lie olf the
coast of Eenton co., S. from Helley's Keys.

Ancram, or Roeloff Jansen's Creek, N. Y. This
small mill stream rises in Hillsdale, Columbia co.,
and after a circuitous course enters the Hudson 8
miles below the city of Hudson.

Anderson's River, Ky. It falls into the Ohio,
52 miles above Green River.

Anderson's Creek, la., rises in the W. part of
Crawford co., flows S. S. W., separating Spen-
cer and Perry counties, and falls into the Ohio

Androscoggin or Ameriscoggin River, Me. The
Margallavav, its N. branch, receives Dead and
Diamond Rivers, in N. H., and unites with the
stream flowing from Umbagog Lake, about a mile
from its outlet. The river then pursues a
course until it approaches the White Mountains,
and receiving several considerable tributaries, it
passes into Me. N. of Mount Moriah. It then
flows E. and
S. E. through a fertile country, nearly
to the sea-coast, and turning N., flows over the
falls at Brunswick, near Bowdoin College, into
Merrymeeting Bay, uniting with the Kennebec, 20
miles from the sea.

Angelica Creek, Alleghany co., N. Y., rises in
the town of West Almond, flows W. through the
town of Angelica, where it enters the Genesee.

Angelina River, Ts., flows in a S. S. E. direction,
and empties into Neches River.

Ann, Cape, Ms. See Gloucester.

Anneniesic River. Somerset co., Md., rises in the
E. part of the county, and flows a little S. of W.
into Tangier Sound.

Anno Nuevo Point, Ca., extends into the Pacific
at the town of Santa Cruz, and N. from Point


Antelope Creek, Ca. A small E. branch of the
Rio Sacramento.

Antelope Island, Uh. A large island lying in the
S. part of the Great Salt Lake.

Anthony's Nose, or, as more commonly called,
Nose, is situated in the W. part of Mont-
gomery co., N. Y., on the N. branch of Mohawk
River, and is on the extremity of the hill or moun-
tain called the “ Klips." It slopes towards the
river from an elevation of about
500 feet, bearing
a great resemblance to a nose some
300 or 400
feet long.

Anthony's or St. Anthony's Nose, N. Y., projects
from the S. side of Breakneck Hill, in the town
of Phillipstown, on the E. bank of the Hudson.
It derives its name from a resemblance to a huge
human face, as seen from the river, at the N. en-
trance of the Highlands. There is another pro-
jection of the same name, but less remarkable,
opposite the site of old Fort Montgomery, near the
S. entrance of the Highlands, below West Point.

Antietam Creek rises in Washington co., Md.,
and empties into the Potomac.

Antoine Creek, As., one of the head branches
of the Little Missouri River, and the boundary line
between Clark and Pike counties.

Apostles' Islands, La Pointe co., Wn. Situated
in the W. part of Lake Superior, N. from Chego-
wawegon Bay.

Appalachee Bay is a large bay on the coast of
Fa., in the Gulf of Mexico. Through this bay is
a passage 10 feet deep, which is gradually re-
duced to 8, by which St. Marks is reached. It
furnishes the best anchorage ground along the
coast for the distance of
230 miles.

Appalachian Mountains. See Alleghany Moun-

Appalachicola River, Bay, and St. George's
The river is formed by the union of
Chattahoochee and Flint Rivers, which unite in
the state of Ga. in lat.
30° 42' N., from which if,
proceeds S.
70 miles, to St. George's Sound, and
thence to the Gulf of Mexico. Near the mouth
of the river it forms a broad estuary, denomi-
nated Appalachicola Bay, which connects with St.
George's Sound. The latter is partly enclosed
by three islands, and is
50 miles in length, and
4 to 9 wide. Between the islands are three
passages into the sound, which have a depth of
about 15 feet of water at low tide. The river is
navigable for small vessels to the junction of the
Chattahoochee and Flint Rivers. The Chatta-
hoochee, the largest branch, is navigable for
boats nearly
400 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.
The whole surface drained by the Appalachicola
and its branches is estimated at a little less than

20,000 square miles.

Apple River, Is., crosses the N. W. part of the
state, passes through Jo Daviess co., and after a
course of
45 miles, falls into the Mississippi, 20
miles below Galena. It is 50 yards wide at its
mouth. It is a rocky and rapid stream, furnish-
ing many good mill seats.

Apple Creek, Mo., runs on the boundary be-
tween Perry and Cape Girardeau co., and falls
into the Mississippi at Birmingham.

Apple River, St. Croix co., Wn. It flows S. W.
into the St. Croix River.

Appletree River, S. C. A small branch of the

Appomattox River, Va. It rises in Prince Ed-
ward co., and after flowing E.
120 miles, unites
with James River at City Point. It is navigable

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