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the lake, touching at the several villages and land-
ing-places on the eastern and western shores,
forming a connection between important routes
of travel, and affording one of the most agree-
able pleasure excursions. The lake is very deep,
in some places, it is said, exceeding 500 feet; its
water is very transparent, and, owing to its depth,
rarely closed by ice, even in the severest winters.
It abounds with the choicest fish, such as the
salmon trout, pickerel, perch, and pike.

Cayuta Creek, a rapid mill stream, rises in Ca-
yuta Lake, Chemung co., flows in a S. direction,
forming part of the boundary line between Che-
mung and Tioga counties, and falls into the Sus-
quehanna a short distance below the state line.

Cayuta Lake, N. Y. This small body of water
lies in the N. part of Chemung, on the confines
of Tompkins co. Trout, and other fish of a fine
flavor, are abundant in its waters.

Cazenove Creek, N. Y. A large, fine mill
stream, rises in Erie co., and enters Buffalo Creek
a few miles above its mouth.

Cazenovia Lake, Madison co., N. Y. This
beautiful lake is situated in the town of the same
name. It is 4 miles in length, 1 in width, and
abounds with different kinds of fish.

Cedar Creek, Monmouth co., N. J. A small
stream emptying into the Atlantic opposite Island

Cedar Creek, la., rises in the N. W. part of De
Kalb co., flows in a southerly direction, and falls
into St. Joseph's River of the Maumee.

Cedar Creek, Mo. This stream forms the
boundary between Callaway and Boone coun-
ties, and empties into the Missouri, opposite Jef-
ferson City.

Cedar Creek, Io. It rises in Monroe and
Lucas counties, and flows N. E. into the Des
Moines River.

Cedar Creek, Ts. The principal branch of
Navisoto River.

Cedar Island, Accomac co., Va., lies off the
Atlantic coast, opposite the town of Richmond.

Cedar Island, Carteret co., N. C. Situated in
the S. part of Pamlico Sound, and washed on the
N. W. by Long Bay.

Cedar Keys, Ea. A small group of islands
lying off the mouth of Suwannee River.

Cedar Point, St. Mary's co., Md., extends into
Chesapeake Bay, just below the mouth of Pa-
tuxent River.

Cedar River, Mn. It drains the W. part of
Livingston co., flows N. of W., and empties into
Grand River at the city of Lansing.

Cedar River, Mn., flows S. S. E., and empties
into Green Bay.

Cedar River, Io. This river rises in the neutral
ground, its head branches draining a large ex-
tent of country. It flows
S. E. through Blaek-
hawk, Benton, Linn, Johnson, and Cedar counties,
into Muscatine Co., where it turns to the S. W.,
and falls into Iowa River in Louisa co.

Center's River, Wn. It rises in the S. part of
Brown co., and flows S. E. into Manitowoc co.,
where it empties into Manitowoc River.

Chagrine River, 0. It rises in the S. W. part
of Geauga co., flows in a northerly direction
through Cuyahoga and Lake counties into Lake

Champlain, Lake, N. Y. and Vt. This delight-
ful expanse of water is the boundary line between
New York and Vermont. Vermont embraces
about two thirds of its surface. New York is on
the W. side, and the counties of Franklin, Chit-
tenden, Addison, and a part of Rutland, in the
state of Vermont, lie on the
E. At the N. it
extends a few miles into Canada, and receives the
waters of Pike River. It discharges into the St.
Lawrence by the Richelieu, Sorel, or Chambly
River. Among its tributaries from Vermont are
the Missisque, Lamoille, Winooski, Otter, and
Pawlet Rivers. From New York it receives the
waters of the Chazy, Saranac, Sable, Boquet,
and Wood Rivers, and of Lake George. Its
length is about 130 miles: its breadth varies
from 1 to 12 miles: average breadth about 3
miles. It abounds with salmon, trout, pickerel,
and other fish. It is navigable for vessels of 90
tons' burden, and splendid steamboats are con-
tinually plying, in the season of navigation, from
Whitehall, along its beautiful shores, to St. John's,
in Canada. This lake contains about 60 islands,
is remarkable for its splendid scenery, and re-
nowned in ancient and modern stories for its
scenes of warlike achievements. Lake Cham-
plain is a great resort, both for business and
pleasure. It is supposed that Lake Champlain
once covered a much greater extent than at pres-
ent, and that its waters were capable of being
navigated by large vessels to the Atlantic Ocean,
both by the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Hud-
son River. See
Charlotte, Vt.


Chandeleur Bay, La. This large bay lies S.
from the Chandeleur Islands,
E. from Black Bay,
and N. from the mouth of the Mississippi River.

Chandler's Hill, Worcester, Ms. Height 778 ft.

Chanya Creek, Pickens district, S. C. A branch
of the Tugaloo.

Chanjushka River, Ma. A large W. tributary
of the Mankato.

Chanpepenan River, Ma., rises in a lake, flows
S. W., and empties into the Missouri River, just
above Prospect Island.

Chaplain's Fork, Ky., joins the Rolling Fork at
Ion. 86° F W. and lat. 37° 34' N.

Chariton River, Mo., rises in Iowa, and after
a S. course of 130 miles, it empties into the
Missouri at the S. extremity of Chariton co. It
is boatable for 50 miles.

Charity Isles. Mn. Situated at the mouth of *
Saginaw Bay.

Charles River, Ms. The Indian name of this
river is Quinobequin. It rises on the borders of
Hopkinton and Milford, and flowing through Bel-
lingham, Franklin. Medway, Medfield, Sherburne,
Dover, Dedham, Needham, Natick, Newton, Wal-
tham, and Watertown, it meets the tide waters,
and forms a part of Boston harbor. It is navi-
gable to Watertown, 7 miles W. from Boston.

Charles River, Washington co., R. I., rises in a
pond, and flows in a westerly direction into Paw-
catuck River.

Charlotte Harbor, Fa. See Gasparilla Sound.

Charlotte Lake, N. Y., is a small sheet of water
lying in the town of Gallatin, Columbia co.

Charlotte River, N. Y., drains the W. part of
Schoharie co., flows W. 30 miles through a part
of Delaware into Otsego co., where it enters the

Charlotte River, Fa., waters the E. part of the
state, and falls into a bay of the same name.

Charlton River, Mo., falls into the Missouri,
about 220 miles from the Mississippi.

Chartiers Creek, Pa., rises in Washington co.,
and, after a course of 30 miles, falls into the
Ohio, 4 miles below Pittsburg. It flows through

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