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northerly direction, and empties into the Big
Barren, in Warren co., Ky.

Drifting Island Lake, Ma. This lake is the
source of one of the head branches of Waton-
wan River.

Drowned Lands, N. Y. A name given to a large
marsh, through which the Wallkill flows. It is
mostly situated in the town of Warwick, Orange
co., and contains about 50,000 acres of land.
The stream flows sluggishly through this swamp,
which is used for the pasturage of cattle, on the
subsiding of the spring freshets which submerge
it, but is a desolate waste during the rest of the
year. Although there are some fertile islands or
elevated spots, all efforts to wholly drain it have
been unsuccessful.

Du Chesne Fork, Ca. A head branch of Unita

Duck Creek, De. A small stream separating
New Castle and Kent counties, and emptying
into Delaware Bay.

Duck Creek, Scott co., Io., drains the- S. part
of the county, flowing W. into Mississippi River.

Duck Islands, Me., lie S. of Mount Desert Island.

Duck Lake, N. Y. This small sheet of water
lies in the town of Conquest, Cayuga co.

Duck River, Brown co., Wn., rises in the S. part
of the county, and flowing N. E., falls into Green
Bay, N- W. from the mouth of Fox River.

Dudley Island, Me., lies in Passamaquoddy
Bay, and belongs to Eastport.

Du Fil River, Mn., rises in the N. interior of
Tuscola co., flows N., through Huron co., into
Saginaw Bay.

Dug Hill, Blandford, Ms. Height 1622 feet.

Dugdemona River, La. This large stream rises
in Bienville and Jackson parishes, flows S. E.,
receiving numerous tributaries, and empties into
Calatroola Lake.

Duncan's Creek, S. C., rises in the interior of
Laurens district, flows E. by S., and empties into
Ennoree River.

Duncan's Rocks, On. Situated at the mouth of
the Straits of Juan de Fuca, off Cape Flattery.

Dunderberg Mountains, or Hills, Haverstraw,
Rockland co., N. Y., constitute the S. part of the

Dunmore Lake, Vt., sometimes called Trout
is about 4-miles long, and three fourths of
a mile wide. It lies in Leicester and Salisbury,
and communicates through Leicester River with
Otter Creek. Trout weighing 25 pounds have
been taken out of this lake.

Dunn's Lake, St. John's co., Fa. A long, nar-
row sheet of water, N. E. from Lake George, and
connected on the N. W. with St. John's River.

Duston's Island, N. H. This small island in the
Merrimack, at the mouth of Contoocook River,
between Concord and Boscawen, is celebrated for
the heroic defence of a lady, whose name it bears,
against a party of Indians, on the night of the
15th of March, 1698. See Hayward's
Gazetteer of
New Hampshire.

Butcher's Creek, As. A small stream which
enters Petit Jean Creek near Danville.

Dyer's Bay, Me. See Steuben.

Eagle Creek, Ky. This stream drains the N.
interior of Scott co., flows N. N. W. to Gallatin
co., where it turns to the S. W., separating Owen
from Gallatin and Carroll counties, and empties
into the Kentucky River.

Eagle Creek, Wn. A small branch of the

Mississippi, draining the N. W. part of Craw-
ford co.

Eagle Harbor, Houghton co., Mn. Situated on
the N. W. coast of Keewaiwona Point, W. from
Great Marais Harbor.

Eagle Lakes, Aroostook co., Me., lie between
the Aroostook and St. John's Rivers, and are
connected with several smaller lakes. The gen
eral outlet is Chipquedopshook River, which flows
about 14 miles into St. John's River.

Eagle Lake, Kosciusco co., Ia. Situated S. E.
from the town of Warsaw.

Eagle River, Houghton co., Mn., drains the
N. W. part of Keewaiwona Point, and falls into
Lake Superior.

Eagle River, Ca. It rises on the E. border of
the state, flows W., and empties into Grand River.

East Bay, N. Y., is the E. part of the Great
Bay. S. of Long Island.

East Bay, La. The body of water lying be-
tween the S. and S. W. passes of the Mississippi

East Canada Creek, N. Y., rises in Hamilton co.,
flows S., dividing Fulton and Montgomery coun-
ties on the E. from Herkimer co. on the W., and
falls into the Mohawk. It is a rapid stream, af-
fording good water power.

Eastern Bay, Md. An arm of Chesapeake
Bay, extending between Queen Ann and Talbot

East Koy Creek, N. Y., a fine mill stream, rises
in Genesee co., flows S., and unites with the W.
Koy in Alleghany co.: it then flows in an E. di-
rection until its entrance into the Genesee.

East River, N. Y., is an arm of Long Island
Sound, dividing Long Island on the E. from the
Island of New York and a part of Westchester
co. on the W. It communicates with the Atlan-
tic Ocean through the “ Narrows," with the har-
bor of N. Y., and with Hudson River. It is about
15 miles long, contains several important islands,
and is navigable for large vessels. The celebrated
pass called “ Hell Gate " is opposite Great Barn
Island, 7 miles N. E. of N. Y. city.

East Savannah River, Ma., flows N. E. into Em-
barras River.

East Swan River, Ma. It rises near Swan
River, in a series of small lakes, flows S. S. E.,
and empties into St. Louis River.

Eaton's Neck, N. Y., a bold promontory, on
which there is a light-house, lies in the town of
Huntington, on the N. side of Long Island.

Ebeeme Mount, Piscataquis co., Me., lies S. E.
of Mt. Baker.

Ebeeme River, Piscataquis co., Me., consists of
two branches, which rise neĀ§tr Mount Ebeeme,
and unite in Brownville to form Pleasant River.

Ebenezer Creek, Ga., rises in the S. E. part of
Scriven co., flows S. E., and falls into the Savan-
nah River in Effingham co.

Echeconno River, Ga. This stream rises in the
W. part of Pike co., flows S. E., separating Bibb
from Crawford and Houston counties, and falls
into the Ockmulgee River.

Eckford Chain of Lakes, N. Y., comprises three
beautiful lakes, of which Eckford and Genet are
the principal, lying E. of Racket Lake, Hamil-
ton co.

Edisto River and Island, S. C. This river, the
two main branches of which, called the North and
South Edisto, rise in Edgefield co., pursues a
S. E. course' into Colleton co., where it turns to
the S., and enters the Atlantic by two mouths,

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

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