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small streams, and has numerous bays, harbors,
and inlets on its coasts.

Kenduskeag Stream, Penobscot co., Me., rises
in Dexter and Garland, winds in a S. E. direc-
tion through Corinth, Levant, and Dutton, and
enters the Penobscot in the city of Bangor. It
is a beautiful and valuable mill stream, and has
many tributaries.

Kennebec River, Me. The first source of this
important river is Moosehead Lake, of which it
is the outlet. Erom thence it passes in a S. W.
course nearly 20 miles, where it receives the
waters of Dead Biver. It then proceeds S. to
Starks, about 40 miles, where it receives the
waters of the Sandy. Here it changes its course,
E., about 12 miles, passing Norridgewock and
Skowhegan. It then again changes its course to
the S. tiil it receives the waters of the Sebasti-
cook, about 15 miles. It continues to descend
in nearly a S. course to Hallowell, about 20
miles. Here it inclines to the E. a few miles,
and then, resuming a S. course, and passing
through Merrymeeting Bay, where it receives
the Androscoggin Biver, it passes Bath, and
meets the ocean. The whole length of this
river, from Moosehead Lake to the sea, is about
150 miles. The tributaries already named are
the most considerable ; but there are many oth-
ers that would be considered important rivers in
other sections of the country. The whole fall
of this river is more than 1000 feet, and its
hydraulic power, with that of its tributaries, is
incalculable. We are enabled to state that the
average or mean time of the closing of this river
by ice at Hallowell, for forty-five successive
years, was December 12, and of its opening,
April 3. The most remarkable years were 1792,
when the river closed November 4, and opened
April 1 the following year, and 1831, when it
closed January 10, and opened April 13. Since
the year 1786, the Kennebec has not been ob-
structed by ice in any spring after the 20th of

Kent's Hill, Me., is situated in the W. part of
Kennebec co,

Kent Island, Queen Anne co., Md., lies in
Chesapeake Bay, opposite Annapolis. Length
12 miles.

Kentucky River, Ky., rises by three principal
branches in the Cumberland Mts., denominated
the North, Middle, and South Forks. These
unite in Estill co., and the river thence pursues a
circuitous course, but, in its lower part, generally
N. N. W., until it falls into the Ohio at Carrol-
ton, 534 miles below Pittsburg. The general
course is very nearly S. E. to N. W. The length
of the valley drained by this river is about 175
miles, with a mean width of about 40 miles,
giving an area of 7000 square miles. This val-
ley embraces part or the whole of nineteen coun-
ties, or a fraction over one sixth part of the
whole state of Kentucky. The distance from
the mouth of the river to its forks, by the course
of the stream, is about 260 miles; in a direct
line, about 112 miles. The channel of the river,
in its natural state, is navigable, in high water,
for steamboats of 300 tons, as far as Frankfort;
and, in the same state of the water, steamboats
might descend the river from 200 miles above.
But the navigation has been improved by the con-
struction of seventeen dams between the mouth
of the river and the forks, with the corresponding
number of locks, overcoming a difference of
elevation of 216 feet in the whole. These dams
are from 350 to 500 feet long ; and the locks are
178 feet in length by 38 feet in breadth. By
means of the facilities thus furnished, boats not
requiring more than 6 feet of water navigate the
river at all seasons. The Kentucky Biver is
without direct falls, though the natural current
is rapid, and the bed rocky.

Keowee River. This stream rises in Macon
co., N. C., flows S., and enters the Seneca Biver,
of which it is the principal head branch, in Pick-
ens district, S. C.

Kern Lake, Ca. A small sheet of water lying
S. E. from Tulares Lake, with which it is con-
nected by an outlet.

Kern River, Ca. This stream rises in the S.
part of the Sierra Nevada range, and flows S. W.
into Kern Lake.

Kettle Creek, Pa. It rises near the W. part of
Tioga co., flows S. S. W., and empties into the
Susquehanna in Clinton co.

Kewaunee River, Brown co., Wn. It rises near
the S. part of Green Bay, and flows S. E. into
Lake Michigan.

Key Biscayune Bay, Fa. Situated off Dade
co., and N. E. from Barnes Sound. It contains
numerous islands, of which Key Biscayune and
Elliot's Key are the principal.

Key West, or Thompson's Island, Monroe co.,
Fa. This island is 4 miles long, and 1 mile
wide. About a foot below the surface is a bed of
limestone, which extends under the whole island.
On the
In'. W. part is an excellent harbor.

Kiamishi River, In. Ter., rises in As., and falls
into Bed Biver 6 miles below Fort Towson.

Kickapoo Creek, Is. It rises in the interior of
McLean co., flows S. W., and empties into Salt
Creek in Logan co.

Kickapoo River, Wn. This river rises in
Adams and Crawford counties, flows S. S. W.,
separating Craw'ford from Sauk co., and crossing
the N. W. corner of Bichland co., it reenters
Crawford co., where it falls into the Wisconsin.

Killbuck River, O. A northern branch of the
Muskingum.    *

Killington Peak, Yt., is a summit of the Green
Mountains, in the S. part of Sherburne, and N.
from Shrewsbury Peak.

Kill Van Kull, N. Y., a channel, lying between
Staten Island and N. J. shore, is a continuation
of Staten Island Sound. It extends from New
York Bay to Newark Bay, a distance of 4 or 5

Kinderhook Creek, N. Y. This large and im-
portant mill stream rises in the E. part of Bens-
selaer co., flows S. W., and enters the Hudson,
near the village of Columbiaville, Columbia co.

Kinebik, or Snake River, Ma. This stream
rises in several lakes, flows S. E., and empties
into the St. Croix Biver.

Kingdom Come Creek, Letcher co., Ky. A
small head branch of the N. fork of Kentucky

King's Creek. This small stream rises in the
S. part of N. C., flows S. W., and enters Broad
Biver in York district, S. C.

King's Mountain, N. C., situated in the W. part
of the state, 25 miles W. from Charlottenburg.

King's River. This stream rises in the W. part
of Newton co., As., flows N. N. W., and empties
into White Biver in Barry co., Mo.

| Kingston Landing, N. Y., formerly called Co-
I lumbus Point, is situated in Kingston, Ulster co.,

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

Hartford, CT: Case, Tiffany and Company. 1853. Public domain

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