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Lost Lake, Antrim co., Mn. A long, narrow
sheet of water lying W. from Great Traverse Bay.

Loutre Island, Montgomery and Warren coun-
ties, Mi. Situated in the Missouri, N. E. from
the mouth of Gasconade River.

LovewelPs Pond, N. H. See Wakefield.

Low Point Landing, N. Y. See Carthage,
Dutchess co.

Lower Montreal River, Houghton co., Mn. A
small stream draining the N. part of Keewaiwona
Point, and falling into Bete Gris Bay.

Lower Saranac Lake. See Saranac Lake.

Lower Three Runs, Barnwell district, S. C.,
pursues a winding S. course, and falls into the

Lumber Rivet' rises in N. C., and flows S. E.
and S. S. W., forming the boundary between
Marion and Harry counties, S. C., until its junc-
tion with the Little Pedee.

Lya Hende, or River of the Lakes. This chain
of lakes commences in the N. part of Io., and,
flowing in a N. direction into Ma., empties into
Chanjushka River.

Lynhaven Bay or Harbor, Va., is situated in
Chesapeake Bay between the mouth of James
River and Cape Henry, and receives the waters
of Lynhaven River.

Maccason Creek, Va., rises in the S. E. part of
Russell co., and flows S. W. into Scott co., where
it falls into the N. fork of Holston River.

McCrady River, On. and Uh.,, rises in a lake in
the S. part of On., flows in a winding S. course,
and empties into Rhett Lake in Uh.

McGee!s Creek, Pike co., Mi. A small branch
of the Bogue Chitto.

Machias River and Bay, Washington co., Me.
The two head branches of the river are supplied
by several ponds near the centre of the county,
and unite at Machias Port, affording extensive
water power in their course. The bay lies at the
mouth of the river, between the towns of Cutler
and Machias Port. It is 10 miles long, 4 or 5
wide at its mouth, and contains several coves,
harbors, and islands.

Machias and Little Machias Rivers, Penobscot
eo., Me., are important tributaries to the Aroos-
took, which they enter near each other in Aroos-
took co., about 30 miles W. N. W. from Mars Hill.

Mclndoes Falls, Vt., a considerable fall in Con-
necticut River, at the bead of boat navigation,
and opposite the S. E. corner of Barnet.

Mackinaw Island, Mn. Situated in the N. part
of Lake Huron, a little above the Straits of

Mackinaw River, Is., has its source in a prairie
near the centre of McLean co., and passing
through Tazewell co., falls into the Illinois 3
miles below Pekin. It affords water power, and
its borders are mostly fertile.

McKee's Creek, Is., waters the E. part of Mar-
quette co., and flows S. E. into the Illinois River.

Me Kenny'' s Creek, As. This stream joins Red
River at the N. W. extremity of Fayette co., takes
a semicircular bend, and unites with the Sulphur
Fork of the same river.

Mackenzie's Fork, On. A head branch of the
Wilk onette River.

Macon's Islands, La. A group of small islands
lying in Chandeleur Bay, off St. Bernard parish.

Macoquetais River, Io. It rises in the S. E.
part of Fayette co., flows S. E., and empties into
the Mississippi River in Jackson co.

Macoupin Creek, Is. This stream rises in the
N. part of Macon co., and passing through a fer-
tile country, enters the Illinois 26 miles above its
junction with the Mississippi.

McQuam Bay, Vt. A large open bay in the
W. part of Swanton.

McTiger Creek, Orangeburg district, S. C. A
head branch of the South Edisto River.

Mad River, N. H., rises among the mountains
in the N.
E. part of Grafton co., and crossing the
E. part of Thornton, falls into the Pemigewas-
set at Campton.

Mad River, Vt. A rapid stream, which rises
in the highlands
S. from Warren, and passing
through Waitsfield, falls into Winooski River at

Mad River, 0., rises in Logan co., and, after a
course of 50 miles, enters the Miami on the
side, at Dayton. It affords extensive water power,
its current being rapid and broken.

Madamiscontis River, Me., has its source in a
large pond, flows
S. E., and enters the Penobscot
about 45 miles above Bangor.

Madawaska River, Penobscot co., Me., is sup-
plied by Temisconata and other large lakes in
the N. part of the state, flows more than 100
miles in a S.
E. direction, and enters the St. John's
River about 240 miles N. N.
E. from Augusta.
This river and these lakes water a country of
great extent, and hardly surpassed in fertility by
any land on the globe.

Madeline Island, La Pointe co., Wn. Situated
in Lake Superior, at the mouth of Chegowa
wegon Bay.

Madison Barracks. See Sackett's Harbor.

Madison Fort, situated in the town of the same
name, Lee co., Io., was erected in 1808 as a de-
fence against the Indians, who obliged the garri-
son to burn the fort in 1813. A few ruins are
now to be seen.

Madunceunk River, Penobscot co., Me. This
river enters the Penobscot on the W. side, about
6 miles above the Madamiscontis.

Magothy River, Ann Arundel co., Md. This
little stream flows
S. E. into Chesapeake Bay.

Mahanoy River, Pa. This river rises in Schuyl-
kill co., and flowing through Northumberland
co., enters the Susquehanna 11 miles below Sun-
bury. Its length is 50 miles.

Mahantango River, Pa., is an E. branch of the
Susquehanna, which it enters 18 miles below
Sunbury, in Northampton co.

Mahoning River, Pa. and 0. This river rises
in Portage co., passes through Trumbull co., 0.,
and enters Beaver River in Beaver co., Pa. The
Pa. and 0. Canal follows the lower part of this

Mahopack Lake, N. Y. This beautiful sheet of
water lies in the town of Carmel, Putnam co.
It is about one mile in diameter, contains two or
three small islands, and is much resorted to for
the fine fish writh which it abounds.

Maiden Creek, Pa., flows S. W., and falls into
the Schuylkill, 7 miles N. from Reading.

Makwa Lake, Chippewa co., Wn. One of a
chain of lakes situated at the head of Red Cedar

Malade River, On. This river rises S. E. from
the source of Big Wood River, flows S. S. W,
and empties into Lewis Fork of Columbia River.

Malheureux Islands, St. Bernard parish, La. A
small group lying at the mouth of Lake Borgne.

Malheur River, On. This river has its source

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