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is within the limits of Massachusetts. The exte-
rior bounds of this celebrated bay are Capes Cod
and Ann. The former is in N. lat. 42° 6', and W.
Ion. 70° 7 ; the latter in N. lat. 42° 45', and W.
Ion. 70° 17'. Cape Ann bears from Cape Cod
N. N. W. about 40 miles. The length of this bay is
about 60 miles, from N. W. to S. E.; its breadth is
about 25 miles. Numerous bays and rivers of va-
rious sizes set in from this bay, and its whole coast
is lined with commodious harbors and pleasant
commercial towns. This bay is noted for its
delightful scenery, and as containing the first
settlements of the Pilgrim Eathers of New Eng-

Massena Springs, N. Y., are situated about 1
mile S. of Massena village, on Racket River.
They are a good deal resorted to for the cure of
cutaneous disorders.

Masserne or Ozark Mountains. This range
commences in Mo., near the junction of Missouri
and Mississippi Rivers, and runs in a S. W. direc-
tion, through Mo., As., and In. Ter., into Texas. It
is crossed by Arkansas and Red Rivers. Mount
Cerne, the highest peak, gives name to the range.

Massies Creek, 0. This fine mill stream rises
in Madison co., and, after a highly picturesque
course through a chasm 20 or 30 feet wide, and
60 deep, falls into Little Miami River 4 miles
above Xenia.

Matagorda Bay, Ts. Situated at the mouth of
the Colorado River, and N. E. from Espiritu
Santo Bay.

Matakeunk River, Penobscot co., Me., has its
source in small ponds, and flows in a N. direction
into the Matawamkeag, near its junction with the

Matawamkeag River, Me., is one of the most
important tributaries of the Penobscot. It rises
in Aroostook co., flows through Matawamkeag
Lake, and enters the Penobscot about 60 miles
N. by E. from Bangor.

Matchapungo Inlet, Northampton co., Va., emp-
ties into Broad Water Gulf, between Prout's and
Hog Islands.

Mate Creek, Logan co., Va. A small branch
of the Tug Fork of Big Sandy River.

Matinac Island, Me., lies off St. George, Lin-
coln co.

Matinicus Islands, Me. This group of islands
lies at the entrance of Penobscot Bay. Mar-
shall's Island, the largest of the cluster, is a
plantation attached to Hancock co. The light
on Matinicus is about 15 miles S. by E. from

Matomkin Island, Accomac co., Va. It lies off
the Atlantic coast, between Wallops Island on
the N. and Cedar Island on the S.

Mattapony River, Va. ' This river rises in
Spottsylvania co.-, and is formed by the union of
Mat, Ta, Po, and Ny Rivers. It unites with the
Pamunky to form York River, at the S. E. ex-
tremity of King William co.

Mattawomon Run, Md., rises on the boundary
between Prince George's and Charles counties,
and flows S. of W. into the Potomac River.

Matteawan or Fishkill Mountains, N. Y. See

Matthias Point, King George co., Va. This is
the N. E. extremity of the county, extending into
the Potomac River.

Mattimuskeet Lake, Hyde co., N. C. A large
sheet of water lying in the S. interior of the co.

Maumee Bay, 0. and Mn. This bay, which
lies at the S. W. extremity of Lake Erie, is about
5 miles long and 2 wide. It receives the waters
of Maumee and several smaller rivers.

Maumee River, 0., is formed by the junction
of Little St. Joseph's, St. Mary's, and Great and
Little Anglaize Rivers. It rises in the N. E.
part of la., and, pursuing a N. E. course of about
100 miles through fertile borders, enters Lake
Erie through Maumee Bay. For 50 miles from
its mouth it is 70 rods wide, and is navigable for
steamboats and schooners 18 miles to Perrys-
burg. In the spring and fall it is boatable 18
miles farther, to Fort Wayne. The Wabash and
Erie Canal follows its banks.

Maurice River, Gloucester co., N. J. This
river rises in Deptford and Franklin towns, and
in its upper part affords water power. It is
navigable 20 miles for vessels of 80 or 100 tons.
Excellent oysters are taken at its entrance into
Delaware Bay.

May, Cape, N. J., received its name from Cor-
nelius May, a Dutch navigator, who visited the
bay in 1623. It is situated on the N. E. side of
Dela ware Bay, in lat. 38° 56' N., and Ion. 74° 56
W. There is a light-house on the S. extremity.

May River, S. C., falls into the Atlantic in Ion.
80° 55' W., lat. 32° 15' N.

Mayfield Mountains, N. Y., the S. termination
of the Clinton or Adirondack range, lie in
Fulton and Montgomery counties. Klip's Hill,
or, as sometimes called, Anthony's Nose, is the
S. peak.

Mayfields River, Ky. This river rises in the S.
W. part of Graves co., flows in a N. direction to
McCraken co., where it takes a turn to the W.,
crosses Ballard co., and empties into the Mis-

Mayo Rivers, North and South, Ya. and N. C.
These streams rise in the N. part of Patrick co.,
flow S. E, uniting in the S. W. angle of Henry
co., and empty into Dan River, in Rockingham
co, N. C.

Meadow River, Me. A small stream flowing
into Casco Bay.

Mecock Bay, Suffolk co., N. Y., lies on the S.
side of Long Island. It is 4 miles long, and
from 1 to 2 miles wide.

Medicine Creeh Mo. Its head branches rise
in Sullivan and Mercer counties, and flowing S.,
it enters Grand River in Livingston co.

Medina River, Ts. The head stream of the
River San Antonio.

Megunticook River and Pond, Waldo co., Me.
The river rises. in the pond of the same name,
and enters the Penobscot at Camden, affording
excellent water power. The pond lies in the town
of Lincolnville, is about 9 miles long, of an
irregular shape, and a very beautiful sheet of

Meherin River, Va, rises in Charlotte co., and
flowing S. of E, unites with the Nottaway, to
form Chowan River, in N. C.

Meigs Creek, O, falls into the Muskingum, 20
miles above Marietta.

Mem inis Lake, La Pointe co, Wn. This lake
supplies one of the head branches of Namckagou

Memokage River, Ma, flows S. E. into the St.
Croix River.

Memoosic River, Mn, rises in the E. part of
Lake co, flows N. W, and empties into Manistee
River, near its mouth.

Memphremagog Lake,Yt. and Canada, is 30 miles

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