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Thirteen Mile Creek, Mason co., Va. An E.
branch of the Great Kanawha.

Thomas Fork, On. A small stream flowing
S. W. into Bear River.

Thompson's Creek, S. C., flows S. E., and enters
the Great Pedee below Chatham.

Thousand Islands. This cluster of islands, be-
longing partly to the Americans and partly to
the British, lies in the St. Lawrence River, a lit-
tle below Lake Ontario. Some of these islands
are fertile and possess good timber, but generally
they are small and rocky. The river where they
are located is from 2 to 10 miles in width. In
the distance of between 20 and 30 miles, the num-
ber of these islands is said to exceed 1500, and
passages amid them, up and down this magnifi-
cent outlet of the great lakes, present to the
traveller scenes of great sublimity and beauty.

Three Buttes, On. These are isolated peaks
situated between Lewis Fork and Malade River,
and N. W. from Fort Hall.

Three Tetons, On. These peaks are a branch
of the Rocky Mts., and are situated at the head
of the Lewis Fork of Columbia River.

Throg's Point, Westchester co., N. Y., is situated
in the S. E. part of the town of Westchester, 16
miles N. E. of New York city. It projects a mile
or two into East River, and is an important mil-
itary position, on which has been erected by the
United States government a strong fortification,
called Fort Schuyler, which, together with the
fortification at the Narrows, is intended to de-
fend the city of New York from foreign in-

Thunder Bay, Mn. This large bay extends
from Lake Huron into Alpena co., contains a.
number of islands, and receives the waters of
several rivers.

Thunder Bay River, Mn. This river rises in
the N. part of Oscoda co., takes a winding N. E.
course through Montmorenci and Alpena counties,
and falls into Thunder Bay.

Tibbet's Island, N. Y. See Green Island.

Ticonderoga Fort, Essex co., N. Y. This re-
nowned fortification lies on the W. side of Lake
Champlain. See
Fashionable Resorts.

Tie Tie Creek, Ware co., Ga, A small stream
flowing through the W. part of Okefinokee
Swamp, and emptying into Jones Creek.

Tiffins River, O., rises in a lake in Mn., enters
O. in Williams co., and flows in a S. direction to
Maumee River, which it enters one mile W. of
Defiance. It is navigable for small craft 50
miles, and affords good water power.

Timhalier Bay, La. This is a rather shallow
bay, from 3 to 6 miles wide, extending N. W.
from the mouth of Bayou La Fourclie 30 miles,
and is bounded on the S. W. side by a long, low

Timpanozu River, Ca., Uh. A small stream
rising in the Timpanozu Mts., and flowing S. W.
into Utah Lake.

Tinker's Creek, O. A tributary of the Cuya-
hoga, which it enters 12 miles above Cleveland.

Tioughnioga River, N. Y. This fine mill stream
rises in Onondaga co., flows S. through Cortland
co., and enters Chenango River at Chenango
Forks village, in Broome co.

Tippecanoe River, la. Its head branches water
Noble and Kosciusko counties, and, after a wind-
ing course through Fulton, Pulaski, and White
counties, it enters the Wabash in the N. part of
Tippecanoe co.

Tipsinah River, Ma. A N. E. tributary of the
Minesota or Qui Parle River.

Ti Tanka-Ue Lake, Ma. An irregularly-shaped
sheet of water, lying near St. Croix River, and
S. from Lake Poinsett.

Titicus Creek, or River, rises in Ct., flows W.
N. Y., and enters Croton River at the town
of West Salem, Westchester eo.

Tlamath Lake, On. A large sheet of water
situated in the S. part of the state, among the
Cascade Mts.

Tlamath River, On. and Ca. This river rises
in Tlamath Lake, in On., and Rhett Lake, on the
N. border of Uh., flows W. for some distance
across Uh., then, turning to the N. W., crosses a
corner of On., and discharges its waters into the

Tobacco River, Mn. A small stream draining
the E. part of Keewaiwona Point, and falling into
Lake Superior.

Tobopekaliga Lake, Orange co., Fa. Situated
N. from Lake Kissimee, with which it is con-
nected by an outlet.

Toby's Creek, Pa., falls into the Alleghany
River about 20 miles below Franklin. It is
about 55 miles long, and is boatable for a large
part of its course.

Tombigbee River, Mi. and Aa., rises in Tisha-
mingo co., Mi., flows a little E. of S., receiving
several branches, and passes into Aa. Sixty miles
below it receives from the E. the Black Warrior,
a river nearly as large as itself, at Buffport, and,
proceeding 100 miles in a winding S. direction,
it unites with the Alabama to form Mobile River,
45 miles above the Mobile Bay, and about 70
miles from the Gulf of Mexico. It is navigable
9 months in the year to St. Stephen's for large
vessels, and to Columbus, Mi., for steamboats.
Its entire length is nearly 500 miles.

Tomer Stream, Me., rises in the N. part of
Washington co., and flows S. into the outlet of
Schoodic Lakes.

Tomhannock Creek, Rensselaer eo., N. Y., rises
in the towns of Grafton and Pittstown, flows
N. W., and enters the Hoosick at Schaghticoke.

Tompkins Fort, N. Y. See Staten Island.

Tom's River, N. J., rises in Monmouth co., and
empties into Barnegat Bay.

Tonawanda Creek, N. Y., has its source in the
S. part of Wyoming co., flows N. through a part
of Genesee, thence it turns W., forming the
boundary between Erie and Niagara counties,
and empties into Niagara River at Tonawanda
village. It constitutes a part of Erie Canal for
a distance of 12 miles.

Tonawanda Island, Niagara co., N. Y. This
island lies in the Niagara River, opposite Ton-
awanda village, and belongs to the town of
Wheatfield. It contains about 70 acres of highly-
cultivated land.

Tournois Creek, Clark co., As. This creek
flows S. E., and empties into the Little Missouri
near its junction with the Wachita.

Tourtle River, On. A small N. tributary of
Columbia River.

Town Creek, Brunswick co., N. C., flows S. E.
into the Cape Fear River.

Train Bay, Mn., washes the coast of School-
craft co., W. from Grand Island.

Transparent Lake lies in Hamilton and Herki-
mer counties, N. Y. It is surrounded by wild and
picturesque scenery, and its waters, which, as the
name indicates are remarkably clear, abound in

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

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