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falls 54 feet in a mile and a half, furnishing a
great water power. There are some manufacto-
ries at Amoskeag, but the greatest part of the
water is carried in canals to Manchester, a little
distance below. 17 miles S. by E. from Concord.

'Amboy, N. Y. An E. township of Oswego
co., drained by Salmon and Scriba Creeks, and
contains several small lakes. Surface level;
soil a rich loam, producing abundant crops of
grass and>'grain. 30 miles E. from Oswego vil-
lage, and 137 N. W. from Albany.

Amelia County, Ya., c. h. at Amelia. E. central.
The Appomattox Eiver runs along the N. and
N. E. boundary, and its branches drain this coun-
ty. ' Surface pleasantly diversified; soil rather
unproductive. The principal agricultural pro-
ductions are wheat, corn, cotton, and tobacco.

Amenia, N. Y. An eastern township of Dutch-
ess co., on the Ms. border, watered by Wassaic
and Ten Mile Creeks, branches of the Ilousa-
tonic Eiver. It contains two considerable ponds,
and some mineral springs, and affords magnetic
iron ore and marble of good quality. The sur-
face is much diversified; the Taghkanic and
Fishkill Mountains crossing parts of the town.
20 miles N. E. from Poughkeepsie, and 70 S. S.
W. from Albany.

Americus, Ga., c. h. Sumpter co. 104 miles
S. S. W. from Milledgeville.

Ames, 0. A township of Athens co., on Fed-
eral Creek, a few miles N. E. from Athens, c. h.

Amesbury, Ms., Essex co. On the N. side
of .Merrimae Eiver, separated from Salisbury by
Powow Eiver, a stream navigable for some dis-
tance for vessels of 300 tons. A pond, covering
about 1000 acres, back of the town, 90 feet above
the sea, serves as a reservoir for a constant and
extensive water power. That part of the town
called “ The Mills " is at the lower falls of the
Powow. The river here is about 2 rods in width,
and,.is crossed by several bridges. The views
fronYyVhittier, Bear, and Pond Hills are delight-
ful. At the W. end of the town are two flour-
ishing villages, with a small stream, noted for
salmon. 40 miles N. E. from Boston, and 6
miles N. W. from Newburyport, with which it
communicates by the Salisbury Branch Eailroad.
Celebrated for its flannels, and other woollen

Amherst, Me., Hancock co. On the head wa-
of Union Eiver. 25 miles E. from Bangor.

Amherst, Ms., Hampshire co. Comprises 4
handsome villages — the centre village, where
the college is located, and the N., the E., and S.
villages. The town is watered by 2 good mill
streams, which form Mill Eiver. The college is
situated on elevated ground, in the centre village,
surrounded by a fertile country, and command-
ing a prospect of one of the most picturesque
sections of the state. 82 miles W. from Bos-
ton, and 7 E. by N. from Northampton. See

Amherst, N. H., c. h. Hillsboro' co. On Sou-
hegan Eiver, a tributary of the Merrimae. The
soil is excellent. There is a celebrated mineral
spring here. 29 miles S. from Concord, and 40
E from Keene.

Amherst, N. Y., Erie co. Tonawanda Creek
bounds this township on the N. and Ellicott's
Creek flows through it. The surface is uneven,
and the soil of an indifferent quality. 10 miles
N. E. from the city of Buffalo, and 283 N. of W.
from Albany.

Amherst County, Ya., c. h. at Amherst. S.
central, in the N. angle between the Blue Eidge
and James Eiver. Surface elevated, and agree-
ably diversified; soil tolerably good. Wheat and
tobacco are the principal products.

Amherst, Va., c. h. Amherst co. 15 miles N.
E. from Lynchburg, and 115 W. from Eich-

Amite County, Mi., c. h. at Liberty. In the S.
W. angle of the state, bordering on Louisiana.
Watered by Amite Eiver and its branches. Sur-
face uneven ; soil of good quality, especially on
the borders of the streams. Chief products, cot-
ton and corn.

Amity, Me., Aroostook co. Township No. 10,
first range of townships from the E. line of the
state. About 100 miles N. E. from Bangor.

Amity, N. Y., Alleghany co. On the Gen-
esee Eiver, which flows in a N. direction, near-
ly through the centre of the township. Surface
high and rolling on the outskirts ; soil various;
the uplands being adapted to grazing, and the
borders of the rivers to the growth of grass and
grain. 6 miles S. of Angelica, and 255 S. of
from Albany.

Amity, 0., Pike township, Knox co. Fertile
and healthy. 8 miles N. E. of Mt, Vernon, 53
from Columbus, and 85 from Cleveland.

Amity, Pa., Erie co. A hilly township, with a
soil of gravelly loam.

Amity, Pa., Berks co. On the Schuylkill. The
Eeading Eailroad passes through it.

Amsterdam, N. Y., Montgomery co. Town-
ship and village on the Mohawk Eiver, Erie
Canal, and Schenectady and Utica Eailroad.
Watered by several small streams, the principal of
which is the Chuctanunda Creek. A fine quality
of building stone is quarried here The surface
is uneven, but the soil is fertile and easily tilled,
consisting of clay loam and rich mould. The
village contains manufactures of carpets, scythes,
&c. 31 miles W. from Albany.

Amwdl, N. J., Hunterdon co. Watered by the
south branch of the Earitan Eiver and its tribu-
taries. Surface uneven; soil fertile in some parts.

Amwell, Pa., Washington co. Surface hilly,
abounding with coal, and watered by the branches
of Ten Mile Creek. Soil loam.

Anamosa, Io., c. h. Jones co.

Ancram, N. Y. A S. E. township of Columbia
co., drained by Ancram and Punch Creeks.
Surface hilly, soil gravelly loam and clay, upon
a foundation of slate and limestone. 21 miles
S. E. from the city of Hudson.

Andalusia, Aa., c. h. Covington co.

Anderson, la., c. h. Howard co.

Anderson County, Kv., c. h. at Lawrenceburg.
Watered by Salt Eiver and its head branches, and.
on the E. by the Kentucky. Surface rough.

Anderson, O. An E. township of Hamilton
co., between the Ohio Eiver and the Little

Anderson District, S. C-, c. h. at Anderson. In
the N. W. part of the state. Watered by head
branches of the Savannah and Saluda Eivers.

Anderson, S. C., c. h. Anderson district. 127
miles N. W. from Columbia.

Anderson County, Te., c. h. at Clinton. N. E.
central. Watered by Clinch Eiver. Eough, but

Anderson County, Ts., c. h. at Plenitude. E.
part. On the upper branch of the Trinity.

Andes, N. Y., township. Delaware co. Watered

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