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of grass. 20 miles N. E. from the village of
Watertown, and 164 N. W. from Albany.

Appalachicola, Fa., c. h. and port of entry,
Franklin co. 135 miles S. W. from Tallahassee,
situated on a bluff at the mouth of the river of
the same name. It is regularly laid out*, and oc-
cupies an area of one square mile. On Front
Street there are a number of blocks of large
brick stores, with granite fronts. The remaining
portion of the town is built mostly of wood.
Appalachicola is a considerable mart for cotton.
The river is navigated by steamboats and other
boats, and the harbor generally contains a num-
ber of large vessels, lading and unlading at the

Appleton, Me., Waldo co., 35 miles E. by S.
from Augusta, between the head waters of the
Muskingus and St. George's.

Appanose co., Io., c. h. at Antreville. On the
S. border of the state.

Appling County. Ga., c. h. at Holmesville. S. E.
central. Watered by the head branches of Satil-
la River. Surface level. Soil light and sandy.

Applingville, Ga., c. h. Columbia co. On
Great Kiokee Creek, 111 miles S. S. E. from

Appomattox County, Ya., c. h. at Clover Hill.
In the S. central part of the state, with the James
River on its
N. W. border.

Aquia, Ya., Stafford co. On Aquia Creek.
The railroad to Fredericksburg and Richmond
commences here, and connects with Washington
by steamboat.

Arcadia, N. Y., Wayne co. Watered by Mud
Creek, and contains large quarries of gypsum.
The surface is hilly; the soil sandy and calca-
reous loam. 5 miles W. from Lyons village, and
190 N. W. from Albany.

Archer, 0., Harrison co. A township watered
by Stillwater River and its branches. Distant
from Cadiz a few miles N.

Argyle, Me., Penobscot co., is a new town, but
fertile>and flourishing. It produces the best of
wheat. 89 miles N. E. from Augusta.

Argyle, .N Y Washington co. Surface un-
even; soil "graveliy loam, and sandy. It is equi-
distant from Salem and Sandy Hill, and 46 miles
N. E. from Albany.

Arietta, -N. Y., Hamilton co. This township is
large, and contains several lakes and numerous
small streams. The southern part only is par-
tially settled. 72 miles N. W. from Albany, and
8 miles W. from the village of Lake Pleasant.

Arkadelphia, As., c. h. Clark co. On the Wa-
chitta, 100 miles S. W. of Little Rock.

Arkansas County, As., c. h. at Arkansas Post.
S. E. part, in the angle between the White and
Arkansas Rivers. Surface mostly level, com-
prising the S. part of Grand Prairie, the soil of
which is very fertile.

Arkansas Post, As., c. h. Arkansas co. On the
N. bank of Arkansas River, on a high bluff, 50
miles from the Mississippi. It was founded by
the French in 1685.    117 miles S. E. from Little


Arkwright, N. Y., Chautauque co. A high and
hilly township, with a soil adapted to the growth
of grass or grain. 346 miles W. from Albany.

Arlington, Vt., Bennington co. Watered by
Green River, Mill, and Warm Brooks, and Roar-
ing Branch, which form excellent mill sites, and
fall into the Batten Kill in the N. part of the
town. On the streams
are large bodies of rich
intervales. West and Red Mountains extend
through the W. part. There are marble quarries
here, and a curious cavern. 15 miles N. from
Bennington, and 106 S.
W. from Montpelier,

Armagh, Pa., Mifflin co. A northern township.

Armstrong County, Pa., c. h. at Kittanning. W.
central. The Alleghany passes through it from
N. to S., and the Kiskiminitas washes its S. W.
border. Surface pleasantly diversified.

Armstrong, Pa. A western township of Indiana
co. Watered by Crooked Creek. Surface level;
soil, clay and gravel.

Aroostook County, Me., c. h. at Houlton, is in the
N. E. and
N. part of the state. Watered by the
Upper St. John's and its southern tributaries.
Mostly unsettled. Soil, a limestone formation,
favorable to wheat.

Arrow Rock, Mo., Saline co. Situated on a
high bluff on the S. side of the Missouri River.
It has a good landing, and is surrounded by a
fertile country. 72 miles
N. W. from Jefferson

Ascension Parish, La., c. h. at Donaldsonville.
Southern part, on both sides of the Mississippi.
It has on the
N. the Amite, with which the
Manshac pass from the Mississippi communi-
cates. The La Fourche, another outlet of the
Mississippi, leaves that river at Donaldsonville,
in this parish. Level, and, except the lands on
the immediate banks of the rivers, annually in-

Ashe County, N. C., c. h. at Jeffereonton. In
the N. W'. corner. Watered by the he* d branches
of the Holston and Great Kanawha Rivers.
Surface elevated and rough, being a table land
between Bald Mt. and the Blue Ridge ; soil tol-
erably good.

Ashboro', N. C., c. h. Randolph co. 72 miles
W. from

Ashburnham, Ms., Worcester co. On the height
of land between the Connecticut and Merrimae
Rivers. It is watered by large ponds,, which
furnish good mill seats. There is much good
land both for grass and grain. 54 miles N. W.
from Boston, and 4 N. W. from Fitchburg.

Ashford, Ct., Windham co. Watered by sev-
eral small tributaries of the Yantic. The sur-
face is rough and stony, but excellent for graz-
ing. 31 miles E. from Hartford, 14
N. W. from

Ashford, N. Y., Cattaraugus co. Drained by
Cattaraugus Creek and its tributaries. Surface
slightly uneven ; soil, clay loam. 300 miles W.
from Albany.

Ashland, Ms., Middlesex co. On head streams
of Concord River which afford water power.
The Worcester Railroad passes through the
centre of the town. -25 miles
W. S. W. from

Ashland County, O., c. h. at Ashland. N. part.
Drained by branches of the Mohican Creek, a
tributary of the Muskingum.

Ashland O., c. h. Ashland co. 30 miles N. E.
from Columbus.

Ashley County, As., c. h. at Hamburg. (New.)

Ashby, Ms., Middlesex co., is on elevated land,
bordering on Rindge,
N. H. Branches of the
Squamacook rise here, and pass to the Nashua.
It is varied with hills and vales, and is rich in
agricultural products and fine scenery. 42 miles
W. N.
W. from Boston, and 25 N. W. from Con-
cord, N. H.

Ashtabula County, 0., c. h. at Jefferson. In the

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