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face undulating; soil good. 5 miles W. from
the village of Auburn, and 178 from Albany.

Aurelius, 0. A township of Washington co.
The surface is hilly, but has a rich soil, covered
with timber. 20 miles N. from Marietta.

Aurora, Me., Hancock co. 106 miles E. from

Aurora, N. Y., Erie co. Drained by Seneca
and Cazenovia Creeks. Its surface is undulating;
soil clay and gravelly loam. 276 miles W. from
Albany, and 15 S. E. from the city of Buffalo.

Aurora, N. Y., Ledyard, Cayuga co. Pleas-
antly situated on the E. bank of Cayuga Lake.
It has a flourishing academy, and three or four
churches. Steamboats stop here daily, which
connect with railroads at each end of the lake.
170 miles W. from Albany.

Aurora, O., Portage co., is a township situated
on the road from Warren, Trumbull co., to
Cleveland, Cuyahoga co., 28 miles from the for-
mer, and 25 from the latter place, and 131 N. E.
from Columbus. The railroad from Cleveland
to the Ohio River passes through it.

Au Sable, N. Y., Clinton co. On the N. side of
the Great Au Sable River: the Little Au Sable
passes through it. Surface undulating, and on
the W. hilly. 15 miles S. from the village of
Plattsburg, and 140 N. of Albany.

An Sable Forks, N. Y., Essex co. At the
junction, on the E. and W. forks of Au Sable
River. Here is a forge, rolling mill, and nail
factory. 154 miles from Albany.

Austerlitz, N. Y., Columbia co. On the Ms.
border. Hilly and mountainous. Watered by
several small tributaries of the Housatonic. The
soil is a gravel and clay loam. 30 miles S. S. E.
from Albany, and 14 N. E. from Hudson.

Austin County, Ts., c. h. at Belleville. S. cen-
tral, on the Brazos.

Austin, Ts. Capital of the state. Situated on
the E. bank of the River Colorado, about 200 m.
from Matagorda Bay. through which the river
empties into the Gulf of Mexico. The town
is pleasantly located, on ground elevated about
40 feet above the river. It derives importance
from having become the seat of government of
this new state, which, in connection with its nat-
ural advantages for trade and commerce, will
give an impulse to its prosperity for years to come.

Austintown, O. A township of Mahoning co.,
160 miles N. E. from Columbus.

Autauga County, Aa., c. h. at Kingston. Cen-
tral. Bounded on the S. and E. by the Coosa,
and watered by many small tributaries of that
river. Surface broken; soil good, and on the
borders of the rivers very fertile.

Averill, Yt., Essex co. On the Canada line. It
has several large ponds, and is watered by a
branch of Nulhegan River. The soil is cold and
broken. 30 miles N. from Guildhall, and 60 N.
E. from Montpelier.

Avon, Ct., Hartford co., lies between two
mountainous ridges, and has considerable rich
level land on the borders of Farmington River.
The view from Monte Video, on Talcott Moun-
tain, nearly 1000 feet above the waters of the
Connecticut, is quite enchanting. 9 miles W. N.
W. from Hartford.

Avon, Me., Franklin co. Watered by some of
the head branches of Sandy River. 35 miles
W. by N. from Norridgewock, and 50 N. N. W.
from Augusta.

Avon, N. Y., Livingston co. On Genesee

River, and also watered by the outlet of Conesns
Lake and some other small streams. The sur-
face of the W. part is hilly, but on the E. it is
more level. Soil fertile, especially on the bor-
ders of the streams, producing grass and grain in
great abundance. There are several celebrated
mineral springs in this town. (See
p. 263.)    8 miles N. from the village of

Genesee, and 220 W. from Albany.

Avon, O., Loraine co., borders on Lake Erie,
and is watered by French Creek, which passes
through the centre of the township. 17 miles
W. from Cleveland.

Avoyelles Parish, La., c. h. at Marksville.
Central. On both sides of Red River, touching the
Mississippi on the S. E. corner. The parts bor-
dering on the rivers are so low as to be liable to
inundation, but the W. part, being more elevated,
is fit for cultivation, and tolerably fertile. Cot-
ton is the principal product.

Babylon, N. Y., Suffolk co. A pleasant sum-
mer retreat near South Bay. 185 miles S. E.
from Albany.

Bachelder, Me., Oxford co. Between two moun-
tains on the line of New Hampshire, 60 miles
W. from Augusta.

Bad Axe County, Wn. On the Mississippi.
Drained by Bad Axe River. Taken from Craw-
ford in 1851.

Baileyville, Me., Washington co. On the line
of N. Brunswick, 80 miles E. N. E. from Bangor.

Bainbridge, Ga., c. h. Decatur co. On the E.
side of Flint River, 188 miles S. S. W. from

Bainbridge, la., Putnam co. Near the Walnut
fork of Eel River, and 38 miles W. from Indian-

Bainbridge, N. Y., Chenango co. Watered by
the Susquehanna River and its tributaries.
The surface is hilly, the soil of good quality.
110 miles W. by S. from Albany.

Baker County, Ga., c. h. at Newton. In the S.
W. corner of the state. Watered by Flint River,
which flows southerly through it, and its W.
tributary, the Itchawaynochaway. Soil sandy,
but well adapted to cotton.

Bakersfield, Yt., Franklin co. Somewhat
broken, but not mountainous. Timbered prin-
cipally with hard wood. The soil is in general
warm and productive. Watered by Black Creek,
and several other small branches of the Missisco
River. 30 miles N. E. from Burlington, and 38
N. N. W. from Montpelier.

Balcony Falls, Va., Rockbridge co. On the
James River, at the passage of the Blue Ridge.
This is the W. terminus of the James River
Canal. A dam is thrown across the river for
the purpose of feeding the canal. The scenery
here is bold and picturesque. 197 miles W. from

Baldwin County, Aa., c. h. at Blakely. Be-
tween the Perdido on the E., which separates it
from Florida, the Gulf of Mexico on the S.,
and Mobile Bay on the W. Level near the
Gulf of Mexico, but more uneven in the inte-
rior. Soil tolerably good on the margins of the

Baldwin County, Ga., c. h. at Milledgeville.
Surface uneven. Drained by the Oconee River,
which flows S. E. through the middle of it. Soil
generally good, and on the borders of the streams

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