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taste, the heads of all the graves lie towards the
north. There is a good water power, improved
for carrying flouring mills, grist mills, saw mills,
&e. A bridge 400 feet in length crosses the

Beverly Farms, Ms. A village in the E. part of
the town of Beverly, Essex co.

Beverly, Ms, Essex co. United to Salem by
a bridge across the North River, 1500 feet in
length. It has a pleasant village at the N. part
of the town. The business is much associated
with that of Salem. The people are noted for
their enterprise in commerce and the fisheries.
From the elevated grounds in this town much
delightful scenery is presented. A part of the
beautiful Wenham Pond lies within its limits.
16 miles N. from Boston, by the railroad.

Beverly, Ya., c. h. Randolph co. On the E.
fork of the Monongahela River, 205 miles
N. W.
from Richmond. Built on three parallel streets,
in thd midst of a well-cultivated and thickly-
settled district.

Bexar County, Ts., c. h. at San Antonio. Bexar
includes all the western part of the state, most
of which is unsettled, and much of it incapable
of settlement.

Bibb County, Aa., c. h. at Centreville. Central.
On both sides of the Cahawba.

Bibb County, Ga., c. h. at Macon. Central. On
both sides of the Ocmulgee. Soil red loam and

Biddeford, Me., York co. On the S. side of
the Saco, at its mouth, and connected with the
town of Saco by a bridge. 15 miles S. W. from
Portland. The falls of the Saco River at this
place create an immense water power, upon which
large factories have been recently erected ; and it
has become, along with Saco, the seat of exten-
sive manufactures.

Bienville Parish, La. N. W. central. Drained
by tributaries of the Red River, which run S.
through, it.

Big Beaver, Pa. A northern township of Bea-
ver co., on the W. side of the Beaver River.

Big Flats, N. Y., Chemung co. Chemung
River gives name to this town, through which it
passes, as do some of its tributaries. The navi-
gable feeder of the Chemung Canal and the New
York and Erie Railroad also pass through it.
Surface hilly, except on the borders of Chemung
River; soil fertile, especially in the valleys. 203
miles S. W. from Albany.

Billerica, Ms., Middlesex co. Watered by the
Ccmeord and Shawsheen Rivers, and has a pleas-
ant village, on high ground, near the centre.
Soil good, and well improved. Billerica Mills
village is near the Lowell Railroad, 22 miles
from Boston.

Biloxi, Mi., Harrison co. Situated on Biloxi
Bay, 227 miles S. E. from Jackson. Site of an
early French settlement.

Bingham, Me., Somerset co. On the E. bank
of Kennebec River. 118 miles N. N. E. from

Bingham, Pa. A N. E. township of Potter co.,
on the New York line.

Binghampton, N. Y., c. h. Broome co. At the
junction of the Chenango River with the Sus-
quehanna. ' 145 miles S. W. from Albany, and
225 miles by the Erie Railroad, N. W. from New
York. It belongs to the township of Chenan-
go, and was incorporated as a village in 1813.
The Chena"ngo Canal runs northerly from this
place, and unites with the Erie Canal at Utica.
The great Erie Railroad passes through it, and ex-
tends to Dunkirk, on Lake Erie, 244 miles W.
is also at the head of boat navigation on the Sus-
quehanna River. These various facilities afford to
this flourishing place peculiar advantages for
business. No place in the state, perhaps, at
present, exceeds this in rapid and permanent
growth; and it must become an important in-
land town. Binghampton is surrounded by a
rich agricultural and grazing country, which here
finds a ready market for its abundant products.
There is likewise an extensive water power on
the Chenango, which is employed for manufac-
turing and mechanical purposes. Steam, .also,
is extensively used. There are large flouring
mills, saw mills, plaster mills, tanneries, cloth-
dressing establishments, and a variety of other
manufacturing operations. The Erie Railroad
Company have established here a large machine
shop and. car factory.
A bridge here crosses the
Susquehanna, and another the Chenango. The
place, which was formerly called
Chenango Point,
received its present name in honor of William
Bingham, Esq., of Philadelphia, a respected bene-
factor of the village in its infant state.

Birdsall, N. Y., Alleghany co. Watered by
Black Creek
and some other streams. Surface
slightly uneven; soil clay loam.
260 miles W.
by S. from Albany.

Birmingham, Pa. A western township of Del-
aware co.

Black Brook, N. Y., Clinton co., contains sev-
eral small lakes, and is drained by Saranac, Au
Sable and Little Au Sable Rivers, and Black
Brook. The surface is hilly and mountainous,
abounding with iron ore. 20 miles S. from
Plattsburg, and
154 N. from Albany.

Blackford County, la., c. h. at Blackford. N. E.
central. Watered by Salamanic River, a tribu-
tary of the Wabash, and several small creeks.
Soil mostly fertile.

Black Hawk County, Io., c. h. at Astor Falls.
E. central. On both sides of the Cedar Fork of
the Iowa.

Black Lick, Pa. A southern township of Indi-
ana county, on the Kiskiminitas and Pennsylvania

Black Rock, N. Y. A town of Erie co. Drained
by Buffalo Creek and other small streams flow-
ing into the Niagara River. It embraces Squaw
and Strawberry Islands, each containing about
100 acres of land. The line between the U. S.
and Canada bounds this town on the
W. Sur-
face mostly undulating; soil alluvial. It environs
the city of Buffalo on three sides, from the cen-
tre of which it is distant about 3 miles, and from
Albany W. 325 miles.

Black Rock, N. Y., Erie co. This village, in
the town of Black Rock, situated at the foot of
Lake Erie, may be considered as a suburb of the
city of Buffalo, from which it is not more than
two and a half miles distant, and with which it
is connected by a railroad. At this point the
Erie Canal enters Lake Erie. An immense mole
or pier projects into Niagara River, at once form-
ing a harbor for the port and turning water from
the river into the canal. The canal is supplied
by this means with water for nearly half its entire
distance; and by means of the same mole a large
water power is obtained at Black Rock, which
is used for flouring mills and other purposes.

. Blackstone, Ms., Worcester co. Blackstone

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