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Vessels of 30 tons come up to Elizabethtown,
and vessels of 300 tons to Elizabethport, at the
mouth of the creek. From this port a railroad,
passing through Elizabethtown, extends 26 miles,
to Somerville. Elizabethtown is on the New
Jersey Railroad, between New York and Phila-
delphia, 15 miles from the former, 72 from the
latter, and 42 N. E. from Trenton.

Elisabethtown, N. Y., c. h. Essex co. Watered
by Boquet River and some of its branches. The
surface is broken by the Clinton range of moun-
tains, which passes through it from N. to S.,
some of the peaks being elevated about
1500 feet
above the surrounding plains. Excellent iron
ore is found here in large quantities. 126 miles
N. from Albany.

Elizabethtown, Te., c. h. Carter co. On Wau-
tauga, a branch of Holston River. 301 miles E.
from Nashville. In the vicinity are large iron

Elk, Pa., Warren co. Located between the
Alleghany River on the E. and S., and Cone-
wango Creek on the W. The soil on the streams
is very fertile.

Elk County, Pa., e. h. at Ridgeway. On the
height of land between the eastern and western
waters. N. central part. Watered on the E. by
Susquehanna Creek and its tributaries, flowing
into the W. branch of the Susquehanna, and on
the W. by the sources of Clarion River, a tribu-
tary of the Alleghany. Hilly, but fertile in the
valleys. Thinly peopled.

Elk Creek, Pa., Venango co. The Six Mile
Run, and Canoe, Beaver, and Dyer Paint Creeks,
water this town. Surface level; soil loam. 122
miles W. N. W. from Harrisburg.

Elk Creek, Pa., Erie co. Drained by Cussa-
wago and Conneaut Creeks. On the margin
of the latter salt springs are found. Surface
hilly; soil gravelly loam. 256 miles S. W. from
Erie, and 16 N. W. from Harrisburg.

Elkhart County, la., c. h. at Goshen. Bounded
N. by Michigan, E. by La Grange and Noble
counties, S. by Kosciusko, and W. by St. Joseph
co. St. Joseph and Elkhart Rivers and their
branches water this county, the surface of which
is a mixture of woodland and prairie.

Elkhorn, Wn., c. h. Walworth co. 68 miles
S. E. from Madison.

Elkland, Pa., Tioga co. Watered by Cowa-
nesque and Crooked Creeks, branches of Tioga
River. Surface hilly; soil gravel, clay, and loam.
170 miles N. from Harrisburg.

Elk Ridge Landing, Md., Anne Arundel co.
On the S. side of Patapsco River, at the head of
tide water. 7 miles W. S. W. from Baltimore,
and 30 N. N. W. from Annapolis. Connected by
railroads with Baltimore and Washington ; also
with Cumberland, on the route to Ohio. The
Patapsco is crossed at this place by a splendid
viaduct of granite, 700 feet long, with 8 arches.
There are here extensive iron works.

Elkton, Ky., c. h. Todd co. On the E. side of
Elk Creek, a branch of Red River. 187 miles
S. W. from Frankfort.

Elkton, Md., c. h. Cecil co. Situated at the
junction of the two main branches of Elk River,
at the head of tide water. On the railroad, 44
miles from Philadelphia.

Ellejay, Ga., c. h. Gilmer co. 170 miles N. W.
from Milledgeville.

Ellenburg. N. Y., Clinton co. English River
and some other streams water this town, 25
N. from Plattsburg, and 188 N. N. E.
from Albany.

Ellery, N. Y., Chautauque co. On the N. side
of Chautauque Lake. Drained by several small
creeks. The surface is undulating; the soil good.
342 miles S. by
W. from Albany.

Ellicott, N. Y., Chautauque co. On the N.
side of Chautauque Lake. Watered by Cassa-
daga Creek and the outlet of the lake.    The

surface is undulating, the soil sandy loam.    330

miles W. by S. from Albany, and 18 S. E. from

Ellicotts Mills, Md., Anne Arundel co. On
Patapsco River. 40 miles N. W. from Annapo-
lis. There are numerous mills and manufacto-
ries here, amidst much romantic scenery.

Ellicottviile, N. Y., Cattaraugus co. Wa-
tered by Great Valley Creek and some of its
branches. The surface is mostly undulating,
the soil well adapted to the growth of grass
grain. 292 miles W. by S. from Albany.

Ellington, Ct., Tolland co. Ellington was
taken from East Windsor in 1786, and was that
part of East Windsor cajfed the Great Marsh.
The soil is light and dry, but considerably fer-
tile. It is generally level, but the eastern part is
hilly and mountainous. The scenery in this
town embraces considerable variety, and is un-
commonly interesting and beautiful. The El-
lington School, for boys, situated in a very neat
village, is in high repute. 12 miles
N. E. from

Ellington, N. Y., Chautauque co. Clear Creek
flows nearly through the centre of this town.
The surface is undulating; the soil sandy loam.
20 miles E. from Maysville, and 320 S. of W.
from Albany.

Elliot, Me., York co. On Salmon Falls River.
A good farming town. 108 miles S.
W. from

Elliotsville, Me., Somerset co. This place is
81 miles from Augusta.

Ellisburg, N. Y., Jefferson co. The N. and S.
branches of Sandy Creek flow through this
town, affording excellent hydraulic power. The
surface is level; the soil fertile loam. 20 miles
S. W. from Watertown, and 166 N. W. from

Ellsworth, Me., c. h. Hancock co. On both
sides of Union River, at the head of navigation.
The soil is good, and the situation convenient
for ship building, which is largely carried on here,
many ships employed in the freighting business
being owned by the inhabitants. There are
some manufactures, and a good deal of trade.
81 miles E. byN. from Augusta.

Ellsworth, N. H., Grafton co. This town is
mountainous. The principal elevation is Carr's
Mountain. A small stream issues from West
Branch Pond, and runs into the Pemigewasset,
at Campton. The soil, though in some parts
sterile, produces grain. Maple sugar is made
here. 59 miles N. N. W. from Concord, and
about 12 N. from Plymouth.

Ellsworth, 0., Trumbull co. This township
is bounded by Jackson on the N., Canfield E.,
Salem S., and Berlin W. It is the first in the
4th range of townships in the Connecticut West-
ern Reservation. It is 181 miles N. E. from
Columbus, and 15 S. from Warren.

Elmira, N. Y., e. h. Chemung co. On the N.
side of Chemung River, and drained by Newton's
Creek, one of its tributaries. The surface is

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

Hartford, CT: Case, Tiffany and Company. 1853. Public domain

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