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Greene counties, E. and S. by White River, sepa-
rating it from Daviess and Pike counties, and
W. by the Wabash, separating it from Illinois.
Soil very fertile.

Knox County, Ky., c. h. at Barbourville. It is
bounded N. by Laurel and Clay counties, Ei by
Harlan co., S. by Tennessee, and W. by Whitely
co. The Cumberland River traverses this county
from E. to W., and with its branches waters the

Knox, Me., Waldo co. 32 miles N. E. by E.
from Augusta. A good farming town.

Knox County, Mo., c. h. at Edina. In the N.
E. angle of the state, crossed by the North, Middle,
and South Fabius, and the N. fork of Salt River.

Knox, N. Y., Albany co. Watered by the Boz-
akill and a branch of Foxes Creek. Surface
broken and hilly, being partly covered by the
Helderberg limestone ridge, in which there is
quite a large cavern. Soil mostly productive.
18 miles W. from Albany.

Knox County, 0., c. h. at Mount Vernon. Rich-
land bounds it on the N., Coshocton and Holmes
on the E., Licking on the S., and Delaware and
Marion counties on the W. The eastern part is
uneven, and the soil rather poor; the western is
level, and both are watered by fine streams. The
central part has a pleasant variety of hills and
vales, and the beautiful Vernon River, with its
streams, waters the whole of it. In^this and the
western part is found a vegetable mould, based
upon yellow clay mixed with sand.

Knox County, Te., c. h. at Knoxville. Bounded
N. by Anderson and Grainger counties, E. by Se-
vier, S. by Blount, and W. by Roane. Watered
by the Tennessee River, and Holston and French
Broad Rivers, its head branches, and by Beaver
Creek, a branch of Clinch River. Surface mostly
mountainous; soil very fertile on the streams.

Knoxville, Te. City and seat of justice of
Knox co. This fine city is located on the N.
bank of Holston River, at the head of steamboat
navigation, and 4 miles below the entrance of
French Broad River. It is laid out with regu-
larity, and handsomely built. The court house
is a fine building. This is the seat of East Ten-
nessee College. (See
Colleges.) There are also
two academies here, one for males and one for fe-
males. A railroad rout#from Charleston,
S. C.,
through Augusta, Ga., has nearly reached this
place. 183 miles E. by S. from Nashville.

Knoxville, Ga., c. h. Crawford co. 50 miles S.
W. by W. from Milledgeville.

Knoxville, Is., c. h. Knox co. On an elevated
prairie. 100 miles W. N. W. from Springfield.

Kokomo, la., c. h. Howard co.

Kortright, N. Y., Delaware co. The surface
is hilly and mountainous ; soil fertile loam,
yielding large crops of grass. 15 miles N. from
Delhi, and 68 S. W. from Albany.

Kosciusko County, la., c. h. at Warsaw. Tippe-
canoe River and other streams afford hydraulic

Kosciusko, Mi., c. h. Attala co. 67 miles N. E.
from Jackson.

Lackawannock, Pa., Mercer co. Uneven. 6
miles S. W. from Mercer.

Lackawaxen, Pa., Pike co. Watered by the
Delaware River and Lackawaxen and other
Creeks. 182 miles N. E. from Harrisburg.

La Clerk County, Mo. S. central. Crossed
from S. to N. by the head waters of Gasconade.


The N. W. part is drained by tributaries of the

Lacon, Is., c. h. Marshall co. On the E. side
of Illinois River. 99 miles N. from Springfield.

La Crosse County, Wn. On the Mississippi.
by the La Crosse.

Lafayette County, As., c. h. at Lewisville. Wa-
tered by Red River and tributaries. S. W. corner.

Lafayette, la., c. h. Tippecanoe co. On the
E. side of Wabash River, at the head of steam-
boat navigation. The Wabash Canal connects'
this growing place with Lake Erie. 10 miles
below the mouth of Tippecannoe River, and 70
N. W. from Indianapolis.

Lafayette Parish, La., c. h. at Vermilionville.
Bounded N. by St. Landry co., E. by St. Mar-
tin's and St. Mary's counties, S. by Vermilion
Bay, and W. by vermilion co. Surface flat,
and mostly too wet for agriculture.

Lafayette, La., city and seat of justice of Jef-
ferson parish. This city borders on the Missis-
sippi River, and is a suburb of the city of New
Orleans. It is crossed by the New Orleans and
Carrollton Railroad, and lies
2 miles W. by S.
from New Orleans.

Lafayette County, Mi., c. h. at Oxford. Bound-
ed N. by Tallahatchie River, separating it from
Marshall co., E.by Pontotoc co., S. by Chickasaw
and Yalabusha, and W. by Ponola co. Watered
by Tallahatchie and Yocanapuafa Rivers and
branches. Surface undulating; soil productive.

Lafayette County, Mo., c. h. at Lexington.
Bounded N. by the Missouri River, separating it
from Bay and Carroll counties, E. by Saline co.,
S. by Johnson, and
W. by Jackson co. Drained
by several mill streams flowing into the Mis-
souri. Surface slightly undulating; soil rich.

Lafayette, N. Y., Onondaga co. Onondaga
Creek waters this town, the surface of which is
hilly, and the soil clay loam. 10 miles S. from
Syracuse village, and 134 N. of
W. from Albany.

Lafayette, 0., Williams co. Pleasantly situ-
ated on Beaver Creek; the land is rolling, and
of an excellent quality. 22 miles from Napoleon,
and 21 from Defiance.

Lafayette,'0., Deer Creek township, Madison
co., is located on the national road, about 21 ^
W. from Columbus.

Lafayette County, Wn. On the southern border
of the state. Watered by the head streams of
the Pictonica.

La Fourche, Interior Parish, La., c. h. at
Thibodeauxville. Bounded N. by Assumption,
St. James, and St.John Baptist parishes, E. by
St. Charles and Jefferson parishes, S. by the
Gulf of Mexico, and W. by Terrebonne parish.
Watered by the Bayou La Fourche and other
streams. The surface is flat, and mostly too wet
for cultivation, except on the borders of the
streams, where the soil is rich, producing sugar
and cotton.

Lagada, Te., Wilson co. 30 miles E. from

La Grange, Aa., Franklin co. On high ground.
16 miles S. from Tennessee River, and 136 N. by
W. from Tuscaloosa. Site of
La Grange Col-
lege. See

La Grange, Ga., c. h. Troup co. & miles E.
from Chattahoochee River, on one ofSts small
tributaries. 121 miles
W. from Milledgeville.

. La Grange County, la., c. h. at Lima. It is
bounded N. by Michigan, E. by Steuben co.,
S. by Noble, and W. by Elkhart co. Watered

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

Hartford, CT: Case, Tiffany and Company. 1853. Public domain

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