Gazetteer of the State of Maine, 1882 page 25
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Gazetteer of the State of Maine With Numerous Illustrations, by Geo. J. Varney

BOSTON. PUBLISHED BY B. B. RUSSELL, 57 CORNHILL. 1882. Public domain image from




square miles of territory, to each $230,000 of property, and every 644
of the population. The total capital stock of the roads is $20,412,-
874,04,—of which $15,906,505,00 is owned outside of the State. These
roads employ nearly 3,500 persons.

The Aroostook River Railroad runs from the State line, New Bruns-
wick, a distance of 15 miles. The guage is 3^ feet. The road was
opened 1875-6, and is leased and operated by the New Brunswick
Railway Company.

The Atlantic and St. Lawrence Division of the Grand Trunk Railway
extends from Portland to Montreal, and thence by connecting roads to
Detroit, Michigan. The company has a capital stock of $5,484,000,00.
Eighty-two and one-half miles of its line are in Maine. The construc-
tion was begun in 1848, and the road was opened to travel in 1853.

The Bangor and Pisetaquis Railroad extends from Oldtown to
Blanchard, a distance of 63 miles. It is the only route from Bangor
to Moosehead Lake, and affords the nearest railroad communication
from any point, not only with the lake, but with Katahdin iron works,
and the principal slate quarries. The capital stock is $357,148,50. It
was commenced in 1869, and completed in 1877.

The Boston and Maine Railroad, extending from Portland to Bos-
ton, has 44 miles in Maine. The capital stock is $6,921,274,52. Its
construction was begun in 1836, and completed in 1873.

The Bucksport and Bangor Railroad connects the two places men-
tioned, the distance being 18 8-10 miles. The guage is 3 feet. Neither
the capital stock nor date of building is given in the last report of the
railroad commissioners.

The European and North American Railway connects Bangor in
this State with Frederickton in New Brunswick. It has 114 miles in
Maine, that being the distance along its line from Bangor to Vance-
boro, where it crosses the boundary. It was commenced in 1868,
completed in 1871.

The New Brunswick and Canada Railroad runs from Woodstock
to St. Stephens, in New Brunswick, with a branch from Debec Junc-
tion, to Ho niton, in Maine,—only 3 miles of the road being within this
State; and a branch from McAdam Junction to Vanceboro, of which
three fourths of a mile only are within the limits of this State; also a
branch from Watt Junction to St. Andrew. The Houlton branch was
built in 1869, and the Vanceboro branch in 1879.

The Knox and Lincoln Railroad connects Bath with Rockland, and
is 49 miles in length. Its capital stock is $364,580,00. It was built in

The Lewiston and Auburn Railroad connects Lewiston tvith the
Grand Trunk Railway at Danville Junction. Its length is 5^ miles.
It is leased and operated by the Grand Trunk Railway. It was built
in 1873.

The Consolidated Maine Central Railroad, comprises tbe Portland
and Kennebec Railroad, running from Portland by way of Brunswick
to Augusta, and the branch from Brunswick to Bath ; the Somerset
and Kennebec Railroad from Augusta to Skowegan ; tbe Androscoggin
and Kennebec Railroad from Danville to Waterville; the Penobscot and
Kennebec Railroad from Waterville to Bangor; the extension from
Danville to Cumberland; tbe Androscoggin Railroad, from Brunswick
to Leeds Junction, with a branch from Crowley’s to Lewiston; the


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