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AIjBBEST—was formed from Clarence, March 27, 1823, and a part of Marilla was taken off in


1853. It lies upon the e. border of the eo., n. e. of the center. Its surface in the w. is level, and

cern. In May, 1839, they were united with the Buffalo
Journal, and the weekly was published as
Patriot and Journal, and the daily as
The Commercial Advertiser and Journal, by E. B. Jewett & Co.

The following year the daily appeared as
The Buffalo Commercial Advertiser, and under
these titles the papers are still published, under the
editorial charge of Dr. S. B. Hunt. Since lSSG a semi¬
weekly Commercial Advertiser has been issued.

The Niagara Journal was established in July, 1815, by David M.

Day; and in 1820 its name was changed to
The Buffalo Journal. In 1834 it passed into the hands of E. J.

Roberts, and in 1835 it was suspended.

The Buffalo Whig was established in 1834 by D. M.Day; and in
1835 it was united with the Buffalo Journal, and ap¬
peared as

The Buffalo Whig cund Journal. Jan. 1,1808., M. Cadwallader and
Dr. II. R. Stagg were associated with Day, and in Feb.
they issued

The Buffalo Daily Journal. In 1838 the establishment passed
into the hands of E. R. Jewett, by whom the papers
were united the following year with the Buffalo Patriot
and the Commercial Advertiser.

The Gospel Advocate (Univ.) was begun in 1822 by Rev. Thomas
Gross. In 1823 Simeon Bunton, and in 1826 Revs. L. S.
Everett, Theophilus Fisk, and M. Tuttle, became pro¬
prietors. In 1828 it was removed to Auburn.

The Black Rock Beacon was published by L. G. Hoffman from
1822 to 1824.

The Buffalo Emporium, was issued in 1824 by J. A. Lazelle and
Simeon Francis, and continued about 5 years.

The Black Rock Gazette was begun in 1824 by Bartemus Fergu¬
son, who disposed of it to S. H. Salisbury in 1825. In
1827 it was removed to Buffalo, and its name changed to
The Buffalo and Black Rock Gazette. It was discontinued in 1828.
The Black Rock Advocate was begun in Feb. 1826, and was pub¬
lished 1 year by Dan’l P. Adams.

The Western Advertiser, after an existence of 3 months, was
merged in the Buffalo Patriot in the spring of 1828.
The Buffalo Republican was commenced in April, 1828, by W.
P. M. Wood. It was successively under tho charge of
S. H. Salisbury
& W. S. Snow, S. H. Salisbury, H. L. Ball,
Chas. Faxon
& Jas. Stryker, and Chas. Faxon. In 1835
the Buffalo Bulletin was merged in the Republican, and
the Daily Star was bought by Faxon and continued
under its old name. Horatio Gates and W. L. Crandall
were successively editors. In Dec. 1838 the office was
burned and the papers were suspended; but the weekly
was resumed by Quartus Graves in 1839. Jan. 1,1842,
Henry Burwell, then proprietor, changed its name to
The Democratic Economist; and in Oct. following Joseph String-
man succeeded, and changed it to
The Mercantile Courier and Democratic Economist. In Feb. 1843,
it appeared as
The Buffalo Courier and Economist; and in March as
The Buffalo Courier. July 1, 1846, it was united with The
Pilot, and

The Courier and Pilot, d., tri-w., and w., was published by
Stringman, Manchester & Brayman. In Dec. it was
changed to

The Buffalo Courier, its present title. It has passed
successively through the hands of ltobt. D. Foy & Co.,
Seaver & Foy, Wm. A. Seaver, Seaver
& Sandford, and
to J. H. Sandford, its present publisher.

The Buffalo Bulletin was issued in 1830, and was published by
Horace Steel 4 years, by James Faxon 1 year, and
was united with The Republican in 1835.

The Daily Star was commenced in 1834 by Jas. Faxon, and in
1835 it was united with Tho Republican.

The National Pilot was started in Feb. 1845, by Manchester &
Brayman, and was united with The Courier in July,

The Warning, semi-mo., was published in 1828 by Rev. J. B.

The Buffalo Herald, (Presb.,) edited by Rev. Randolph Stone In
1831, only reached its second number.

The Gospel Banner was begun in 1832 by Benj. Clark, and con¬
tinued 2 years.

The Philanthropist, mo., was started in 1832 by Nathaniel Pot¬
ter, jr., and continued 1 year.

The Examiner, mo., (Unit.,) was-published in 1833.

The Literary• Enquirer, semi-mo., commenced Jan. 1,1833, was
published 2 years by Wm. Verrinder.

The Transcript, d. and w., commenced in Aug. 1835, by Henry
Faxon, was continued only 6 months.

The Young Men’s Temperance Herald was started in 1835 by A.

P. Grosvenor & E. B. French, and continued 1 year.

The Daily Enquirer, The Daily Whig, and The Loco Foco were
campaign papers issued in 1835.

The Buffalo Spectator (Presb.) was started in 1836 by J. & W.

Butler, and continued 2 years.

The Bethel Magazine, mo., was commenced by the Bethel Society
in 1836. It was afterward changed to

The Bethel Flag, and in 1846 united with the Sailors’Magazine,
of New York.

The Buffalonian, w. at first and d. afterward, was published
about a year; and in 1838 it was united with

The Mercury. This paper was continued until 1840 by T. L.
Nichols and R. Simpson successively.

Ber Weltbuerger was started in 1837 by Geo. Zahm, and was
published successively by him, by bis administrators,
and by Brunck & Domidion. In 1853 it was united with
The Buffalo Democrat, and took the name of

Tlie Buffalo Democrat and Welthnerger, d.
and w., by which title it is now published by Brunck,
Held & Co.

The Buffalo Democrat (German) was started in 1850 by Chas. de
Haas; and in 1853 it was united with The Weltbuerger.

The Sun, d. and w., was issued in the winter of 1838, and was
published 1 year by Abraham Densmore and E. H.
Eastabrook successively.

The Moon, a penny daily, was issued during the summer of 1839.

Bristol’s Gazette and Herald of Health, mo., was commenced in
1839 by C. C. Bristol. The next year it appeared as

Bristol’s Gazette, and was discontinued in 1842.

The Friend of Youth, mo., was started in 1839 by Rev. A. T.
Hopkins, and was published 1 year.

The Buffalo Sentinel, d. and w., was published during the sum¬
mer of 1839 by Thomas Newell.

The Morning Tattler, d., was started in 1840 by Langdon,
Fouchette & Shaeffer. Its name was changed to

The Morning Times, by J. S. Walker, and it was discontinued
soon after.

Der Volks Schild was published by F. H. Singer during the
summer of 1840.

The Phalanx, d. and w., was published 6 weeks in 1840 by C.

D. Ferris.

The Buffalo Garland was published in 1840 by Geo. W. Bungay.

Honest Industry was published in 1840 by Dr. Daniel Lee.

The Volksfreund (German) was published in 1840 by Adolphus

The Western Presbyterian was issued in March, 1841, by Rev. J.
C. Lord, and continued 1 year.

The Western Literary Messenger, semi-mo., was started in July,
1841, by J. S. Chadbourne. C. D. Ferns, Jesse Clement,
Chas. Faxon, and E. R. Jewett, at different times, were
interested in its publication. From 1842 it was pub¬
lished weekly until 1857, when it was discontinued.

Bannister’s Life in Buffalo was published a few weeks in 1841
by N. H. Bannister.

The Sublime Patriot, semi-mo., was published during the winter
of 1841-42 by T. J. Southerland.

The Buffalo American was started in 1842 by T. Foster & C. F.

' Butler, and continued 1 year.

The Old School Jeffersonian and The Daily Gazette were pub¬
lished from 1842 to ’43 by Charles Faxon.

The Temperance Stando.rd was published in 1842 by H. H.
Salisbury & A. M. Clapp.

The School Reader was published about 3 months in 1842 by A.
W. Wilgus.

Prescott’s Telegraph was published in 1842 by W. Prescott.

The Buffalo Gazette, d. and w., was started in 1843 by H. A.
Salisbury, B. A. Manchester & J. O. Brayman, and con¬
tinued 3 years.

The Freimuthige (German) was started Jan. 1S43, by Alexander
Krause & Adolphus Meyer, and continued 2 years.

The Telegraph, da. and w., (German,) was started in
Nov. 1845, by H. B. Miller. Louis Tickers, Adolphus
Hilman, and C. Essellen have successively had the edi¬
torial charge. It is now published by P. H. Bender,
and edited by C. Essellen.

The Buffalo Medical Journal and Monthly
Review of Medical and Surgical Sci¬
ence was started in June, 1845, by Dr. Austin Flint.
In 1853 Dr. S. B. Hunt became associated in its manage¬
ment, and in 1855 its sole proprietor. In 1858 it passed
into the bands of Dr. Austin Flint, jr., its present pro¬

The Western Cataract was started in 1845 by L. P. Judson. Jas.
Dubois, W. B. Williams, and Chauncey Ilulburt were
successively editors. In Jan. 1847, it was changed to

The Western Temperance Standard, and was discontinued the
following year.

The Impetus was started in 1845 by E. W. Spaulding, and con¬
tinued 6 months.

The Morning Express was started Jan. 14, 1846, by A. M.
Clapp & Co. In 1855 The Daily Democracy was uni-ted
with The Express, and it appeared as

The Buffalo Morning Express and Daily De¬
by which name it is now published. A
weekly and tri-weekly edition are also issued.

The Democracy, d. and w., was started in May, 1854, by G. W.
Haskins. The Rough Notes was merged in The Demo¬
cracy soon after; and in Aug. 1855, The Democracy
was united with The Express.

The Rough Notes, d., was started in March, 1852, by Geo. Reesa,


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