New Yorkshire Gazetteer (1828) page 204
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hamlet in the preceding township and

Rilston, W. R. (4) a township in
the parish of Burnsall, wapentake of
Staincliffe, 5 miles N. from Skipton ;
inhabitants, 145 ;
a ehapelry to Burn-
sall. Here is the seat of R. Waddi-
love, Esq. This village has obtained
some celebrity from the publication of
a poem by Mr. Wordsworth, called the
“ White Doe of Rilston.” Soon after
the execution of Richard Norton with
his sons, for the part they had borne in
the insurrection of the Earls of Nor-
thumberland and Westmoreland, in the
reign of Queen Elizabeth, a white doe
is stated, by tradition, to have made
weekly pilgrimage from Rilston, a seat
of the Nortons, over the fells to Bol-
ton, and was constantly found in the
abbey church-yard during divine ser-
vice, after which she returned home as
regularly as the rest of the congrega-
tion : Dr. Whitaker first suggested this
incident as a poetical subject to Sir
Walter Scott.

Rimswell, E. R. (9) a township in
the parish of Owthorne, wapentake of
Holderness, 5 miles N. from Patring-
ton; inhabitants, 129. • A church has
been lately built here, to replace that at
Owthorne, which was washed down by
the sea in 1816.

Rimington, W.R. (4) a township
in the parish of Gisburn, wapentake of
Staincliffe, 5 miles S. from Gisburn; in-
habitants, 698. In this township is a
rich vein of lead ore, which has yielded
a considerable portion of silver. In
the latter end of the 16th century,
William Pudsey, Esq. who held the
estate, had nearly forfeited his life, for
coining shillings from his own ore;
they were marked with an escalop
shell, and were called by the country
people, Pudsey shillings,

Ringbeck, W. R. (5) a hamlet in
the township and parish of Kirkby
Malzeard, wapentake of Claro, 8 miles
N. W. from Ripon.

Ringbrough, E. R. (6) a hamlet in
the township of Newton, parish of
Aldborough, wapentake of Holderness,
9 miles S. E. from Hornsea,

Ringston Hill,'W. R. (8) a ham-
let in the township of Brierley, parish
of Felkirk, wapentake of Staincross,
miles N. E. from Barnsley.

Ripley, W. R. (5) a parish, town-
ship, and market town, in the wapen-
take of Claro, 5 miles N. W. from
Knaresborough, 25 W. N. W. from
York, 215 from London; a rectory,
value 25/.
Ss. 9d.; patron, Sir W. A.
Ingilby, Bart.; market, Monday; fairs,
Easter Monday, August 25 and 26.
This place is pleasantly seated about
half a mile south from the river Nidd.
The market is nearly fallen into disuse:
here is a free school for the use of all
the children in the parish, founded,
in 1702, by two ladies of the Ingilby
family. In the church is a monument
to the memory of Sir Thomas de In-
gilby, a judge of the Common Pleas in
the reign of Edward III. The church-
yard contains a very uncommon pedes-
tal of an ancient cross, with eight
niches, probably intended to kneel in.
Ripley Castle, the seat of Sir W, Am-
cotts Ingilby, Bart, is an ancient em-
battled mansion of the date 1555, but
has been modernized and rendered
commodious ; on the great staircase,
-is a Venetian window of stained glass
ornamented with escutcheons, display-
ing the quarterings and intermarriages
of the Ingilby family for nearly five
centuries, since they first settled at
Ripley : in the civil wars, this castle
was a garrison for King Charles I., but
surrendered to Cromwell a few days
after the battle of Marston Moor. A
mile from the village, is Newton Hall,
now a farm house, once a seat of the
Vavasours. The parish contains the
townships of Clint and Killinghall.
Entire population, 1182.

Riplingham, E. R. (6) a hamlet in
the township and parish of Rowley,


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