New Yorkshire Gazetteer (1828) page 257
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officer. The town is situated on the
small river Codbeck, which divides it
into two parts, usually called Old and
New Thirsk ; the latter stands chiefly
on the ground which was once the
site of a huge castle, belonging to the
ancient family of Mowbray; it was
demolished in the reign of Henry 11.;
the moat and ramparts are still to be
seen, but no vestige of the building re-
mains. The church is a venerable,
lofty, and spacious edifice, usually sup-
posed to have been constructed from
the ruins of the castle. Thirsk is situ-
ated in the rich vale of Mowbray, and
its market is abundantly supplied with
provisions. Here is a small manufac-
ture of coarse linens. The parish con-
tains the townships of Carlton Miniott,
Hutton Sand, and Sowerby. Entire
population, 3775.

Thixendale, E. R. (6) a township
in the parish of Wharram Percy, wa-
pentake of Buckrose, 7 miles W. from
Sledmere; inhabitants, 184. The name
of this place, says Dr. Drake, is a cor-
ruption of Sixteen Dales.

Tiiolthorpe, N. R. (5) a town-
ship in the parish of Alne, wapentake
of Bulmer, 5 miles E. from Borough-
bridge ; inhabitants, 258.

Thong, Nether, W. R. (7) a
township in the parish of Almondbury,
wapentake of Agbrigg, 5 miles S. from
Huddersfield; inhabitants, 927.

Tiiong, Upper, W. R. (7) a town-
ship in the parish of Almondbury, wa-
pentake of Agbrigg, 6 miles S. from
Huddersfield; inhabitants 1437.

Thoralby, N. R. (1) a township
in the parish of Aysgarth, wapentake
of Hang West, 4ยง miles S. E. from
Askrigg; inhabitants, 342. In this
township are Littleburn House, the seat
of Lord Rokeby; and New Houses, the
seat of Robt. Lodge, Esq.

Thoresby, N. R. (1) a hamlet in
the| township of Carperby, parish of
Aysgarth, wapentake of Hang West, 6
miles W. from Leyburn,

Thorganby, E. R. (5) a parish
and township with Cottingwith, in the
wapentake of Ouse and Derwent, 8
miles N. W. from Selby; inhabitants,
381; a perpetual curacy; patron, Mrs.
Baldwin. Thorganby Hall is the seat
of J. D. Jefferson, Esq.; in this town-
ship is also Thickets Hall, the seqt
of Joseph Dunnington, Esq., built on
the site of a small Benedictine nun-
nery, founded by Roger Fitz-Roger,
in the reign of Richard I.

Thoring Hurst, W. R. (8) a
hamlet in the township and parish
of Fishlake, wapentake of Strafforth
and Tickhill, 2 miles N. W. from

Thorlby, W. R. (4) a township
with Sturton, in the parish of Kild-
wick, wapentake of Staincliffe, 2 miles
W. from Skipton ; inhabitants, 168.

Thormanby, N. R. (5) a parish
and township in the wapentake of Bul-
mer, 4 miles N. W. from Easingwold ;
inhabitants, 118; a rectory, value 8/.
2s. Hr/.; patrons, LordViscountDowne
and Sir George Cayley, Bart., alter-

Thornaby, N. R. (2) a township
in the parish of Stainton, wapentake
of Langbarugh, 4 miles N. E. from
Yarm; inhabitants, 197; a ehapelry to

Thorn ber, W. R. (4) a hamlet in
the township of West Halton, parish of
Long Preston, wapentake of Staincliffe,
7 miles S. from Settle.

Thornborough, N. R. (5) a ham-
let in the township and parish of West
Tanfield, wapentake of Hallikeld,
miles N. from Ripon. On Thornbo-
rough Moor, now cultivated, are three
circular enclosures, attributed to the
Danes ; the most perfect of these is
about 540 feet in diameter. By some
writers they are supposed to have been
tilting circles, but why three should
be esteemed necessary, in so small a
space, is not very clearly explained.
Dr. Whitaker, with more probability,
2 L


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