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First Lalce, Dane co., Wn. It lies S. E. from j
Second Lake, and supplies the head waters of the
W. branch of Rock River.

Fish Creek. N. Y., an important mill stream,
rises in Lewis co., and enters Wood Creek, in
Oneida co. It is boatable a few miles above its

j co., flows S. E., and enters Neuse River just be-
low the junction of the Eno and Little.

Flat Rock Creek, la. This stream v'atcrs the
W. part of Henry co., flows S. W., and empties
into the E. fork of White River, at the towm of
Columbus, in Bartholomew co.

Flat Shoal Creek, Ga., rises in Merriwethcr co.,
S. W., and falls into the Chattahoochee

Flattery, Cape, On. This cape is the N. W. ex-
tremity of the territory, being situated at the
mouth of the Straits of Juan de Fuca.

Flattery Rocks, On. Situated in the Pacific, S.
from Cape Flattery.

Flint Creek, N. Y., rises in Yates co., flows S.,
and enters Canandaigua Outlet in Ontario co.

Flint River, Ga. The two head branches rise
in Campbell and De Kalb counties. Its length
is 300 miles, its depth 6 feet, and its width, where
it enters the Chattahoochee, 150 yards. It is nav-
igable for steamboats to Bainbridge, 50 miles
above its confluence.

Flint River, Mn., one of the largest branches of
the Saginaw, rises in Lapeer and Sanilac coun-
ties, and enters the Saginaw 30 miles from its
mouth, in Saginaw co. It is 100 miles in length,
and, together with its branches, affords extensive
water power. It is boatable 20 miles from its

Flint Steel River, Mn. A small stream empty-
ing into Lake Superior, W.from Fire Steel River.

FHntstone Fork, Ca. One of the head branches
of Eagle River.

Florida, Cape. A promontory situated on an
island called Key Biscayune, off the S. E. coast
of Fa. A light-house, which was burnt by the
Seminoles, was erected here to mark the entrance
of Hawk's Channel. It was situated in 28° 15'
N. lat. and 3° 22' W. Ion. from Washington.

Florida Keys, Fa. This is a long chain of
islands extending in a south-westerly direction
from Dade co. It embraces many groups, Key
Largos being at the N. E. and the Tortugas at
the S.
W. extremity.

Floyd's River, Io., drains the N. W. part of
the state, and falls into the Missouri River, near
the entrance of the Sioux.

Flushing Bay, N. Y., lies S. of East River, with
which it communicates. It is 3 miles long, 1 mile
wide, and navigable for steamboats to the village
of Flushing.

Folly Island, Colleton district, S. C. A long,
narrow island, lying S. E. from James Island.

Fontaine Creek, Greenville co., Va. A W.
branch of the Meherrin River.

Ford River, Mn. It rises in the S. interior of
Marquette co., flows S. E., and empties into Green
Bay, just at the mouth of Little Bay de Noquet.

Forest Creek, S. C. This is the E. fork of Tyger
River, which it enters in Union district.

Forked Deer River, Te., rises in Carroll and
Henderson counties, and, after a course of about
100 miles, enters the Mississippi in Tipton co.

Fort Point, Mn. The N. extremity of She-
boygan co., extending into the Straits of Mack-

Foulweather Cape, On. Situated at the mouth
of a small river, S. from Cape Lookout.

Fountain Creek, Monroe co., Is. A small stream
flowdng in a semicircular form, and emptying
into the Mississippi River.

Fourche Caddo, As. A considerable stream of
this name crosses Montgomery and Clark coun-

Fish Creek. Saratoga co., N. Y., the outlet of
Saratoga Lake, enters the Hudson at the village
of Sehuylerville.

Fish Creek, Ma. This stream waters the S. W.
part of the territory flowing S. into the Missouri

Fish Lake, Fulton co., N. Y. This lake, which
is surrounded by high hills, is 2 miles long, and 1
mile wide. Its waters are clear and deep, abound-
ing in salmon and brook trout of a superior

Fish Lake, Oswego co., N. Y. This beautiful
little sheet of water lies in the town of Granby,
W. of Oswego River. It is 2 miles long, and 1
mile wide.

Fish River, Me., a tributary of the St. John's,
flows in the N. part of Penobscot co.

Fish River, Baldwin co., Aa., pursues a S.
course, and falls into Bon Secour Bay.

Fish River, Schoolcraft co., Mn. A small
stream flowing into Lake Superior,

Fish River, La Pointe co., Wn., flows N. E.
into the S. extremity of Chegowawegon Bay.

Fisher's Island, Ct. Situated in Long Island
Sound, off the mouth of Mystic River. The
beautiful steamer Atlantic, with many valuable
lives, was lost at this island, in November, 1846.

Fisher's Island, Suffolk co., N. Y., lies near the
E. end of Long Island Sound, off the Ct. shore.
It is distant 14 miles from the nearest point of
Long Island, and 137 miles from the city of N. Y.
It is 8 miles long, 1 wide, owned by one proprie-
tor, and sustains a very fine dairy.

Fisherman's Island, Me., lies off the town of
Boothbay, Lincoln co.

Fisherman's Island, Northampton co., Va., lies
off Cape Charles, at the mouth of Chesapeake

Fishing Creek, Va. It rises in the S. part of
Wetzel co., flows N. W., and empties into the
Ohio River at the town of New Martinsville.

Fishing Creek, S. C., rises in York district, flows
S. E., and falls into the Wateree in Chester co.

Fishkill or Matteawan Creek, N. Y., an impor-
tant mill stream, rises in Dutchess co., flows S. W.,
through the town of Fishkill, and enters the Hud-
son opposite the village of Newburg. The impor-
tant manufacturing villages of Glenheim and Mat-
teawan are located on this stream.

Fishkill or Matteawan Mountains, N. Y., in the
S. part of Dutchess co., are a continuation of
the Highlands, through which the Hudson River
passes. They extend N., under different names,
to the Green Mts. of Vt.

Five Mile Run Creek, Cattaraugus co., N. Y.,
rises in Hinsdale, and flow's S. into the Allegha-
ny River.

Flambeau Lake, Portage co., Wn. Situated in
the N. part of the county, and connected by an
outlet with one of the head branches of Chippewa

Flat Head Lake, On. A large body of water
in the N. E. part of the territory, and supplying
one of the head branches of Clark's Fork of Co-
lumbia River.

Flat River, N. C., rises in the W. part of Person

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

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