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Llanthewy-Skirrid, par., Monmouthshire, in N. of
co., 3% miles NE. of Abergavenny, 1060 ac., pop. 115.

Llanthcwy-Yach, par., Monmouthshire, 4% miles
SW. of Usk, 1350 ac., pop. 165.

Llunlhouy Abbey, ruin, Cwmyoy par., Monmouth-
shire, on river Honddu, 9% miles N. of Abergavenny;
P.O., called Llanthony; was built 1108-15, and presents
extensive and interesting remains. Llanthony Abbey
forms a curacy, the statistics being included in Cwmyoy
par. The name Llanthony is a corruption of

Llantillio-Crossenny, par. and vil., Monmouthshire,
in N. of co.—par., 5951 ac., pop. 661; vil., on river
Trothy, 7 miles NW. of Monmouth; P.O.; in vicinity
of vil. is the seat of Llantillio House, with a fine park,
in the N. of which are remains of an ancient fortress.

Llantilllo-Pcrtholey, par., Monmouthshire, in N.
of co., 2 miles NE. of Abergavenny, 6847 ac., pop. 1225;
contains the seat of Llantilio Court.

Llaniooil (or Llantwyd), par., Pembrokeshire, in
NE. of co., 3 m. SW. of Cardigan, 1792 ac., pop. 228.

Llantrisalnt.—pari. bor., par., and market town
with ry. sta. (Llantrissant), Glamorgan, in SE. of eo.,
on slope of hill, 11% miles NW. of Cardiff and 181 W.
of London—par. (containing part of Pontypridd), 17,060
ac., pop. 13,368; bor., 952 ac., pop. 1872; P.O., T.O.,
called Llantrissant. Market-day,
Friday. Some re-
mains exist of Llantrisalnt Castle, supposed to have
been destroyed in 1315 or 1404. Iron and coal are
extensively worked in the neighbourhood. Llantrisaint
is one of the Cardiff District of Parliamentary Boroughs,
which returns 1 member.—2. Llantrisalnt, par., in W.
of Anglesey, 5 miles W. of Llanerchymedd sta., 4447
ac., pop. 402.

Llantrissent, par., Monmouthshire, in S. of co., on
river Usk, 3 miles SE. of Usk, 2762 ac., pop. 255.

Llantrlthyd, par., Glamorgan, in SE. of co., 3 miles
SE. of Cowbridge, 1433 ac., pop. 159; contains the seat
of Llantrlthyd Fark.

Llantwit, ry. sta., Glamorgan, in S. of co., 4% miles
NE. of Llantrisaint. See
Llantwit Vairdre.

Llantwit Major, par. and vil., Glamorgan—par.,
5122 ac. and 324 foreshore, pop. 992; vil., near the
coast, 4% miles SW. of Cowbridge sta.; P.O., T.O.; dates
from ancient British times; was a place of great im-
portance ; Was a seat of trade and a corporate borough ;
suffered from Saxon and Danish incursions, and fell
into decline after the Norman Conquest; many relics
of its ancient greatness still exist; the church dates
from the time of Henry I.

Llantwit Vairdre, par. and vil. with ry. sta. (Llan-
twit), Glamorgan—par. (containing part of Pontypridd
town), 5412 ac., pop. 5829; vil., 4% miles NE. of Llan-
trisaint by rail; P.O.

Llantwyd, Pembroke. See Llantood.

Llantysilio (or Llandysilio), par. and vil., Denbigh-
shire—par., 8258 ac., pop. 986; vil., on river Dee, 2
miles NAV. of Llangollen; P.O.; in vicinity is Ilan-
tyslllo Hall, seat.

Llannlid, eccl. dist., Devynnock par., Brecknock-
shire, on Cray rivulet, 7% m. AV. of Brecknock, pop. 428.

Llansavi chyllyn, par. and vil. withry. sta., Merioneth,
in NE. of co.—par., 12,000 ac., pop. 1078; vil., near
head of Bala Lake, 3f miles SAV. of Bala ; P.O.

Llanv . See also Llane .

Llanvaclies, par., Monmouthshire, in SE. of co., 6%
miles SAV. of Chepstow, 2108 ac., pop. 223.

Llanvalr, hamlet, Llandyssil par., Cardiganshire,
in S. of co., 6% miles E. of Newcastle in Emlyn.

Llanvair-Discoed, par. and township, Monmouth-
shire, in SE. of co., 5% miles SW. of Chepstow—par.,
1986 ac., pop. 190; township, 1316 ac., pop. 146; has
ruins of Llanvalr Castle.

Llanvair-Kilgidin, par., Monmouthshire, on river
Usk, 5% miles SE. of Abergavenny, 1808 ac. (32 water),
pop. 293; contains the seat of Llanvalr Grange.

Llanvair-Waterdine, par., Shropshire, on river
Teme, 4 miles NW. of Knighton, 7720 ac., pop. 556.

Llanvapley, par., Monmouthshire, on river Trothy,
4 miles E. of Abergavenny, 845 ac., pop. 105.

Llanvaretli, par., Radnorshire, in S. of co., on
rivers Vareth and Wye, 2 miles E. of Builth, 2245 ac.,
pop. 153.

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