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ARM    53    ARR

Armagh, an interior county in the N. E. part of
Ireland, 32 m. long and 19 broad ; bounded on the
E. by Down, W. by Tyrone and Monaghan. N. by
Lough Neagh and S. by Louth. It contains 20 par,
ishes, and sends three members to parliament.
The soil is reckoned the richest in Ireland; but a
tract called the Fewes is hilly and barren, and there
are also some considerable bogs. Some good mar-
ble is found in this country; and the linen man-
ufacture flourishes in all its branches It has no
river of consequence but the Blackwater, which
separates it from Tyrone.

Armagh, a populous parish and city of Ireland,
the capital of the county of its name, and the see
of an archbishop, who is primate of all Ireland.
It has one of the best liner markets in Ulster, and
many bleaching grounds in its vicinity. It is
seated near the river Kalin, 45 m. S. E. of Lon-
donderry, and 62. N. by W. of Dublin. Long.

7. 6. W. lat. 54. 20. N. Pop. of the city in 1821,
8,493, and the parish 22,650 more.

Armagh, p.v. Indiana Co. Pa. 160 m. W. Har-

Armagnac, a late province of France, in Gui-
enne, 55 m. long and 40 broad. It is fertile in
corn and wine, and has a trade in brandy and
wool. This province, with Gascony, now forms
the department of Gers.

Armenia. a country of Asiatic Turkey, border-
ing on the S. E. extremity of the Jjlack Sea,
and extending eastward into Persia; it lies be-
tween the 3'lh and 4oth deg. of E. long, and
under tne 39th and 40th of N. lat. The Euphra-
tes, which has its source at the S. E. extremity
of the country,
runs parallel with its southern
boundary ; it is watered by
several other rivers
falling into the Black Sea, and the Karsi which
rises in the centre of the country runs eastward
falling into the Caspian. It is a mountainous
country (Ararat rising to the height of 9,500 ft.)
arid abounds in minerals, whilst the valleys yield
abundance of corn and fruit. The inhabitants
are much addicted to commerce and have a high
reputation for probity, they are the chief mer-
chants for the eastern commerce of Turkey, as
die Greeks are for the western. The Armenians
form a distinct sect of Christians under a patri-
arch and an archbishop. Erzerum, or Arz Roum,
in N. lat. 40. and 40. 50. E. long, is the capital.
Of the civil, judicial, or military institutions, or
extent of population of Armenia, but very little
is known to Europeans ; the Persians claim au-
thority over the eastern part, and the Kurds in-
terfere from the south.

Armentiers, a town of France, in the depart-
ment of Nord, seated on the Lis, 8 m. W. N. W.
of Lisle.

Arwiers, a town of France, in the department
rt'Nord. seated on the Sambre. 20 m. S. ofMons.

Ar .tiro. a town of European Turkey, in Thes-
salv. on the gulf of Volo, 30 in. S. E. of Larissa.

I Ling. 23. 22. E., lat. 39. 30. N.
Armond. St. a town of Lower Canada, at the N.
end of Lake Champlain.

Armstrong, a County in the western part of
Pennsylvania. Pop. 17,625. Kittaning,2l4 m.
W. bv N. of Harrisburg, is the chief town. The
Alleghany river enters the county at the N.
W. extremity, runs in an angle to the centre,
and leaves it at the S. W. extremit}7. Kittaning
is situate on the east bank, near the centre of
the county.

Armuyden, a town of Holland, in the island of
Walcheren, now inconsiderable, the sea having

stopt up the harbour. Salt-works are its chief re
source. It is 3 m. E. of Middleburg.

Amay le Due, a town of France, in the depart-
ment of Cote d’Or, seated in a valley, near the
river Arroux, 25 m. N. W. of Baune.

Arnebury, a town of Brandenburg in the Old
Mark, with a ruined castle, on a hill on the river
Elbe, 3 m. from Werben.

Arnedo, a seaport of Peru, with a good harbour,
in the Pacific Ocean, 25 m. N. of Callao. Long.

76. 53. W. lat. 11. 40. S.

ArnlMusen, a town of Germany, in Pomerania,
24 m. E. of New Stettin. Also another town on
the east bank of the Saal, bishopric of Wartz-
burg.    i

Arnheim, a strong town of Holland, in Gelder-
land, capital of the quarter or county of its name.

It was formerly the residence of the dukes of
Gelderland, and is seated on the Rhine, 8 m. N.
of Nimeguen. Long. 5. 54. E. lat. 52. 2. N.

Arnheim Bay, on the N. W. side of the great
gulf of Carpentaria.

Arno, a celebrated river of Tuscany, which rises
in the Apennines and passing by Florence and
Pisa, enters the gulf of Genoa a little below the
latter town.    *

Arnold, a populous parish contiguous to Not-
tingham, Eng., bordering on Sherwood Forest.
Pop. in 1821, 3,572.

Arnshcim, the name of two towns in the palat-
inate of the Lower Rhine, one near Worms, and
the other about 10 m. E. of New Baumberg.

Arnshorf, the name of several small towns in
Germany, one in Lower Bavaria, two in Silesia,
one in Obeland, and another in Ermeland.

Amstadt, a town of Upper Saxony, in the prin-
cipality of Gotha, with a castle, a palace, and
three churches; seated on the Gera, 11 m. S. of

Amstein, a town of Franconia, in the principali-
ty of Wurtzburg with a castle, seated on the We-
ren, 9 m. S. W. of Schweinfurt, and about the
same distance E. from Carlstadt.

jlrokkage, a city of Persia, in Segestan, and
the capital of a district to which it gives name.
It is 110 m. S. S. W. of Cannahar and 210
E. xc2xa3>. E. of Zareng. Long. 65. 40. E., lat. 31.

20. N.

Arolscn. a town of Germany, in the electorate
of Hesse, county of Waldeck, near the river Aar,
29 m. S. S. E. of Paderborn.

Arona, a town of Italy, in the Milanese, with a
ruined castle, on the lake Maggiore, 30 m. N. W.
of Milan.

Arpino, a town of Naples, in Terra di Lavoro,

8 m. N. of Aquino.

Arqua, a town of Italy, in the Paduan, remark-
able for the tomb of Petrarch. It is 10 m. S. of

Arquata, a town of the territory of Genoa, seat-
ed on the Scrivia, 25 m. N. of Genoa.

Arques, a town of France, in the department of
Lower Seine, with an ancient castle. Here
Henry IV. gained a complete victory over the
duke of Mayenne, general of the leagues, in 1589.

It stands on a river of its name, 4 m. S. E. of

Affragon, a province of the kingdom of Spam.
Arragon was tormerly an independent kingdom
and comprehended Arragon Proper, Catatonia,
Valencia, and the Balearic isles of Majorca, Min-
orca, Ivica, Cabrera, and Formentera. The king-
dom of Arragon Proper is an interior district, ex-
tending south from New7 Castile in the lat. of 40
E 2

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