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carpet manufacture, which has neeu brought to
great perfection. A fine specimen of carpet weav-
ing, delineating the Descent from the Cross, is
placed over the altar in St. George's chapel, re-
cently erec*d. The Staffordshire and Worcester-
shire canal passes this place. It is seated on the
river Stour, 14 m. S. E. ot Bridgenorth, and 126
N. W. of London.

Kidge, or Kej, a fortified town of Persia, capital
ofthe province of Mecran, seated on the Nehenk,
530 m. S. W. of Candahar. Long. 63. 20. E., lat.

26. 15. N.

Kidwellij,adown of Wales, in Caermarthenshire.
It stands on a creek of the Bristol Channel, and
has a canal to some collieries, whence coal is
, brought down and exported. Here are also an
' iron foundery and a tin mill. On the opposite
.bank of the creek, where the old towin formerly
: stood, are the remains of a castle. It is
8 m. S. of
Caermartlien, and 226 W. by N. of London,
Kid, a strong towin of Denmark, capital of the
j duchy of Holstein, with a castle, and a university,
j It, stands on a peninsula, in a bay of the Baltic,
1 and has a commodious harbour for ships of the
largest size. It is one of the most commercial
places in Holstein; and its trade is augmented by
means of the Eyder canal to Rendsburg. Kiel is
37 m. N. W. of Lubec, and 46 N. by E. of Ham-
burg Long. 10. 16. E., lat. 54. 21. N.

Kien-ning, a city of China, of the first rank in
the province of Fo-kien. At the time of the con-
quest of China by the Tartars it sustained two
sieges, and was at last taken, and all the inhabi-
tants put to the sword. It wins afterwards re-es-
tablished by the Tartars, and is now a place of
considerable trade. It stands on the river Min-
ho, 260 m. S. E. of Nan-king. Long. 117. 2. E.,
. lat. 27. 5. N

Kitn-tchang, a city of China, of the first rank,
in the province of Kiang-si, seated in a fertile
country, 340 in. S. S. W. of Nan-king. Long.
118. 20. E., lat 27. 35. N.

Kieou-kiang, a city of China, of the first rank,
in the province of Kiang-si, situate on the Kian-
ku, immediately above the influx of tile Poyang-
hou. It is the rendezvous of all tiie barks which
pass to and from other places in this province, and
the provinces of Kiang-nan and Hou-quang, It is
250 m. S. W. of Nan-kin*. Long. 116. 0. E., lat.

29. 54. N.

Kilbardian, a village of Scotland, on the W.
side of Loch Winnoch, 5 m. S. W. of Renfrew.
It is inhabited chiefly by weavers, and has exten-
sive bleach fields.

Kilbride, a town of Scotland, in Lanarkshire,
noted for its cotton man a factures, and for being
the birthplace of Dr. William Hunter and his
brother John, celebrated anatomists. It is
6 m.
S. bv E. of Glasgow.

Kilcalmondl, a town of Scotland,in Argyleshire.
17 m. N. of Campbelton.

Kildii. St. one of the Hebrides, 28 m. to the
W. of North Uist. It is 3 m. long and 2 broad,
fenced about with one continued perpendicular
face of rock, of prodigious height, except at the
landing place on the S. E., where there is a nar-
row and steep passage to a village on the top of
a rock. The surface of the island is hilly ; but it
feeds many sheep, and produces plenty of barley
and potatoes. Many of the inhabitants live chief-
ly by fishing, and catching wild fowl. In the
latter employment, they are incredibly adventu-
rous. Being let down by a rope from the summit
o{ the nrecipitous rocks, they clamber along their
fronts m search of the eggs and nests of various
birds. St. Kilda is the most remote of the Heb-
rides, and is about 140 m. from the nearest point
of the mainland of Scotland. Long. 8. 23. W., lat.
57 43. N.

Kildare, a county of Ireland, in the province of
Leinster, about 37 m. long, and from 12 to 20
broad; bounded on the E. by Dublin and Wick-
low, W. by King’s county, and Queen’s county,
N. by East Meath, and S. by Carlow. The prin-
cipal rivers are the Liffey, Barrow, and Boyne. It
is a very fertile and arable country. It sends 2
members to the imperial parliament.

Kildare,a borough of Ireland, capital of the fore-
going county, and a bishop’s see. It is chiefly
supported by frequent horseraces on what is cab
ed the Curragh, a fine turfy plain, containing up
wards of 5,000 acres, which feeds a great number
of sheen. 27 m. S. W. of Dublin. Long.
6 57.
W., lat! 53. 9. N.

Kilfenora, a.small town of Ireland, in the coun-
ty of Clare, and a bishop’s see united with Killa
loe. 12 m. N. W. of Ennis.

Kilgarron, a town of Wales in Pembrokeshire,
now inhabited principally by fishermen. Here
are the remains of an ancient and celebrated cas-
tle, on a high rock. It is seated on the Tivy, 30
m. N. of Pembroke, and 231 W. N. W. of Lon-

Kilham, a parish in East Yorkshire, Eng. 31 m.
E. N. E. of York.

Kilia, a fortified town of European Russia, in
Bessarabia, with a good trade in wool, goat’s hair,
tallow, wine, corn, &c. It is situated on the mosi
northern branch of the Danube,
86 m. S. W. of

Kilkenny, a county of Ireland, in the prov-
ince of Leinster, about 40 m. long and 20
broad; bounded on the E. by Carlow
7 and AVex-
ford, W. by Tipperary, N. by Queen’s county,
and S. by AVaterford. It sends 2 members to par-
liament. The surface is in general level and the
soil fertile. It is particularly noted for its coal
which makes no smoke in burning. The princi-
pal rivers are the Barrow, Suire, and Nore.

Kilkenny, a city of Ireland, capital of the above
county, situate on the river Nore, over which are
two bridges. Irishtown, on the E. side ol’the riv-
er, is joined to it, and both together form a large
and pleasant place. It had formerly a bishop; and
the cathedral, which stands in Irishtown, belongs
to the bishop of Ossory. The chief manufactures
are coarse w'oolens and fine blankets. 26 m. N.
of Waterford. Long. 7 32. W. lat. 52. 36. N.

Kilkenny, t. Coos Co. N. H. among the White
Mountains. Pop. 27. Also a village in St. Law
rence Co. N. Y. and a township in Leinster Co
Lower Canada.

KiUala, a sea-port of Ireland, in the county of
Mayo and a bishop’s see united with Achonry.
It stands on a fine bay of the Atlantic, to which
it gives name. 24 m. N. of Castlebar. Long

9. 4. W., lat. 54. 8. N.

KiUaloe, a towin of Ireland, in the county of
Clare, and a bishop’s see united with Kilfenora.
It is seated on the Shannon, over which is a
bridge of 19 arches, 10 m. N. N. E. of Limerick.

KiUarney, a town of Ireland, in the county of
Kerry, much frequented on account of the ad-
joining lake. 14 m. S. E. of Tralee.

KiUarney, a beautiful lake of Ireland, in the
county of Kerry, otherwise called Lough Lean,
from its being surrounded by high mountains. It
is divided into three parts, called the Lower, Mid-

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