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SOP    687    SOU

Biscay, with a famous iron mine. 14 m. N. W.

Soneino, a town of Austrian Italy, in the Cre-

Sonderborg, a sea-port of Denmark, in the island
of Alsen, with one of the best harbours in Den-
mark, and a royal palace, in which Christian II.
was confined as a prisoner for 13 years. It is 16
m. E. N. E. of Flendsburg. Long. 9. 49. E., lat.

54. 57. N.    .

Sondershausen, a town of Germany, capital of
the lower county of Schwartzburg, with a fine
castle on a mountain. It is situate on the Wip-
per, 24 m. N. of Erfurt.

Sondrio, a town of Switzerland, capital of a
district in the Valteline. It stands in a romantic
situation, at the extremity of a narrow valley,
and occupies both sides of the Malenco, a furious
torrent, which runs, into the Adda. 10 m. N. E.
of Morbegno and 14 S. W. of Tirano,

Sonepour, a town of Hindoostan, in Orissa,
seated on the Mahanudda, 45 m. S. of Suinbul-

Song-kiang, a city of China, of the first rank,
in the province of Kiang-nan. It has a large
trade in cotton cloth, which is sent to different
parts of the empire, and is situate amid several
canals, near the sea, 560 m. S. of Pekin. Long.

120. 45. E.,lat. 31. 0. N.

Sonneberg, a town of Germany, in Saxe-Mein-
ingen, with a great trade in looking-glasses, nails,
whet-stones, &c. 11 m. N. N. E. of Coburg.

Sonneberg, or Sonnenburg, a town of Prussia,
in the New Mark of Brandenburg, with a castle.
It stands on the Lenze, 9 m. E. of Custrin.

Sunneicald, a town of Prussia, in Lusatia, on
the river Dober, 12 m. S. W. ofLuckau.

Sonora, a province of Mexico, on the E. side of
the gulf of California. It comprises an area of
19,143 square leagues, with about 123,000 inhab-
tants, and is divided into the district of Sonora,
Cinaloa, and Ostimury. Rich mines of gold were
discovered by the Spaniards, in 1771, in an ex-
pedition against some tribes of Indians. Arispe is
ihe capital.

Sooloo, a chain of islands in the Eastern Indian
Ocean, lying S. W. of Mindanao, almost midway
between that island and Borneo. They are said
to be 60 in number, and are named from the prin-
cipal island, which is 36 m. long, and 12 broad,
and contains about 60,000 inhabitants, who are
Mahometans. It is governed by a sultan, but
the legislative power resides in an assembly com-
posed of Jhe sultan and 15 nobles, the former
hawing two votes. The situation of Sooloo ren-
ders it a great marl, particularly for pearls, sago,
and edible birds’-nests. The chief town is Be-
war, on the N. W. part of the island, where the
English E. India Company have a resident. Lon*.

121. 15. E., lat. 5. 57. N.

Soonda, or Sudha, a town of Hindoostan, in Ca-
nara, capital of a district of its name. It was
formerly an extensive and populous place. The
space within the inner wall was 3 m. sq. and
fully occupied xe2x96xa0 by houses. When Hyder took
possession, there still remained 10,000 houses ;
but the subsequent wars have reduced them un-
der 100. It is seated above the Ghauts, on the
Gangawali, 60 m. N. by W. of Nagara and 75 N.
by S. of Kundapura.

Sophia, See. Sofia.

Sophiania, a town of Persia, in Aderbeitzan,
seated in a valley, 25 m. N. W. of Tauris.

Sophienberg, a town of Denmark, in Zealand
with a royal palace, near the coast of the Sound
13 m. N. of Copenhagen.

Sora, a town of Naples, in Terra di Lavoro,
with a castle, seated on the Garigliano, 46 m. E
by S. of Rome. Long. 14. 4. E., lat. 41. 54. N.

Sorau, a town of Prussian Silesia, 21 m. E. of

Sorau, a town of Prussia, in Lusatia, with man-
ufactures of cloth, and a trade in yarn and linen,
8 m. W. of Sagan.

Sorbon, or Sorbonne, a village of France, in the
department of Ardennes, 6 m. N. of Rethel; fa-
mous for being the birth-place of Robert Sorbon,
confessor to St. Louis, who founded the celebrat
ed college at Paris, called after his name.

Sorel, a river of Lower Canada, which issues
from Lake Champlain, and flows N. to the St
Lawrence, which it enters at the town of Wil-
liam Henry

Sorento, a sea-port of Naples, in Principato
Citra, and an archbishop’s see. It is the birth-
place of Torquato Tasso, and stands on a penin-
sula, in the bay of Naples, at the foot of a moun-
tain of its name, 17 m. S. by E. of Naples, Long
14. 24. E., lat. 40. 36. N.

Soria, a province of Spain, in Old Castile,
bounded on the E. by Navarre and Arragon. Its
extent is about 4,300 sq. m.; its population 200,-
000. The breeding of sheep forms the principal
object of attention, and there are a few manufac-
tures of linen, woolen, paper, and leather.

Soria, the capital of the foregoing province,
stands on the site of the ancient Numantia, near
the source of the Duero, 74 m. E. S. E. of Bur-
gos. Long. 2. 18. W. lat. 41. 50. N.

Soriano, a town of Naples, in Calabria, Ultra,
17 m. E. N. E. of Nicotera.

Saroe, a town of Denmark, in the island of
Zealand, with a royal college, endowed with the
revenues of a once rich convent. 37 m. W. S. W.
of Copenhagen.

Sosila, a town of Hindoostan, in Mysore, with
a large fort, 25 m. S. E. of Seringapatam.

Sospetto, a town of the Sardinian states, in the
county of Nice, with a trade in dried fruits, par-
ticularly figs; seated at the foot of three high
mountains, on the river Bevera, 13 m. N. E. of

Soubise, a town of France, department of Low-
er Charente, 23 m. W. N. W. of Saintes.

Soudak, a town of the Crimea, with the re-
mains of an old fort on a monutain close by the
shore. It was formerly a considerable sca-port,
and stands at the end of a valley, which produ-
ces the best grapes and wine in the whole pen-
insula, 26 m. S. W. of Caffa.

Soudan. See Negroland.

Souillac, a town of France, department of Lot,
seated on the Borese, 32 m. N. of Cahors.

Sound, a strait betwinen Sweden and Denmark,
through which ships usually sail from the Categat
into the Baltic. It is about 4 m. broad, and the
Danes take a toll of all merchant ships that pass
through the channel. See

Sour, a river of the Netherlands, which flows
from N. to S., through Luxemburg, and enters
the Moselle a little above Treves.

Sourabaya, a towin of Java, capital of a district
of the same name, on the N. E. coast. It is sit-
uate within the narrow strait formed by the islands
of Java and Madura, and is defended by batteries
The houses are good, and some are elegant, par
ticularly the country seats of private individuals
There is a fine arsenal with other extensive


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