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manufactures of canvas, and partakes in the com-
merce of Sunderland.

Wearmouth Monk, a town in the county of Dur-
ham, Eng. on the N. side of tfie mouth of the
Wear, opposite Sunderland. Here was an exten-
sive monastery which was destroyed by the Scots.
It shares in the growing prosperity of Sunderland.

Wedenschweii, a town of Switzerland, in the
canton of Zurich, 10 m. E. S. E. of Zurich.

Wednesbury, a town in Staffordshire, Eng. with
manufactures of hardware, several iron forges,
and mines of excellent coal. 118 m. N. W. of

Weert, a town of the Netherlands, in the terri-
tory of Liege ; seated on the river Brey, 10 m.
W. N. W. of Ruremonde.

Weibstadt, a town of Prussia, in the province of
the Rhine, 14 m. S. E. of Heidelburg.

Weictiodburg, a town of Austrian Illyria, in Car-
nolia, with a castle on a mountain, and a manu-
facture of fine stockings, 10 m. S.E. of Laubach.

Weichterbach, a town of Germany, in the county
of Isenberg, with a castle ; seated on the Zinzig,
20 m. S. E. of Giessen and 23 N. E. of Frankfort.

Weickersheim, a town of Wurtemberg, in the
district of Hohenlohe, with a fine castle, on the
river Tauber, 3 m. E. of Mergentheim.

lVeida, a town of Germany, in Saxe-Weimar,
32 m. E. of Weimar.

Weiden, a town of Bavaria, with manufactures
of linen, woolen stuffs, and salt-petre ; seated on
the Nab 13 m. N. E. of Amberg.

Weil, or Weilerstadt, a town xc2xae' Germany, in
Wurtemberg, seated on the Worm, 12 m. W. of

Weil, or Wyl, atown of Switzerland, in the can-
ton of St. Gall, seated on the river Thur, 19 m.
S. S. W. of Constance.

Weilburg, a town of Germany, in the duchy of
Nassau, seated on the Lahn, over which is a
bridge, 12 m. S. W. of Wetzlar and 25 N. N. W.
of Frankfort.

Weile, a sea-port of Denmark, in N. Jutland, sit-
uate on a bay in the Little Belt, 35 m.W. S. W.
of Arhusen and 38 N. E. of Ripen. Long. 9. 30.
K., lat. 55. 45. N.

Weilheim, a town of Bavaria, with a castle on
tbe river Amber, 28 m. S. S. W. of Munich.

Weilheim, a town of Wurtemberg, on the river
Lauter, 20 m. S. E. of Stuttgard.

Weimar, Saxe, a grand duchy of Germany, com-
prising the duchies of Weimar, Jena, and Eisen-
bach, part of the principality of Altenburg, the
chief part of the district of Neustadt, the petty
districts of Alstadt, Ilmenau, and Oldisleben, aud
some districts to the E. of the Hesse-hassel territo-
ry. It is divided into two great provinces, and con-
tains an area Of 1,450 square miles, with upwards
of 200,000 inhabitants.

Weimar, the capital of the foregoing duchy. In
* the duke’s palace is one of the most considerable
libraries in Germany, with a cabinet of coins and
medals ; and it had a gallery of paintings, which,
with some other parts of the castle, was destroyed
by fire in 1774. It is seated on the Urn, 12 m. W.
of Erfurt and 26 W. S. W. of Naumburg> Long.

11.27. E , lat. 51.2. N.

Weinheint, a town of Germany, in Baden seated
on the river Welchintz, 10 m. N. of Heildberg.

Weinsberg, a town of Wurtemberg, with a
ruined castle on a hill. In 1707 the greatest part
of the town was destroyed by fire. It stands
artly on the hill, and partly in a valley, famous
for wine, 5 m. N E. of Heilbron








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Weisselmunde, a fortress of W. Prussia, seated
at the W. mouth of the Vistula, to defend the
harbour of Dantzic.

Weissembuvg, a town of France, in the depart
ment of Lower Rhine. Between this place and
Lauterburg are the famous lines from which the
French drove the Austrians in 1744 ; and in 1793
the Prussians drove- the French from the same
situation. It is seated on the Lauter, 10 m. S.
W. of Landau and 22 N. E. of Strasburg. Long.
8. 11. E., lat. 43.53 N.

Weissemburg, a township of Lehigh Co.


Weissenburg, a town of Bavarian Franconia,
seated on the Rednith, 5 m. N. of Pappenheim
and 30 S. W. of Nuremburg.

Weissenburg, or Carlsburg, a city of Transyl-
vania, capital of a county of the same name, and
a bishop’s see, with a university. It is seated on
the side of a hill, near the river Maros, 42 m. W.
N. W. of Hermanstadt.

Weissenburg, a town of Switzerland, in the
canton of Bern, celebrated for its mineral waters,
20 m. S. of Bern.

Weissenfels, a town of Prussian Saxony, on
the Saal, 17 m. S. W. of Leipzig. Upon a white
rock, above the town, is a fine citadel, called

Weissenhorn, a town and castle of Germany,
in a county of its name, seated on the Roth, i0
m. S. E. of Ulm and 28 W. of Augsburg.

Weissensee, a town of Prussian Saxony, with a
superintendency and commandery of the knights
of Malta. The lake formerly in its neighbour-
hood was drained, and converted into arable land,
in 1705. It was 21 m. N. E. of Langensalza.

Welau, a town of E. Prussia, celebrated for the
treaty concluded herewith Poland,in 1657, when
the elector, Frederic AVilliam, wins invested with
the sovereignty of Ducal Prussia. It is seated
on the Pregel, at the influx of the Alla, 30 m. E.
of Konigsberg.

Welby, p.v. Prince George Co. Md.

Weldon, a town in Northamptonshire, Eng. S3
m. N. N. W. of London.

Weldon, p.v. Halifax Co. N. C.

Welland Canal, in Upper Canada unites Lake
Erie with L. Ontario. It was completed in 5
years, and first opened in 1829. It admits the
passage of vessels of 125 tons.

Welfleet, ph. tyarnstable Co. Mass. on Cape
Cod, 97 m. S. E. Boston. Pop. 2,044. It has
manufactures of cotton and woolen.

Wellingborough, a town in Northamptonshire,
Eng. Here are manufactures of shoes and lace
and near it is a fine chalybeate spring called Red
well. 67 rn. N. by W. of London.

Wellington, a town in Shropshire, Eng. In
the neighbourhood are foundries, iron mines, and
coal works. 150 m. N. W. of London.

Wellington, a town in Somersetshire, Eng. with
manufactures of serges, druggets, and earthen-
ware. The duke of Wellington takes his title
from this place. 148 m. W. by S. ofLondon.

Wellington, ph. Bristol Co. Mass. 3 m. S
Taunton, with manufactures of cotton, woolen,
and paper; p.v. Medina Co. Ohio.

Wells, a city in Somersetshire, Eng. It has
its name from the wells and springs about it; and
is a bishop’s see, jointly with Bath. The cathe-
dral is a stately pile ; and the bishop’s palace is
like a cas-tle, being surrounded by walls and a
moat. The city is well built and neatly paved.
120 m. W. of London.

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