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Campen's CreeJc rises in Wirt, Alleghany co.,
N. Y., and flows N. E. into Genesee River.

Campobello, an English island, off Passama-
qnoddy Bay, and near the town of Lubec, Me.

Canandaigua Lake, N. Y. This beautiful sheet
of water lies in Ontario and Yates counties, mostly
in the former. It is 14 miles long, and from 1 to

wide. It is elevated 670 feet above the At-
lantic, and is surrounded by fertile and highly cul-
tivated lands, and the most beautiful scenery. Its
waters are deep and clear, and abound with fish.
Canandaigua Outlet flows N. E. into Flint Creek,
and thence into Clyde and Seneca River. All
these streams afford excellent water power.

Canadawa Creek, N. Y. This fine mill stream
rises in Arkwright, Chatauque co., and flows
N. E. into Lake Erie. On its banks are located
several thriving villages and manufacturing estab-

Canadian River, As., flows N. E. into Arkansas
River. It is navigable 100 miles.

Canadice Lake, Canadice, Otsego co., N. Y., is
3 miles long, and half a mile in width.

Canaderaga or Schuyler's Lake, N. Y., is situ-
ated in the N. part of Otsego co., and surrounded
by hills. Its waters abound in all the fish com-
mon in this part of the state. The length of the
lake is 5 miles, its average width l£ miles.

Canaderaga Springs, Richfield, Otsego CO.,
N. Y., are situated about 1 mile N. of Canaderaga
Lake, on the Cherry Valley turnpike. They are
impregnated with sulphur, and are much visited
by invalids.

Canasewacta Creek, N. Y., a pretty good mill
stream, rises in Otselic, Chenango co., and enters
the Chenango River at the village of Norwich.
This stream is noted for its fine trout, which are

Canaveral Cape, Orange co., Fa. This is a
point of land on the S. E. part of the county, jut-
ting into the Atlantic.

Cane Creek, N. C., rises in the Blue Ridge, flows
S. W. by W., forming the boundary between Bun-
combe and Henderson counties, and empties into
the French Broad River.

Cane Creek, Pickens district, S. C., unites with
the Keowee to form Seneca River.

Caneadea Creek rises in Chatauque co., N. Y.,
flows E., receiving several tributaries, most of
which afford good water power, and empties into
Genesee River.

Caney Fork, Ca. A small W. tributary of
Grand River.

Canisteo River rises in Alleghany co., N. Y.,
flows E., and enters Tioga River, 5 miles above
the village of Painted Post, in Steuben co. It is
a good mill stream, and is boatable about 40 miles.
Its length is 50 miles.

Cannon River, Ma. The principal head branches
of this river rise in Wita Sheda and Titanka
Tinninan Lakes. It flows
N. E., and empties
into the Mississippi, at the enlargement called
Lake Pepin.

Cannouchee River, Ga. This is the W. and
largest confluent of the Ogechee, being 140 miles
long, and navigable 50 miles, to Cedar Creek.

Canoe Creek, Henderson co., Ky., flows N. W., and
empties into the Ohio at the town of Henderson.

Canoe River, On. It rises in the N. part of On.
Ter., flows S. W., and falls into Pend Oreilles, or
Kulluspelm Lake.

Canseraga Creek rises in Alleghany co., N. Y.,
flows N., and enters the Genesee River in Living-
ston co. Several thriving villages and manufac-
turing establishments are situated on this stream.

Cany Creek, Johnson co., As. A small branch
of the Arkansas River.

Cape Fear, N. C., is on the S. extremity of
Smith's Island, near the mouth of Cape Fear
River, in lat 38° 48' N. and Ion. 78° 9' W.

Cape Fear River, N. C. Deep and Haw Rivers
unite to form its N. W. branch ; it then, after flow-
ing 100 miles, receives the N. E. branch of Clar-
endon River, above Wilmington, and 34 miles
below it enters the Atlantic by two channels, one
on each side of Smith's Island. By means of em-
bankments the channel has been deepened, and
steamboats now proceed 90 miles, to Fayetteville,
at the lowest water. It affords the best naviga-
tion of any river in the state.

Cape Horn Mountain, N. H. See Northumberland.

Cape May, N. J., is situated 18 miles N. of Cape
Henlopen, on the N. side of Delaware Bay. On
it is a light-house. It is 38° 57' N. lat., 74° 52'
W. Ion. See
Fashionable Resorts.

Cape Vincent, N. Y., formerly called Gravelly
Point, lies in the town of Lyme, Jefferson co.,
between St. Lawrence River and Chaumont Bay.
It terminates in a broad, rounded point, on the E.
side of Lake Ontario, opposite Fox and Grena-
dier Islands.

Capers Inlet, Charleston district, S. C. A nar-
row passage between Capers and some other
small islands.

Captina Creek, O. and Va., falls into the Ohio
River, 23 miles below Wheeling, Va.

Cardigan Mountain, N. H. See Orange.

Carleton Island, Jefferson co., N. Y., lying m
the St. Lawrence River, is equidistant between
Grand Island and the American shore, and is at-
tached to the town of Lyme. It contains about
1200 acres of good land, and was the scene of
some military preparations during the war of

Caribou Lake, Piscataquis co., Me., lies S. W.
from Chesuncook Lake, with which it is connected
by an outlet.

Carlos Bay, Fa. Situated in the Gulf of Mex-
ico. Lon.
82° 20' W. and lat. 26° 40' N.

Carp River, Mn., rises in Chippewa and Mich-
ilimackinac counties, flows
S. E., and empties
into Lake Huron.

Carp River, Mn., waters the N. E. part of
Schoolcraft co., and empties into Lake Superior.

Carr's Mountain, N. H. See Ellsworth.

Carson Lake, Uh., lies N. from Walker's Lake,
and receives Carson River from the W.

Carson River, Ca. and Uh. It rises in the
Sierra Nevada, Ca., and flowing N.
E., empties
into Carson Lake, Uh.

Carter's Mountain, Albemarle co., Va. It lies
2 miles S. from Charlottesville, and is elevated
800 feet above the Rivanna.

Carter's Mountain, N. H., lies between the
towns of Adams and Chatham.

Cascade Creek, Ma. A small stream emptying
into the Mississippi at the Falls of St. Anthony.

Cascade Mountains, On. This range extends
through the territory, nearly parallel with the
Pacific coast. It contains many high peaks, and
is crossed near the middle of its course by the
Columbia River.

Cascadilla Creek rises in Dryden, Tompkins co.,
N. Y., flows W. through Ithaca, into the S. part
of Cayuga Lake.

Cascasalica Creek, Ga., rises in the S. W. part

A Gazetteer of the United States of America by John Hayward.

Hartford, CT: Case, Tiffany and Company. 1853. Public domain

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